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  1. D

    First time owner of a female budgie.

    For clarafication, I have 2 love birds, 2 budgies and 2 chickens. I have owned chicken for a 12 years, and parrots 3. But Sweetmeat is my first female budgie. My chickens have never had an egg binding situation because I provide layer pellets or a calcium supplement. My question is, should I...
  2. M

    Breeder birds

    Hello, I need any help or advise. I am considering purchasing a pair of eclectus. The person I am going to purchase these birds from said he had them for two years and had 4 chicks over the two years. They are aged 6-7 years old. The female was always a breeder, the male was a pet turned...
  3. AddieWattl

    Cage setup advice :)

    Hello everyone! I hope your all having a very good day or night. I have one cockatiel and I am just wondering if i could get any advice or ideas for my cage. Right now I have a rope perch, calcium perch and 1 natural wood perche in his cage and the other on the outside. I rotate the toys and...
  4. B

    Hello! Looking for advice on bird ownership.

    Hi! I have owned a parakeet before when I was young but now that I’m older I’m looking to get a bird again. I have a cage that’s 17.5 x 22.5 x 22.5 and plenty of toys. I’m looking for a bird that can comfortably fit in there, who can also be kept alone. I’d much prefer something small-medium...
  5. Moonbabi

    Mousebird weening

    Hello everyone I was hoping I could get some advice with weening my baby mousebirds please. They should be well over 21 days old, but they struggle to eat on their own most of the time. (photo just to show you hoW cute they are)
  6. IsaBirds

    Urgent My lovebird has a bent/broken nail

    Happened around an hour ago and she keeps putting her foot up, it probably hurts a lot and her vet isnt answering the calls, should I be very concerned? I'm so scared. Please help.
  7. Gemmy1057

    I Am At A Loss And Worried About My Budgie… I Need Advice!

    I have some bad news. I came home from work last night to find that Pineapple, my 10 month old female budgie, had passed away in her food dish. My other budgie, Sonny (Male 6M), was guarding her body and trying to nudge her awake. Pineapple was from Petco. I didn’t do enough research which...
  8. HelenVanessaDavies

    Extra Bossy Hen - need advice

    Hi all, It's been a while since I posted here. Unfortunately after my dear Percy and Pepe passed away it has been hard for me to post on the forums however I have been reading and reacting to posts. It's a bit of a long-ish story of what is currently going on but I hope someone on here might...
  9. Gemmy1057

    Budgie Squabbles For No Reason???

    I need some advice or just some enlightenment on what I should do. Pineapple (F 9months) and Sonny (M 6months) are cage mates. They live in a five foot tall and three fort wide cage with lots of room. They have always liked eachother and snuggle and preen eachother and get along very nicely...
  10. Mango&Five

    New rainbow lorikeet

    I recently got a Rainbow Lorikeet, I already own four lovebirds but just fell in love with this bird when I saw it and knew I had to get her. I’m not sure of her age, but it’s a girl and I’ve named her Fruitloop. I did research on Lorikeets before I got her, but have a question that google...
  11. Moonbabi

    How old would you estimate my mousebirds to be?

    Hello! I have two mousebirds of different ages. One is a speckled mousebird and the other is a red faced mousebird. Do you know how old they are perhaps? Any advice and tips are very welcome
  12. C

    Urgent Lovebird Spitting up White Foam in Morning

    Hi my lovie is 5 years old and she’s been acting normal but since yesterday in the morning she has been spitting up white foam. She’s known for regurgitating all the time on her toys but always food. i took her to the vet and they did blood work and an x ray and here are the photos the vet...
  13. Gemmy1057

    How to make a room smell good that’s non harmful to budgies?

    Any tips on how to make my bird room smell good that’s won’t harm my budgies? My room gets a little stuffy, but I can’t open the window because it’s almost winter and freezing outside! Are there any natural ways to get my room to smell good? One of my budgies, Sonny, was just diagnosed with...
  14. zar1

    Help me please desperate really desperate

    Hi everyone. I need some serious advice. It’s been about 5-6 months since I adopted my Green cheek conure from a pet store. Butter is about 7 months old. He‘s a very friendly bird to an extent. I’ve taught him a range of tricks that include using my hand and he’s been very receptive towards it...
  15. O

    Urgent I.Ringneck Help Needed

    Hello! So I recently got a Indian Ringneck as my first pet a week ago, which as ive heard wasnt the best idea bcs of how hard they are to tame. But i do think that i have a disadvantage as this is what mine is like everytime he sees you, he’ll jump all around the cage and start screaming He has...
  16. Birb Lady

    GCC sleeping in corner at bottom

    (I apologize if this is hard to read) I have a green cheeked conure that I may have accidentally conditioned her to stay at the bottom of her cage at night. My desk where I do schoolwork and play video games and such is near the bottom of her cage. Her bedtime (7:30) which she refuses to follow...
  17. C

    At what age can a budgie take a bath?

    My baby budgie is now more than 1 month old. He looks so dirty and has a lot of food formula stuck on the side of his beak. Can I give him a bath?
  18. BasilBird

    Something is wrong with my bird's wing

    My one budgie once fell of his cage, which means he fell from almost three meters high. When we checked him, we were lucky to find that nothing was broken or bleeding, but something was wrong with his wing. We thought it was from shock, so we waited a few days before taking him to the vet. He...
  19. M

    egg-laying lovebird

    Hello all, I am looking for advice with my lovebird. This is her first time laying eggs and my first time dealing with this. This is how everything went, my girl and her mate have a 12hour sleep cycle, but on July 5th I found an egg at the bottom of her cage and left it there. On July 7th she...
  20. BasilBird

    I think my budgie has deformed toes

    Hi, my one budgie has strange toes. We think he might have deformed feet. We got him like this from the pet shop, but didn't notice it for a while. Both his feet have three toes in front, one toe at the back. This makes it hard for him to balance, so he often falls of his perches. When he is on...