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  1. T

    Pictures Gender and Age?

    Hey everyone! I got 2 new little babies a couple of weeks ago. We called them Bing (yellow head) and Bong (blue tummy) after the TV show Tiny planets. I love them soooo much! The lady I got them from told me they were both around 9 weeks old, however I feel Bing is a lot older than Bong? I also...
  2. P

    lovebird age + weaning plan

    hi all i have had my baby peachface for about a week (got him july 25) and was hoping to get some help on his age. so i was told he hatched on july first, meaning i got him at about 3.5 weeks old and he would currently be 4.5 weeks old. however compared to other's lovebird baby progress photos...
  3. ZY28

    Molting since 3 months old...

    Hi, I'm a new bird owner. I just read on this forum today that green cheeks only starts molting around 6 months old. Mine has been molting since I got him and he was 3 months old. He is born in July and I got him in October. I am not sure what a molt looks like, but when he first came home there...
  4. Moonbabi

    How old would you estimate my mousebirds to be?

    Hello! I have two mousebirds of different ages. One is a speckled mousebird and the other is a red faced mousebird. Do you know how old they are perhaps? Any advice and tips are very welcome
  5. B

    Pictures Wondering about age...

    I recently, like a day ago, got myself some finches, Java Rice Finches to be exact. I don't know much about finches as I have a cockatiel and green cheek conure. The cage is 24x18x19, a touch smaller than I'd like and will be upgrading at some point. What I'd like to know is at what age do the...
  6. E

    Pictures Guessing age/gender of cockatiel?

    I just got my “baby/young” cockatiel! I totally forgot to ask about how old he/she actually is! Any guesses? Also I know you can’t really predict gender before first molt but what do you think? The lady where I got him/her felt around it’s vent and said it’s likely male!
  7. maounm

    Guess GW age

    How old does my macaw looks?
  8. gabikorlin

    Can I find out the age of my GCC from his leg band?

    One of my GCC’s was given to me by my little sister when she moved. She got him from Petsmart. He was fairly young when she got him. I am trying to figure out his hatch date, and he has a leg band but i’m not sure if there is anyway I can figure out his age with the information on it. It says...
  9. M

    My GCC's mysterious band number is driving me crazy...

    I got my GCC about 5 1/2 years ago and recently I have been curious about how old she actually is, so naturally I have been trying to decode her leg band in hopes that I could find some more info. The band reads "PBA 10723" and is a closed, silver band with the letters and numbers engraved into...
  10. S

    Cockatiel age and mutation

    Hello all new to the forum. Just wanted to find out this birds age and mutation - photos are from the breeder Thank you!!
  11. ilze

    Green Cheek Conure age

    Hello! A week ago I got a gcc from a pet shop (I'm in Canada), according to the seller the parrot is 8 weeks old (9 weeks now) but i have started to doubt if the age is accurate because he has a lot of pin feathers on his head which i at first thought might be baby pin feathers but i've read...
  12. mybluebirb

    Female or male? Age?

    This is my little birdie, when we got “him” from his previous owner they told us he was a boy, however, when we went to the vet they said he might be a she! What do you guys think? Do you think my birdie is a boy or a girl? Also what age does my birdie look? I think he might be 4 but I mostly...
  13. WhistlingAway

    How old is this Grey?

    Hey everyone! I am a new African Grey 'Parront' and I am kind of struggling to identify how old is my bird. So, I was wondering if someone can help me by giving me a rough estimate, as it it will help me out big time with many things such as diet. Attached below are some pictures of the eyes, I...
  14. M

    How long do jardines live?

    Hi all, I haven't found any reliable information on this yet, my breeder says that jardines can live between 40 and 50 years in captivity. Is he right? Thanks!
  15. taxidermynerd

    How old do you think Chirp is?

    Hi all! Something I've been trying to figure out since I got Chirp is how old he is. So I figured I'd see if anybody on here could help me out! Here are the important details: I've had Chirp since May 24th, 2016 (A little bit over 6 months!) He only has a couple of bars on his head (and...
  16. D

    Baby budgie underdeveloped?

    So I have had my budgie who I suspect is a male, for about a month, and he's around 2 months old but can't fly and has barely any wings or tail. I think he will be fine, just a late bloomer, but I want to make sure that he will be ok. Photo is attatched. Thankyou
  17. D

    Baby budgie help

    So I have had my budgie who I suspect is a male, for about a month, and he's around 2 months old but can't fly and has barely any wings or tail. I think he will be fine, just a late bloomer, but I want to make sure that he will be ok. Photo is attatchrd. Thankyou
  18. D


    I'm 18 and I have a little budgie who is unnamed and am here to ask questions
  19. LWK

    Grey Headed Cape Parrot

    I just purchased an 18 month old (seller unsure of exact age and rumor has it that this shop owner told another customer this bird was 4 years old) Gray Headed Cape yesterday (rehome from a pet shop). I went to the Parrot Store to look a another bird, but noticed the beauty and gentleness of...
  20. N

    Cockatiel age for breeding

    I have got a new cockatiel for my spiky who is 1 year 5 months old. His name is fluffy and he is around 4 months . They both are kept in same cage. Spiky is a female. I wanted to know whether is it appropriate for them to breed coz of the age difference. Can any one reply me soon.