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  1. D

    Conures fighting

    Hi, I have two conures and I had a question. So when either one conure takes a shower or both do, they start arguing and fighting when they are together. They tackle each other and have loud voices. I’ve searched a bunch but have not found anything. Is it something with their appearance? Smell...
  2. Shack

    Growing the wrong type of feather?

    My 'tiel is currently going through her (or at least I think it's a her) first molt. Recently I've noticed that on her wings she's growing 1 feather that is longer and thinner than the ones that are right next to it, almost looking like a primary flight feather. She has one of those on each wing...
  3. J

    head shaking conure

    Lately (as in this morning), my gcc has started rapidly shaking her head. When I tried to look it up, all I could get was information on head bobbing or African Greys. This is not head bobbing but a side to side really quick shaking of her head, like when a dog shakes out their fur, but it's...
  4. A

    Weird colored droppings

    Hey guys, so today I noticed some abnormal droppings in one of my lovebirds. His diet consists of Roudybush pellets and Zupreem FruitBlend. He is eating and drinking fine, acting like his normal self, its just the droppings that I've noticed are weird. Here are some pictures I took of them. IF...
  5. B

    A wierd problem

    Bobby is like 2 months , and we brought him home a week ago. We observed a big wound on his chest , which is almost black. He doesen't seem sick , he plays with everything and he's eating a lot but, and here's the interesting part, when he drinks the water flows out where his wound is . My...
  6. F

    GIANT white feather?

    Hello everyone! My green cheek conure is about a year old now. Since I’ve had him he’s had a single white/yellowish stubby feather at the base of his tail, it seems to be growing but at an extraordinarily slow speed and seems to be fluffy and life it’s growing right out of this skin (never seen...
  7. S

    Urgent I think Addie is hurt

    Hi everyone! So, today Addie wriggled out of the cage between my fingers when I was changing her food, and she proceeded to fly around the house a lot, chirping happily. As usual when she does this (little escape artist! I swear, wherever their heads fit, their whole entire body does, too XD) I...
  8. N

    Video Why does my lovebird do this?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum and fairly new to keeping birds. I’ve had my lovebird Mango since last December. I got her from a pet store which clearly did not hand raise her so she was untamed and startled easily. I have managed to tame her and she will happily sit on my shoulders for...
  9. issajoy

    Screaming before Sneezing

    Hi everybirdie! This is Ollie. She's a sweet baby girl, she's 9 months old now and I can't believe it! She loves to play and eats well, and really overall is very well behaved. But for some reason, every time she has to sneeze, she will SCREAM before hand! It's so strange, I'm not sure...
  10. Luvthosebirds

    Pictures PLEASE HELP. What is this??

    This is my 3.5 year old goffin cockatoo. I’ve recently noticed that under his feathers (DNA sexed male), it looks like this. He hasn’t plucked before and has millions of toys, a cage mate and is otherwise in good feather condition. It looks like “holes” where a feather is supposed to be...?? He...
  11. Whoviana

    Bird in Nose

    Our new GCC likes to put her beak in my husband's nose. She is not biting him, just putting her beak in his nose. Does anyone else have a bird who does this?