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  1. AkasyaEllric

    Slade's Checkup

    Took Slade for his checkup today, I was so nervous with the new carrier and new vet. Everything went great though! He ended up relaxing in the carrier on the way there and the vet we saw is AWESOME. She agreed that the yellow feathers on his head when I got him was probably from his poor diet...
  2. Zara

    Abundance weaning. Opinions?

    Me and Adelie are just home from the vet (I just took her for a check up) and when the vet asked what her diet is now, his face had a look of horror when I told him she is still weaning. The words out of his mouth; ¨muy mal!¨ (Very bad!). He says I should cut her off from her morning feed, now...
  3. archimedes

    Toronto Vet Recommendation?

    We're bringing a CBC home soon and I've been searching for a good avian vet in our area. I've scoured the threads on this site, but I don't see any specific recommendations. Does anyone have a clinic they'd suggest?
  4. charlieboy

    Urgent Squinty (Swollen?) Eyes

    So Charlie hasn't sneezed since yesterday... but this morning I found him with squinty eyes :( They aren't red and there is no discharge but this isn't normal... It's starting to look like allergies to me, but I'm afraid it may be something else... I'm really worried... I gave him a misting...
  5. hrafn

    And the first kid to wind up at the vet in 2019 isss.....

    ...Aurélie!! :wewin: Poor little Réy. This one was completely my fault, not just accident-prone weirdos getting into trouble again *coughTACOcough*. I went out for a few hours today running errands, and apparently when I shut the trouble-making fids away before I left, I didn't latch Aurélie's...
  6. Habiba

    New bird owner

    Hi all Okay so I’m new here. I’ve just made an account right now cus I’ve never owned a bird before obviously I just rescued a cute love bird a few days ago (named him tweety lol) ... seems to have flown from one of the neighbours and landed to my balacony so I decided to keep it and I bought...
  7. B

    Eye Surgery

    Does anyone have experience with budgie eye removal? I may have to choose between an eye removal (likely expensive and with uncertain outcome) and euthanasia. My bird was attacked by another parakeet and has other injuries including having a portion of scalp ripped off and lacerations. Has...
  8. Atomiklan

    Lada vet visit!

    So Lada went to the vet the other day. I guess its time to officially call her adopted as I had all her past records transferred to my name. I finally learned her hatch date and some other great information! Anyways though, she was due at the vet for her feather picking and a potential weight...
  9. Kiwiscremsong

    OMG HELP!!! My Cockatiel ate avocado oil!!

    My cockatiel, Kiwi just ate a tiny bit of avocado oil and i bet i am just freaking out over nothing but im really concerned i cant go to a vet because it is 1:00 am. And i do not think its necessary. ( i dont know why im freaked out )And here's how it happened, " i was about to shower and i...
  10. Natalie K Lim

    Urgent Possible Earring Ingestion

    hi there, I’ve already read a few threads about birds possibly eating metal. I have a gcc and he got the back part of my earring and I couldn’t see him because he was behind me so I tried to grab him so that I can get him to drop it (like what I usually do when he grabs small things) but by the...
  11. S

    Pictures Female Budgie with slightly bulging vent?

    Hi, I have a breeding colony of budgies. One of the pairs have recently been going for it and the female has picked a box and is defensive over it (that said, another female budgie sat on it today and she didn't do anything). She has rearranged the bedding in the box. But the first time I...
  12. smelly boy

    Help! Wheezing on my Conure!

    Hi! Recently took my Pineapple Green Cheek Conure out of her cage this morning and I noticed a wheezing noice every time she breathes, however I have noticed a slight noise of it last night when she was going to sleep, no change in poop, no difference in her eyes, but she does have a bit of tail...
  13. O

    Urgent Parrotlet symptoms

    I have a 3 year old parrotlet and yesterday I noticed his poop was a clear liquid. Today I had him out and he pooped again, and it was pure liquid. Then I put him on me about 2 minutes later and he pooped again. This worries me for a few reasons. One, the consistency of his poop. Also the volume...
  14. T

    Urgent Conure hurt his toe?

    Hello! I'm new to these forums, and actually I've never posted on any forum before, but I felt I really needed to right now. Avian avenue has been really helpful in the past couple of years while I've had my bird. About 3 days ago I noticed that my green cheek conure is keeping one of his back...
  15. Atomiklan

    Caique decisions - Vet recommendations

    I reached out to Dr. Greg Burkett, who is ironically a Caique owner himself. He has a single 20 year old BHC named Elvis. Is was great to get some additional information directly from a vet, especially one with personal experience with this species. I requested permission to post our...
  16. Atomiklan

    Average costs

    Hello again everyone! Starting to get a lot more serious about Caique ownership (Still have not decided on one or two yet) and so I am starting to put together a list of expenses. I wanted to see if everyone here could (particularly Caique or similar sized bird owners) help me build out this...
  17. H

    Cockatiel With Bite- Nose Injury

    Shared album - Hannah Barfield - Google Photos Shared album - Hannah Barfield - Google Photos Shared album - Hannah Barfield - Google Photos My 3 year old Male cockatiel, Alex, had an accident a few days ago with our male Pionus, Jack. The Pionus is very territorial, and although both of them...
  18. McBird

    Dr. Burkett - Durham, NC

    if anyone is in NC the best doctor toward Raleigh is Dr. Burkett. I'll post screenshots of his address, phone number, and email address within this posting. he's been my vet for at least 8 years now.
  19. Reggie

    Finally Set Vet Appointments!

    So after a few months of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, I've finally got enough money (and steady income) to take my flock (including Cooper after the first of the year) to the vet! Jersey is going on Tuesday - November 29th - and I'm actually going for more than routine blood...
  20. AYA

    First Vet Visit!

    Today Lawrence went on his first trip to the vet :D He went for a general check-up, look at his feathers, and to get DNA sexed (I've just been assuming he was a boy this whole time lol, can't wait for the results in the next few weeks). I was really nervous about how he'd go, but he did really...