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advice needed

  1. Evenlydz

    Recommendations for a new cage

    I am getting my baby Senegal in 2 weeks. I have been searching endlessly for a cage for over a month and now I need help deciding between these two! I have included interior dimensions. 36Lx24Wx36H with 3/4 bar spacing or 64Lx21Wx34H with 1/2 bar spacing. If neither is ideal, I would...
  2. tiki07

    New budgie! Some questions

    Hello. I'm sure there are thousands of this type of posts. I think I've read all of them. But I still feel hopeless... or at least, I'm not sure what would be right for me to do. I got my budgie on 11th of October. He's a male. He's always been distant. For 5 days he refused to eat. He...
  3. B

    2 Green Cheeks

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, so I am unsure if I am posting in the correct place. I am however in need of some help making a decision in the next week and any advice would be welcome. I have absolutely fallen in love with a pair of green cheek conures at my local petco and I would...
  4. Salami

    Shirt bird, nipping, and treats

    Hello! I'm a new lovie parent, and am in need of advice on day 2 with my new child. Here are my bird specs: name: not quite sure yet, but am thinking about ''Pistachio'' age: more than 9 weeks old sex: apparently a female, not DNA tested weaned: yes, was able to find and eat pellets on day 2...
  5. PogoTheConure

    Roomate VS Conure

    Tiny rant / Advice? I have adopted my green cheek conure and had him for 4 months now and we are best buddies in the whole world. As soon as I come home from work and walk into our room I see him bouncing up and down in his cage. BUT I want to take him out of my room cause i am sure he is going...
  6. mama.marci

    Desperately in need of help and some quick education

    Backstory: Mother was an experienced bird lover. Her first parrot was attacked by a terrier and sadly passed. About a year later (2010) she was gifted a rose breasted cockatoo from my father. Fast forward to 2018, She was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and passed that year Dec. Present...
  7. mama.marci


    Hello! Backstory: Mother was an experienced bird lover. Her first parrot was attacked by a terrier and sadly passed. About a year later (2010) she was gifted a rose breasted cockatoo from my father. Fast forward to 2018, She was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and passed that year Dec...
  8. Dextine

    Poop check

    Hi everyone, My two lovebirds have been inconsistent with pooping.. They first had only pellets and I noticed them pooping more and smaller amounts. I decided to add back their seed mix and they strain less with pooping now. Yesterday they ate: Pellets with red bellpepper mix Seed mix I’ve...
  9. Dextine

    Lovebird troubles

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting anything so bear with me for a bit. I am the new owner of two lovebirds since September. They were first in a 47 x B 36 x H 98 cm cage. Ive since upgraded them to a 82 x 54 x 153 cm cage. They love playing outside the cage and dislike going back...
  10. dreamie

    Amazon parrot advice?

    Hi everyone! In a few months, I will be getting a beautiful female blue-fronted amazon :D The breeder is currently hand-rearing the babies, and I'll get her at around 12 weeks of age. I've wanted an amazon for years now and I've been doing a lot of research to prepare. I wanted to get some...
  11. Dafna14495

    bad smell to morning poop

    Hello, I have a 10yo blue crowned conure and last year his morning poop started to smell really bad. I have taken him to an avian vet and after a lot of testing to rule things out and trying 3 different antibiotics she stated that there must be a viral infection and there is nothing we can do...
  12. K

    considering a GCC

    Hi all! I currently have a wonderful Rosy Bourke, and I've been thinking about getting another bird, but I have some questions. I absolutely would NOT house them together, but would they be ok coexisting with supervised time in my room? I'm a college student, living at home, and I have the...
  13. M

    Tips about quarentine how much right?

    Hello In here one avian experts vet says quarentine time need to give antibiotics.how much it is right?ciprofloxacin 7 days.Tetracycline7days.Levamisol 1 days. This antibiotics ar given during quarentine prodecure time. Is it right or wrong?
  14. M

    New Member

    Hello all! I’m Molly. I don’t currently have a bird, but I am looking to get one! I used to babysit a budgie, and have always wanted a bird since I was a kid, just was waiting until the right time. I am seriously looking at Eclectus as they have always been my favorite. I am looking for any...
  15. W

    Lovebird - confused half-biting

    We got my fischer's lovebird back in late january-early february, he was three months old at the time. Since we've had him, he's been incredibly aggressive, biting every time a hand or finger got near. He's started to calm down recently, but still bites rather hard. Today, halfway through the...
  16. melodydee

    New Baby Cockatiel - Welcome Advice

    Our new little cockatiel will be coming home in the next week or two once she ready and able to feed on her own. We have a little cage for her to come home in and stay for the first little while until she's ready to go into her larger cage. We have had budgies and a senegal in the past, so I...
  17. RatTails

    New birb owner & new birb <3

    Hey from South Africa! I just recently, 3 days ago, brought a cockatiel home. Not entirely sure of the age, but petshop said +-7 months. Hasn't gone through it's first molt yet. I call it a boy because I'm hoping (though I'm ok with either), and his name is Kupo (which works for both genders)...
  18. I

    My 1 year old Sun Conure is doing some weird stretches...

    I have a 1 year old Sun Conure named Charlie who routinely the does this weird stretch, and recently he’s started to open his beak as wide as he can while doing it. It may be normal behavior, but I’m not sure since he’s my first bird. I just want to make sure everything is okay. I’m attaching a...
  19. Ashenghoull

    Urgent Injured foot?

    Rain is a 3-4 year old conure. I just realized that he is not putting pressure on his foot and when I looked closer there was dark reddish spots all over his foot. Like I said, he is not wanting to put any pressure on it and it holding up. He seems to be also struggling to climb with it. He...
  20. E

    Bird diet

    Hello everyone. I am sorry if this post is in the wrong place, I am new here. My parakeet Cookie has a fatty tumor, and it is recommended to be put on strict diet. I don't know what kind of diet I should give to Cookie, so can you help me if anyone has been in this situation? (What food precisely)