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  1. S

    Chewing wood: any risk a parrot can eat it?

    Hello everyone! I have a question related to wood toys. The parrot of my family (a senegal) for like 1 year did not care about his toys. Recently he started to get interested in them and while we are happy he does, we also wonder if there could be a risk he could eat wood instead of just...
  2. flyzipper

    Where it's offered can matter more than what is offered

    Oscar and Marvin both like interacting with things that are hung near their perches, but Jericho isn't as keen on that configuration. That said, Jericho also spends much more time on the floor (or other flat surface) than my other two, so perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise that's also where he...
  3. J

    How to clean wooden toys?

    Does anyone have tips for cleaning wooden toys/perches/ladders that have been pooped on? I try to keep everything arranged so things won't get pooped on, but there seems to be no avoiding it entirely haha. I assume water/soap wouldn't be the way to go as that could cause mold? Maybe I'll just...
  4. Joe Henderson

    Yucca wood

    C An yucca wood get mold on it? I heard it can’t , because it’s heat treated but some I have looks weird
  5. Barakon

    Is basil a safe perch option?

    For much needed context; I have taken out a dead basil plant from my back yard and cut out the dried up roots, thinking I could save it for later as a perch. I already washed in my bathtub with boiling water and also want to use a mixture of distilled clear vinegar, water, and lemon juice as its...
  6. P

    Is there a way to use a wood fireplace safely with birds?

    My 5 cockatiels are not at my new place yet, but home doesn’t feel like home without them with me. They’ve stayed at my parents for 3 years without me really able to see them, and they don’t get much loving attention there our new home has a wood burning fireplace from ‘94 that has a single...
  7. Diveks

    Toys for african grey scared of wood

    Hello, i need some suggestions for non wooden toys. I had been having trouble with her toys as she is TERRIFIED of all kinds of wood except for the painted furniture. So a bit about dolly, this is not her first home as she was given to me from my relatives. They could no longer care for her as...
  8. Hoshi

    Is driftwood safe to use for building a tree stand?

    I would be getting the wood from a clean, freshwater river. I already talked with the local nature advisory and they gave me the green light to take a few pieces. I'm planning on cleaning it with some non-concentrated Dawn (what I use to clean his cage) and some F10 (veterinary antiviral and...
  9. budgelove

    "You & Me" Natural Wood Perches?

    Hello again! Did anyone purchase the "You & Me" brand (from Petco) before? They have good reviews and the prices are cheaper than natural wood perches I see on general sites like Amazon and Walmart, and also bird specific sites like My Safe Bird Store and Planet Pleasures. Maybe it's just me...
  10. bird_mama

    Affordable bird toys??

    So I have a bit of a predicament, Romeo loves to chew toys, and I can’t stop buying them. I know every bird does, And nothing makes me more excited than going out or shopping online and finding things that he’ll love; But forking out so much in less than 2 weeks is undoable. I really need some...
  11. edenic

    Does anyone recognize this branch wood?

    I recently went to stay at a friend’s cottage in Haliburton County Ontario and found this really neat stick in the lake. I thought it might make a cool perch for my birds, but I don’t want to add it to their cages before finding out what kind of tree it was from and whether it’s safe for my...
  12. qiaolintan

    Choosing tree branches for perches

    I'm planning on making some natural wood perches for my budgie, but I'm having a hard time finding bird-safe trees because I live in Singapore, and most information about safe trees are more about trees commonly found in the west. Would it be a good idea to get branches from trees where lots of...
  13. Kiwi & Co.

    Toy Ideas

    I have a board of bird-safe wood that I got to use with my Cricut, so decided that I would make a bird toy out of it. The board is 3/32 in. thick (not a fraction I ever thought I would see lol) I was wondering if anybody had any ideas for what kind of bird toy I could make out of it? (I would...
  14. EmmaLeigh

    Safe wood varnish?

    Hello all, im new here and have already accumulated a lot of information(thank you). So my sweety and i just adopted a sweet plucked scarlett macaw with the intention to give her the best life possible We're (meaning mostly my fiance) building a large cage built into the wall. Its made from...
  15. Summzz

    DIY Play Stand and Perches, do I need to debranch?

    Hello- We just had a poplar tree fall on our land and I was planning on using it for a play stand. My neighbor had an old maple stump that he helped me drill a hole in to make a base. I saw online that poplar was safe but saw that you would have to remove the bark for maple (it seemed red maples...
  16. D

    Pictures Is this a safe wood?

    Hey guys! First time poster, about to get a Cockatiel, but before that I want to get the cage done. I picked up this wood, which is the perfect size and diameter, but unsure of the source. Is it safe, if it was under the tree, or should I cut fresh from a living tree? I ran it through bleach...
  17. B

    New Perch Build!

    Today dad and I built the birds a perch with beautiful wood from a bottle brush tree! The outer bark is slightly spongy so it's great for them to chew and grip onto! I read bottle brush branches are really good for birds and they seem to like it so far! It's nowhere near finished and I'm not...
  18. AkasyaEllric

    Dollhouse Wood Question!

    So my dad has old wood used to make dollhouses laying around and keeps trying to pawn it off on me for the birds. I'm what many would call overly cautious aka paranoid and if I haven't bought it myself or from a reputable place I won't use it usually. He's saying the wood is fine, but doesn't...
  19. C

    Wood burning fireplaces

    Hello. I am new to this site and am moving to a new place with a wood burning stove. Is it safe to use it or is it dangerous for my Caique? Thank you for any input you may have.
  20. Zoepr143

    Pictures Toxic plant...maybe?

    i have this plant in the same room as the flock next to their cage, they haven’t shown any interest in it but i would like to know if it is dangerous for them. Does anyone know the name of it?