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  1. AYA

    Adding Another Bird

    Hi all, I just wanted to ask some things about adding a new flock member-- I might be getting a new bird in the future (as in, quite a few months), and I'd like to know about your experiences and methods in introducing a new bird, how you've come to divide your time between birds and avoid...
  2. Adam Duxbury

    Sharp nails / bleeding after cut

    Hello again, I just remembered to ask. The lady who has an African Grey offered to clip his nails some time ago and she just took the tips of the claws off and was only a tiny bit because she didn't want to go too far and it still bled a little and the Galah was off with us for around...
  3. Adam Duxbury

    Help and advice on lost and found Galah, Dubai

    Hello everyone! I'm Adam and I'm new to this site as well as being a owner to a lost Galah in Dubai. After finding a very dirty, hungry and thirsty Galah the second week of arriving in Dubai I have posted leafets around the residential area where I'm staying and for 5 weeks no one has come...
  4. annalynne

    New lovie owner

    Hi all, My name is Anna and I'm about to be a first time owner of an adorable baby female lovie (I'm naming her Twiggy Stardust, AKA Twigs)! I've read a bunch of the forums on here so I think I have a pretty good idea what to expect. She won't be ready to bring home for another two weeks so I'm...
  5. M

    Cage wire loose

    Hello Avian community, I have a Canary cage that is a bit loose wire are a bit loose in certain areas. I want to know how to secure them without risk of harming the bird. Are there any safe glues? Or welding? It's like 7 tiny spots only. May I varnish the exterior of the cage? without the bird...
  6. Sylvi_

    Cage Idea's

    So right now Kumo, my Lovebird, is in a 18 deep, 18 tall and 30 long cage. I want to upgrade the little one to a bigger flight, and I already have two A&E flights for my GCC and 'Tiel. My question: Should I go for another A&E flight, or do you all have any other cage suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Omar1234

    Electus advice

    Paco is a 8 yr old male Electus parrot. I just got him last week and I'd appreciate some advice on breaking some of his old habits. 1) Paco only approaches me, and hardly interacts with anyone else. 2) he always crawls up my arm and in trying to hold him without him being very close to my...
  8. Omar1234

    Eclectus advice

    Hello everyone and thank you for reading this, I am a new bird owner and I could REALLY use some advice. Last week my family got our first pet birds. We aren't sure how old they are because the previous owners didn't give us very much info. However we believe they are both around 8 years...