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  1. L

    How should I clip my bird's wings?

    Hey everyone! I have a cockatiel who is untamed and I'd really like to let him out of the cage to work on getting him friendlier. However, I don't have a small room to put him in as my room is ridiculously tiny (and his cage is really big) so all I have is the living room. However there is no...
  2. FlockofFive

    Cooking Safety

    We made a video about cooking safety when you have birds in your home. We hope you find it useful. :)
  3. Nostromo

    Unsure whether to clip older (rescue) parrot

    Hello everyone, I am the very fortunate owner of a sweet and delightful nine year old female blue head Pionus named Zephyr. We adopted her almost exactly a year ago. As far as I am aware, she has been clipped her entire life and doesn't really know how to fly - she is not very interested...
  4. PrettyBirdy

    Birds and Cats

    Hi there! I am moving into a new place soon. It is the lower level of a house that has been converted into an apartment. The family upstairs has two male cats. The birds will be behind closed doors at all times, unless I am going outside with them in their carriers/harnesses. I'd still like to...
  5. birdlady91

    Has anyone used a mini fridge near their parrots?

    Hello everyone, hope you and your bird babies are all doing good!! I wanted to purchase a mini fridge to have in the same room as my bird Leo. I bought and returned a tiny fridge by Frigidaire because it didn't keep things cold enough. I had it running in my room for about 24 hours with Leo...
  6. charlieboy

    Pictures Cotton Threads On Boing

    Are those cotton threads too long and a possible choking hazard? (I'm guessing so) And if so, could I just trim them? Also, is cotton a risk for ingestion? I'm trying to think of possible risks in Charlie's toys and eliminating them after reading all of the horror stories on this forum. Thank...
  7. Dostc426

    Silicone Draft Blocker Safe to use?

    Hello All! I bought and installed this stick-on silicone draft stopper for my front door and wanted to double check that it's all good to keep around my bird? Chang Lian 65346306 Under Door Draft Stopper and Blocker for Soundproof and Prevent Bugs, 2" W x 39" L(White), 2Wx32L, 1pack - -...
  8. AkasyaEllric

    Coop Cups

    Is there anywhere you can buy just the rings for coop cups? Mine are bad and I would like to replace them, but the bowls are still fine. I figured I'll probably end up having to just buy all new cups with them too though, and in that case, does anyone know where I can get good quality ones that...
  9. AkasyaEllric

    Is this perch safe now?

    I was cleaning Slade's cage and when I put his cement perch in the sink I cracked it. Is it still safe to use or should I just throw it away and get a new one?
  10. Dostc426

    Non-Rope Perch Alternatives?

    Hello everyone! I have been using an assortment of manzinita perches, rope perches, and very rarely dowel perches in my parrot's cages. I recently stumbled upon this scary thread: Parrot Forum • View topic - WARNING ON FABRICS (inc. rope perches, snuggle tents, etc) and now I am all wigged out...
  11. Bonnetbird

    Air cleaners - purchasing

    Hey bird friends two questions 1. Planning to buy a Rabbit Air air purifier - I live in a studio and don’t have that much space - do you think the extra “pet dander” filter in the more expensive models is necessary ? 2. Looking for a new cage for my macaw - went to the page that had cage...
  12. PrinceMonroe

    super paranoid about making my apartment safe. am i missing anything?

    So Cora comes home in November, and I’m super paranoid about making my apartment safe for her, mostly in terms of fumes and being too cold. Here’s what I’ve done so far: emailed the oven, microwave, electric blanket, people to make sure the things I have are safe (I don’t have a hair dryer or...
  13. Birdie Boyzz

    How long do I wait to air out the house after using things toxic to birds before I get my birds back

    So we got new hardwood floors, and of course being parrot owner I check in to see what products they are using. They are using a glue that I have researched is bad for birds bc of fumes and they used paint thinner on the floors (more fumes) all of the windows are open all throughout the house...
  14. miloandmax

    zinc in my toys? where to find stainless steel

    hiya! so recently i read up on zinc toxicity in birds and read about how to test for zinc using magnets. I tested all of my birds toys and all the metal parts on them are magnetic! so that means it can't be stainless steel or aluminium which are bird safe as far as i know and according to the...
  15. L

    Foot toys

    More of a curiosity question, but are foot toys safe to put in a birds cage or at they only intended for outside-cage-time use? Thank you!
  16. Anubis0807

    New Owner with safe wood question

    Hello all, I am soon to get a baby sun conure and I'm very excited and happy that I found a resource of info from this site. I think I'm getting this all down but was thinking of using a newly cut down pear tree to home make some perches and stands but am not able to find a reliable...
  17. LucyLemon'sMom

    Questions on Teflon Free Items

    Hello! My husband and I are getting our home ready to bring home oir feathered baby ^_^ we are going through and replacing all the Teflon cookware. We purchased this ceramic line of cookware and it says it is PFOA and PTFE free. Although it’s free of those chemicals I’m just really paranoid...
  18. Atomiklan

    Almost lost Emma!!!

    YIKES! "Almost" had an accident last weekend. This was very scary! Emma was out of the cage and a little frightened from something. I had a friend staying the weekend and he was in the foyer walking towards the front door. Well Emma flew into the foyer and landed on the ground on top of my...
  19. Parakeet88

    Humidifier for birds?

    I live in the north east US and as winter is approaching I'm thinking of ways I can keep my birds comfortable. I live in an old apartment and it's difficult to keep the temperature stable (it never gets really cold but I have a hard time finding the right heat setting). I bought one of those...
  20. S

    Essential Oil Safety

    So if i put essential oils on myself and they do not touch my birds, but we might be in the same room. How might this effect them? Could just the odor from them being on me hurt my birds?