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  1. PtsOliver

    How to sleep with birds?

    So I have 5 birds ( 2 parakeets and 3 cockatiels) and a service dog. I want to sleep in my room with all 6 of them, but have encountered a few problems. First is my dog. He's got a very low prey drive and in theory should be fine with them, but I'm very anxious about falling asleep with them...
  2. Melophile

    How do I help my new lovebirds sleep?

    So, I have two female lovebirds. They're a year and a half old, already bonded. I just got them yesterday, and I've been reading a bit about their light sensitivity. There are a lot of contradicting statements about helping them sleep — some said to put a sheet over their cage, while others said...
  3. polaryse

    GCC sleeping tips?

    My 4 yo Green Cheek has been with me for a bit over a month now, and I hear him awake often (his cage is in my bedroom), climbing across the bars. I cover his cage and turn off all the lights, but I hear him moving around. It's not like he's screaming, but I know he doesn't sleep the full night...
  4. TwoGreenFids

    Sleep structure???

    Hey there community, I’m debating purchasing some kind of sleep structure for my new Quaker baby as a bit of extra comfort. But I don’t know if Puk is a male or female and I’m worried that a happy tent or something similar could trigger nesting behaviour and potentially egg laying. I’ve had a...
  5. flyzipper

    Does your conure sleep like this?

  6. S

    Cockatiel in a Studio

    Hello— So I have an adult male cockatiel and we live in a 600 ft studio. The space is perfect for us. There’s only one big issue… My cockatiel goes to bed at 10pm. I place his sleeping cage in a closet with the door open, just so he has a cozy place to sleep. But when it gets to be 10pm and he...
  7. F

    Cockatiel Sleep Schedule?

    Hi! I am hoping to get a cockatiel soon and have done tons of research on everything they need! I was just wondering one thing, since I do go to school, what would be a good time to wake up and put my bird to sleep? I leave at 6:45 in the morning and don't get back until 3 in the afternoon...
  8. charlieboy

    Trying out a sleeping cage, a few worries

    Good morning parronts! :) With hormonal season approaching, I decided to start making Charlie sleep in a smaller cage in a quiet & dark room. Covering his day cage wasn't really a possibility due to lots of noise and fabric being a hormonal trigger for him. He doesn't seem very happy with the...
  9. TheMacDadd

    When should I put my canary to sleep

    Hello, it's winter in dearborn michigan and It usually goes dark at 6:43, I take my bird to sleep at 9:00 pm should I put him to sleep at 7:00 pm?
  10. P


    Hi everyone I have one 20 days old opaline lovebird (baby). His name is kiki. 4 days ago he was suffering from mucuse vomiting. Don't know why! I took him to vet, now vomiting stop. But he is eating to less than before and sleeping most of the time. Please help what should I do ? I'm very...
  11. F

    Urgent Cockatiel with infection

    Hi guys, my cockatiel(2yo) had a raspy voice couple days ago like when you catch a cold and you lose your voice. I took her to vet and she was diagnosed with infection in her air sacks and was given antibiotics. She’s been on antibiotics since last Thursday, today marks the 5th day. I’m giving 3...
  12. conureluv

    Sleep perch??

    My bird keeps sleeping intertwined with a foraging toy he demolished. It is (almost) winter here and my room can get cold some nights. I want him to be able to snuggle with a toy/perch made for that, but I heard tents can make him hormonal. (No egg laying, he’s a boy.) What should I do?
  13. L

    Sleep time required for Rainbow Lorikeet

    Hi, this is my first post. I will make give some general information and then ask some questions. Our Lorikeet is less than 12 months old. The bird sleeps inside near the kitchen where there is light and noise from 7am up to 10pm. In between 10pm and 7am there may intermittent trips to the...
  14. Guibirb

    Update on Gila!

    Hello everyone, I bring you a little update on my baby, and with it some questions! I think this is the 4th day maybe? I have kept reading and keeping her beside me while I'm playing videogames, she is still quite lively in the morning, and loves singing and chirping, though the days in the...
  15. Zara

    Video I hear this every afternoon...

    This is the sound these guys make when they are winding down for a nap... Every single day. Bear in mind it is louder and more shrill in person. Sydney and Adélie don't get involved, this is all the blue team, mainly these two, Lapis and Nube. Why can't they just close their eyes and nap?...
  16. Cosette Gagne

    Second Cage??

    Hello parronts! I currently have an extremely spacious cage for my GCC. Pic attached. He's fine being in it while I'm within view but the moment I step into another room he starts whining. He's my alarm clock which I really dont mind... loud screeches in the morning are very welcome in my...
  17. Fawnia

    Budgies asleep during the day? Normal or Unique Personality?

    Hello, its been about 3 months now since I got my budgies. They are still young. However, I have noticed my budgies in general aren't as active/talkative as the ones I normally see at pet stores/ on videos. My budgies seem to like to sleep alot during the day, and rarely make any noise...
  18. Dostc426

    Bottom of Cage Sleepers?

    Hello everyone! My sun conure for the past few months has developed a new sleeping habit that I can't get him out of! He has snuggled up all cozy at the bottom of his cage and is loving it! Now I completely understand that this is a symptom of an ill bird and normally I would treat it as such...
  19. F

    Chatty when it’s dark?

    Hi guys! Just curious to know if anyone else has a conure (or bird in general) who talks when it’s dark. By dark I mean the lights are off or they’re under a blanket! My green cheek will cluck and chat briefly during the day, when playing and eating, but nothing gets him going like when he’s...
  20. WallyCockatiel


    I have been looking almost over the internet for the bed in this video below but have found no luck. Please if anyone’s knows where to get it from tell me! Link: Thanks in advance! :)