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  1. bird_mama

    Avian Vets in South Florida?

    Hi everyone! As the title suggests, I’m looking for a good avian vet in South Florida. I was taking my birds to Backos Bird Clinic, but as I called today to schedule a grooming, unfortunately I was told the doctor has passed away, and they’re permanently closed. I’ve searched the Association of...
  2. J

    Two birds dead with no necropsy results as to why

    * posting for a friend * A friend of mine adopted two Green cheek conures in mid/late 2023, a 3 yr old and a 5 yr old. They lived in a birdroom with 14 other birds and were all caged separately. At the start of this year, they were both found dead at the same time with no prior symptoms of any...
  3. leeflaa

    Trimming my conure's beak?

    Hi all! First time post. So I have a conure, Jack, who broke about 50% of his top beak and as such we take him to his vet monthly for bottom beak trims. For some time I've been thinking about doing the trims myself and recently have really wanted to do that more. Primarily this is because every...
  4. dougk1989


    Just received a rescue Amazon about five days ago. He was badly neglected. When I arrived to rescue him he was highly agitated and distressed, obviously. I got him home. Set up his new cage and the works. The first two to three days he was highly energetic. We would wrestle and play and...
  5. F


    I don’t know what to do anymore and need help. It’s been over a month since my green cheek conure has been able to walk properly and $2500 in vet bills to find out absolutely nothing. Here’s the story: I’ve had my JJ for 9 years since he was a baby and I just rescued a green cheek and Quaker...
  6. S

    Anyone have experience with raspy sounding contact calls?

    Hi all, About 5 days ago I noticed my GCC suddenly had a sort of raspy, hoarse sounding contact call. Just to be clear, I did call our avian vet ASAP who stated she believed that it was due to the dryer climate and we scheduled the next appointment to be safe but they were booked out almost 2...
  7. tameem

    Breathing concerns + mild crop infection status

    Context: This post is to leave your insights and help. I have a 5 year old whiteface cockatiel that I have owned for around the same time. Ask if you need more context. For now, I mainly need help with the Augmentin part. My bird does not like being grabbed, keeps moving its beak and all. It...
  8. tameem

    Stool Status

    (I don't know where to put this, so mods can put it wherever appropriate if this isn't) (FYI: My timezone is GMT+3) "Again" meaning I took my cockatiel to a vet this Oct 2nd because of stool/poop suspicions (notably seeds in stool, bubbles in stool, the vet noticed diarrhea too). "Saturday"...
  9. Csolis22

    Severely Hormonal Lovie Strikes Again

    Hi everyone- I’ve posted on her a few times about my lovie who has an issue with hormones, regurgitation and falling in love with all her toys. i have taken her to the vet countless times to see what it could be with absolutely no answers because everything has come back completely healthy and...
  10. Turkey2017

    Do You Guys Order Blood Panels?

    Hello! I have an avian vet that I’ve been going to for years but we’ve only ever done a blood panel once. She doesn’t seem to think they’re really necessary but I think I’d feel better if I could keep track on everyone’s condition over the years so I can have a ballpark of what’s normal and...
  11. flyzipper

    Asking for a friend -- ligament damage

    Does anyone have experience dealing with ligament damage in birds? Background: the store I shop at has a B&G macaw who suffered damage to the joint of one of his legs during an accident. Diagnosis: x-rays show a separation of the knee joint between the femur and tibia (they're clearly no longer...
  12. DesertBird

    Looking for Avian Vet in NY

    I'm looking for a new Avian vet for my budgies, after I had a horrible experience with my last one. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've heard The Village Animal Clinic in Voorheesville is good. Does anyone have experience with them?
  13. Joe Henderson

    Strawberry with black seeds.?

    Yesterday I gave my parrotlets some strawberry he likes the seeds I didn’t notice anything but today the seeds on the strawberry’s are black looking this up it’s some sort of disease on the strawberry.. im not sure if my bird is in danger does anyone have any info
  14. J

    Bird lost his bottom beak

    We don’t know what happened but I’m pretty sure he was at the top of the door and one of the kids closed the door while he was on top. Anyways we are devastated. Took him to the vet and ran us up almost $2000 but we love him so it’s totally worth it. We haven’t seen him back yet but the dr said...
  15. flyzipper

    Vetster -- On-demand online vet appointments

    I happened upon this through local startup news, but with frequent posts from people who don't have direct access to an avian vet, or for a second opinion, it might be useful here... What is veterinary telemedicine? Veterinary telemedicine is the provision of veterinary medicine online, whether...
  16. T

    Female Parrot Vent Swollen

    Hello, My female IRN has been mating for the last couple months with no eggs produced so far. Today I notiched her vent was dirty and swollen. What could this be? Infection or egg binding? Or is it normal for the breading season? Can anyone please recommend an avian vet near Windsor, UK. Thanks
  17. K&W

    Urgent Watery Budgie Poop

    For the past 3 ish days my 3 year old male budgie Mickey's droppings have been watery and oddly shaped. We have had him for 2 years and nothing sudden in his surroundings have changed. I have Seperated him from his 3 year old male budgie friend and put him in a smaller cage right beside...
  18. D

    Vet recommendations.

    Hey, apparently my vet doesnt have the equipment to do blood work on small birds. They usualy deal with larger birds such as geese and chickens. I live on the Big island of Hawaii and need recommendations on a vet or lab that can do blood work for small birds. I really just want the blood work...
  19. A

    Urgent bird standing on one foot

    recently Shenron has been into a bad accident with falling to the floor of his cage and it looked like he was in a state of shock and two of his back nails of his left foot broke off. i took him to the vet right away and they said that he's find and nothing seems broken but he's just in the...
  20. ZoraKarasu


    Hello! Zora was sneezing with mucus on her nose yesterday. I also noticed she was a bit wobbly since a week. I brought her to the vet and they detected she could have aspergillus/chlymadia. They also said she has fungal plaque in her body. She has some metal bits in her body ( which i think...