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  1. LydiaB

    Am I Being Too Paranoid About Bird Safety?

    After having this bird for only a little over a week, I've realized how much of a paranoid bird-mom I'm being. I'm throwing out Teflon pans, checking every product in my house to make sure its safe and just being super paranoid in general. Am I being too paranoid here or not? Everyone I talk to...
  2. MangotheBirdy

    Introducing Pet Bird to Pet Dog

    Hi there, I have just recently brought home my first pet bird, Mango the Cockatiel. We have a 5 year old mini poodle who has never hurt another animal, but has chased birds in the park (never caught one). His reaction to Mango so far is interest, whining, sniffing the cage, staring, and...
  3. Natalia

    HELP. Keeping my cats away from my canary??

    Okay. I've had my canary for less than an hour (his name is Neo). So I was just getting everything ready for his cage, while he was in it, I just changed his food bowls and added a water dispenser. I had a spray bottle just in case one of my two cats decided to try and do something to him...
  4. Kackington

    Moving into an apartment for the first time, any advice?

    Hi!! Sorry if there's a better place to post this-- I've been browsing this forum for years now but this is my first time posting. So yeah, hi! I'm moving out of my parent's home for the first time and my sweet green cheek conure, Bento, is coming with me. I've been caring for birds for almost a...
  5. ghostpress

    Happy Hut/Cozy

    So I've read in bird psychology articles and general advice for parrot owners that there needs to be somewhere safe for the bird to escape to or sleep in, preferably separate from the main foraging areas, and high up for security. When I got my conure, her breeder gave me a happy hut, and when I...
  6. Melske

    Natural scents other than food

    I'm sorry if this information is somewhere and I missed it. I would like to have a nice/fresh scent in the house when I can't open the windows. I have Scentsy that I used on occasion in the past. Maybe I was lucky or maybe it was safe because my cockatiel never had problems and lived to his...
  7. BirdDad

    Is it possible to totally bird-proof a room?

    I really dislike keeping my birds (2 budgies, 1 cockatiel.) caged. The budgies seem to have a ball wherever they are, whether in the cages or outside, however my cockatiel much prefers to roam freely around my room. She'll scream if kept inside of the cage. She's developed a bad habit for...
  8. Birblover

    Safest Bird Bowls & Safest Cleaning Methods?

    I've read that plastic can be unsafe because it's harder to clean away bacteria, and can be harmful as it deteriorates faster (mine chew them), so I've switched to stainless steel bowls, but do still have one or two newer plastic bowls I still use. I would like to know the safest bowls I should...
  9. Nazguul

    Cage mates?

    greetings! I am going to be getting a ring neck dove in the next few days and i was looking for a smaller bird to get for a cage mate. Parakeet/budgies were the first thing to come to mind but i want to be sure it will be safe first. I read that parakeets might be aggressive towards the dove...
  10. taxidermynerd

    Creating a safe environment- It's just to dangerous for me to let him out

    Hi all! So as some of you might know, Chirp has hurt himself twice in the span of the last week. One was a broken blood feather from flying into a recliner, and the other was a small cut and extensive bruising sustained on his chest. He's been stuck in his cage since we went to the emergency...
  11. Lunar_Eclipse

    Heated Blankets??

    Hello!! I'm new here but i need some information from people who know what they're doing (: I recently got a heated blanket for myself, as my room is cold. My Cockatiel has his own bird warmer, so he's okay. However, i've been reading that heated blankets have teflon on the wires. Is it safe to...
  12. WendyN

    Pictures Joey needs new wheels

    Looking for a fix....the peg is not seated properly and the hardware on it is rusted.... Suggestions welcomed and much appreciated. Joey is in his other cage until I can fix/repace the wheels.
  13. lovebirds

    Could these things have teflon in them - worrying.

    Hi, It's been a while since I was last here, I've been very busy lately and everything has been well with my birds (thankfully). I always seem to come back to the "safety avenue" section of the forum :peek1: We're going to be moving temporarily to a new flat, next week, and we need to...