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  1. M

    Advice for cleaning poop off toys?

    This branch in particular has some tiny poop bits i couldnt wipe off left on it. (White specks in image.) Is this a health concern? Any advice for cleaning this kind of branch? Thanks! My bird appreciates it
  2. niamhk

    Conure being aggressive to cockatiels

    Ask Yoshi my GGC is quite aggressive at times to the cockatiels. Today he pulled a few of Kiya’s feathers out and at one point they were both on the net and Yoshi went to Kiya so she jumped off and then Yoshi bit hold of her tail feathers and I had to get over to help Kiya. luckily she was fine...
  3. niamhk

    should i get my conure a friend?

    I have a green cheek conure called Emi! she’s lovely! she’s super playful and friendly. the only thing is is she’s very attached to me, which is fine i don’t mind most the time! at night times when i put her to bed she still is desperate to come out and play. even at 8:30pm after a day of...
  4. niamhk

    how long does it take a bird to recognise you?

    So my hair has been purple for a while now and my hair before was a light brown. Today i bleached my hair since i’m dying it a new. colour on monday. the only bird that recognises me and is ok with me is my conure Emi. Koji and Kiya my cockatiels both won’t go near me which is not normal for...
  5. niamhk

    do deryan parakeets get on with other birds?

    So i have 2 cockatiels and one indian ringneck. i want to know if a deryan will be able to get on with them. They all will have separate cages of course but they will all play in the same room as all my birds live in my bedroom. I’ve had a quaker in the past who didn’t get on with other birds...
  6. niamhk

    moustache vs derbyan

    So i’m thinking of getting one of these 2 birds? they both look quite similar but i want to know a bit more about the differences between the two. is there one more calm than the other? one more playful? id love to hear what you think
  7. honeykat13

    Video Cockatiel behaving oddly

    Hello! I have a question for you guys. My cockatiel has been doing something kind weird today. Hopefully the video link works, since it's a little hard to explain (sorry about the video in the back). He just squeaks in that odd position. He hasn't done it before today. His tail isn't bobbing, he...
  8. C

    Pictures Is my lovebird sick? Droppings attached

    I have a lovie that is 4 years old and she’s been to the vet twice in a month and everything came out fine. However now her urates are a little discolored this started after giving her mixed apple cider vinegar in her water. Is this dangerous? Any advice?
  9. kingpp

    Best bird as a pet?

    So here in Australia, you can only own the following birds without a license; -Rosella -Dove/Pigeon -Finch -Bourkes parrot -Quail -Elegant parrot -Galah -Hooded parrot -Corella -Cockatoo -Lorikeet -Port Lincoln parrot -Princess parrot -Red capped parrot -Red rumped parrot -scarlet chested parrot...
  10. sydneytiel

    Second cockatiel??

    Hii! I'm new to the site (so I hope I'm posting this in the right section hahaha) and I would like to ask some advice: I got my first cockatiel ever a month ago, she (I think it's a she) spends most of her time outside her cage, loves to cuddle and always wants to be with me. Should I get her a...
  11. sjalfsmord

    Weight loss.

    Hey everyone! I wanted to ask something about Melon's (♂) and Mango's (♀) behaviour+weight. I'm still learning a lot about these little raptors so please help me out. :laughing2: So 1,5 months ago Mango started laying eggs. Melon was constantly feeding her but I guess it wasn't enough for her...
  12. M

    How could I get my bird to stay away from somebody

    I don't know if this is the right thread to post this in but recently my bird (Pineapple GCC) has taken a liking to my father. He has a habit of feeding the bird treats like salted pasta, bread, cheese, chips and even chocolates. He doesn't want to cooperate on not allowing the bird that kind of...
  13. F

    Urgent Strange feathers on cockatiels cheek.

    Hi everyone, can someone help me out with a cockatiel feather issue? My cockatiel, who is about 9, started growing cheek feathers (and by cheek I mean, right next to her beak, where the beak meets skin), that are almost crusty. The feathers do not form. They turn into these crusty little...
  14. P

    Pictures Cockatiel gender

    Hi, my first post was 2-3 months ago asking how can i tame my cockatiel.. Now he's obsessed with me, his cage is open 24/7 and he flies to my shoulder often :D Thank you for that :) Now I'm asking about his gender :/ the bird is at least 5 months old and he/she started molting. what do you...
  15. E

    Cockatiel too scared and shy what do i do?

    Hi , im new to the bird keeping world, i am transitioning from fish keeping to birds. I had just bought a 3 month old cinnamon cockatiel which i believe is a female because of the barred tail and kind of faint red cheeks. anyway She Is really timid and scared, she does not move from the branch...
  16. B

    New Tiel Help

    Hi everyone, I bought my first tiel last week, and things have been going pretty well. He’s a male white-face, I’m not sure how old. He’s taken to my hand, and even likes kisses. He has a large cage and he comes out every day. Lately, though, the only thing he has been doing is searching my room...
  17. ReanuG

    Help! Bump above my cockatiels beak!

    Hello, I hope someone can help me. I have a 16-year-old female cockatiel, which is in great health. However, I’ve noticed a few months ago a small growth above her right nostril/Beak, it appears to be a lump, I’m concerned since it’s been growing substantially over the past few months. I’m...
  18. B

    Am I doing something wrong with training??

    Okay so its been a couple days since I last posted and I'm just losing all hope. I'll try and explain. My cockatiel Theo (barely 5 months now) was getting so good at stepping up and once in a while he would do it without millet! I've had him for about 5 maybe 6 weeks. I trained with him for...
  19. G

    Advice for screaming and potential companion :)

    Hi there! Forgive me if I'm using the wrong space I'm just figuring this one out So I have a 6 year old female ringneck named Inka, she's a violet and was the most precious baby, I had her from the moment she was ready to go, she's not very playful but she is super affectionate with me. For a...
  20. B

    Help with nipping cockatiel - newish

    Okay, so Theo is amazing! I've had him for like 3 maybe 4 weeks. I love him and I think we have a good relationship. He is finally talking to me sometimes and I'll imitate him and it can go on for a while, its super entertaining! Everytime I leave the room he chirps a little and I chirp back...