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  1. Fawnia

    Green Singing Finch vs Canary?

    Hello all! Recently, someone near me put up a yellow fronted canary (green singing finch) up for adoption. I think they are really interesting looking birds, sadly it seems like there isn't much unique information on them, mostly just basic "finch" information. Does anyone have experience with...
  2. LydiaB

    How to Help Eddie Through his Molt?

    Eddie has recently started his big yearly molt. I can see all the little pin feathers on his head and I feel so bad because it looks like its really uncomfortable. I really want to help him, but I'm not sure how besides giving him access to baths frequently. Any other tips to help him have a...
  3. Nostromo

    Sudden Screaming!

    Whew!!! My sweet, usually quiet Zeph has decided to show me today what those little lungs can do... dang. Got my earplugs in now but that first KACK! KACK! KACK! KACK! had me nearly falling out of my chair :scared4::lol: My poor dog has been panicking for the last hour and hiding under the...
  4. Hawkward

    Scared Budgie!

    Pasted from the Parrotlet pages: Oh boy. Well... after a lot of discussion we decided not to get another bird. Then we come across this bright yellow budgie that the person was calling, "some kind of parrot". It had one perch in its cage, water, and food. And absolutely nothing else. No toys...
  5. S

    Pictures i don’t know if my lovebird egg is gonna hatch

    i need help, my beautiful lovebird laid 3 eggs, 2 of them are infertile and one of them look like it’s fertile but i don’t know if it’s going to hatch.
  6. Fawnia

    Green Cheek Hates Hands... But Loves Me!

    Hello, it has been a week since I have had my first 4 month old GCC ^^ He is awesome, very playful and loves being on me. The first thing he does when I open is cage is try to get on my shoulder. He is starting to learn too that nipping can hurt me, so he stills tries to nip, but not so it...
  7. Tweety1510

    Question about parrots as pets

    Hi, I'm new here! So I live in WA, and we have parrots here called 28 parrots (or the Australian Ring neck). I am currently looking after a 28 at home, and i have been since she was about 2 weeks from leaving the nest. I was given her from someone who found her fallen out of the nest and being...
  8. E

    Bird diet

    Hello everyone. I am sorry if this post is in the wrong place, I am new here. My parakeet Cookie has a fatty tumor, and it is recommended to be put on strict diet. I don't know what kind of diet I should give to Cookie, so can you help me if anyone has been in this situation? (What food precisely)
  9. C

    New Dove Mama in Need of Advice

    Hi everyone! A couple days ago, I adopted an eight year old female ringneck dove. She still seems to be a bit stressed from the move so I've been giving her space and letting her get acclimated to her new home. I want to get a second dove to be her companion, but I'm not sure when to do it. I...
  10. WallyCockatiel

    Bird doesn't like scritches?

    I have a 7 month old male Cockatiel, tamed and clipped by breeder, hasn't molted yet, I have had a few birds in my past experience. My buddy is tame and steps up, likes having company. But he wont let me touch or hold him. He occasionally lets me scratch him a little in the morning, but other...
  11. MrPine

    Budgie and Lovebird Problem.

    Alright, so I’m fairly new to being a bird owner. I have several budgies for about a year now. One of my budgies is extremely bonded to me. He flys onto my shoulders anytime I arrive home. He says several phrases and gives me kisses and what not. Here’s my problem. I recently received a young...
  12. WallyCockatiel

    Bird’s pin feathers

    I have a 6-month old, wing-clipped male cockatiel (you can see him in my profile pic), he hasn’t molted yet. I noticed ever since we got him (about 3 months ago) he has these pin feathers all around his neck and head. He is super comfortable with me touching him but I never gave him a scritch...
  13. WallyCockatiel

    How mich time should I take my cockatiel per day?

    Help!! So this week it’s been very busy for our family since we’re moving and I almost never have time for my little buddy. He always chirps/screams to get my attention and he always climbs on the cage walls! He is a wing-clipped 5.9 month old male cockatiel. Please tell me your opinions below...
  14. Miss Annamarie

    New Eclectus Owner!

    Just laid the deposit down for this sweet baby! He's 3 months old, I've been researching for weeks but any advice you have would be much appreciated! Super excited for my second bird, trying to think of a name for him too. (:
  15. Miss Annamarie

    Brand New Lovebird Owner, I want all the advice I can get

    On Saturday, I'll be bringing home the love of my life, Poppy, she is a 4 month old female peach faced lovebird. I don't know much, but I've been trying to learn AS MUCH as I can, I have been watching videos and reading articles for HOURS and HOURS a day for weeks. But I want to know...
  16. Stevetomobs

    Small update and Question

    I’m back again and just wanted to give a quick update on everything. First off as a said one of my last posts I was looking to rehome some of my budgies as I felt both them and me would be better off. They were sent off to a local rescue for small animals and as far as I know two have...
  17. S

    Phantom pregnancy?

    Hi there! Yesterday I brought home 3 canaries (a hen, buttercup and two cocks, prince and chase) for breeding. I still need to get another hen, but thats besides the point. Yesterday all 3 were happily flying around my aviary, all very active and seemingly healthy. This morning I went into the...
  18. Caique-Walk


    Hi, Some advice would be really appreciated. Today when i had to disappear for 3 to 4 hours I came home to find my 6 month old Caique acting like a baby begging for food. He has access to a variety of food. Not always mixed seeds because he only eats the sunflowers seeds in it. My sister was...
  19. Pip and Gracie

    How to get bird to eat veggies and fruit?

    I always supply my bird with fruits and veggies but she never eats them, i always find them thrown to the bottom of her cage. How do i get her to eat them.
  20. S

    I want to adopt a caique

    (Im reposting that here where it is more relevent) I want to adopt a little feathered friend and I kinda fell in love with caiques... But I've read a lot about them and I am a bit weary of their agressivity. I am wondering if behavioral issues can be avoided/alleviated with a combination of all...