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Urgent Is this it for my budgie?


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I have two budgies, one that’s never had anything wrong (knock on wood) and the other that has suffered a lot of reproductive issues over the past several years.

Her name is Kenora, she’s 6 years old, and she’s my absolute best friend. I cannot imagine life without her, even though I know it’s coming.

It started out with her becoming a chronic egg layer, and her hormones always being out of whack. Then, a year and a half ago, she was diagnosed with egg yolk peritonitis and given medication and a 50/50 chance of surviving. She did, with flying colours. She has NEVER missed a beat, never acted sick or hurt, has always been her regular self, eating, drinking, playing, exploring, flying, pooping, cuddling.

About six months later, it happened again. Given just as grave a prognosis. She still powered on. Third visit it wasn’t the same diagnosis, but instead some kind of mass we found via X-rays in her abdomen, likely in her reproductive tract. I took her back a month ago as I noticed her abdomen (which by this point I was used to be enlarged because of the mass) was a lot softer than it had been, making me think it was yolk again. There was a point in time where I could press on her belly and expel the yolk, and would do this every few days for her. It didn’t bother her, and the vet said it was good it could come out.

This last visit she was placed on the same meds she’s been on multiple times (an antibiotic and Metacam). We did new X-rays that suggested the mass wasn’t actually solid anymore, which confused even the vet, but he thinks that just further proves it’s in her reproductive system.

The meds were helping perk her up a little bit, despite her being basically her normal self through ALL of this, for a few days. Then they didn’t seem to have much effect anymore. And now she’s been off the antibiotic for a week or so, and she’s not doing well. Her stomach is bigger, very large and to the point it’s weighing her down when she tries to fly upwards. Her breathing is what really gets me, as it’s now accelerated, much faster than it should be. And there’s a clicking, that sounds like it’s from her vent, though, and that’s gotten louder.

I’ve been told surgery just isn’t really an option, as they (two different vets) can basically guarantee she wouldn’t make it. Last appointment I was told we could do an ultrasound, and that she would be sedated for it, though it’s such a little amount that it was very safe. The ultrasound could give us a much better idea what’s actually going on inside of her body, but now that her breathing is going downhill, I worry she wouldn’t even wake up from the simple procedure.

Is this it for her? She’s lived a year and a half longer than the vets expected her to at this point. But she’s only 6, and she’s such a fighter, never skipping a beat. She has so much life left in her, if only her body wasn’t betraying her.

At this point, I don’t know what to do. See the vet again? Do the ultrasound? Ask about surgery regardless of the risks? Put her to sleep? Just continue to make her comfortable?

I don’t want her to suffer, even though she refuses to show if she is. But I also don’t want to give up on her. She’s come so far, fought so hard. She’s my best friend.


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I'm so very sorry that you and your best buddy are dealing with this. I agree to try the ultrasound if your vet thinks its safe. :sadhug2:to you both during this trying time.