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  1. N

    Urgent Owner surrendered brand new babies. Not eating

    My local family run pet store had someone surrender a pair of cockatiels, one 7 wk baby( that was kept in the bottom of the parents cage, one 1 day and 2 eggs in a nest box. I have experience at a vet clinic and wildlife rehabilitation center so I knew it was not a good situation but I have...
  2. Haroobom

    Is it possible to estimate age on this little one (rescue)

    He was rescued from a hoarding situation, so no age or sex was disclosed. Theres videos of him vocalizing something I would describe as a barn owl screech when he was taken in by the rescue prob due to stress, but since he's been brought home he's been totally quiet, not what I would expect...
  3. Trinity

    Lovebird is hot to touch and loses fearhers

    Hi everyone, I hope I've gone about all this correctly and did a skim read of the guidelines before posting. Context I own a range of indoor and outdoor parrots, many of which are rescues or give aways my mum brings home from volunteering. These birds are separated but have joint 'out time'...
  4. T c

    Bonded rescue conures

    I kind of inherited a pair of green cheeks after their owner (family friend) could not keep them anymore. They have been in the same cage together since the original owner got them (3-4 years) and are now bonded. I've been training them every day for a few months now, but when it comes to cage...
  5. flyzipper

    Little ditty about Jack (and Diane?)

    Thought this was a nice little story...
  6. SaffronConure

    Potentially rehoming pair of cockatiels in WV after bird lung diagnosis

    Hi, I have a pair of bonded cockatiels who need a new home lined up asap. My mother has recently had repeated lung infections, and a CT scan has revealed signs of bird lung. I never wanted to be the type of person that rehomes a pet, but it is looking like I won't have a choice. It's absolutely...
  7. P

    Pictures Umbrella Cockatoo looking for perfect home in the Midwest.

    Hi everyone! This forum was recommended to me as a possible place to find a forever home for a wonderful bird. I want to start out by giving a little background on myself. I grew up with an umbrella cockatoo and have a giant soft spot for these birds. I’m an animal lover and primarily involved...
  8. FruityFloc

    Can anyone identify this abandoned baby bird?

    Last night my housekeeper found an abandoned baby bird on the roof, but I told her to leave it in case the mother comes back. its 10am today and the mother hasnt returned, so I want to at least give it some food for the mean time. Does anyone know what bird this is, and what I should do about it?
  9. B

    Need help witb my rescued budgie

    So, I'm new to this forum and budgie ownership. I had a canary when I was a kid, also a rescue with behavioral issues, and I never intended on taking on a budgie at first but it sort of found me. Backstory: this budgie was found outside during an early snowstorm almost two years ago. She had...
  10. Char.bird

    Rescue or Baby Bird?

    Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well. For a while now I have been thinking of adding a new bird to my flock as we now have a bird room and thinking of getting an avairy too. Just so I know its right for me i've allready started thinking about it even though it wont happen till the end of...
  11. niamhk

    is quarantine needed?

    So i’m adopting a jenday conure on sunday. he’ll be joining my current flock and hopefully will bond with my jenday isla. Avery is a year old and has lived with his old owner for most that time. she took him out of a bad situation where he was kept in a dog crate with no attention and a pure...
  12. L

    Looking for Blue Throat Macaw Breeder/Rescue

    I’m finally am able to get my dream bird. However I’m needing some help on the best way of going about getting one. I wouldn’t mind rescuing but I don’t know of any shelters in my state. All the ones I’ve googled are hours away. I’m not sure if local pet shops could help in locating macaws...
  13. clarajane

    Issues with rescued linnie

    To establish some background, my boyfriend and I share a 350sf studio and rescued an approximately one-year-old cobalt linnie in March of 2019. We rescued him from a young woman who had to move for college and couldn't keep him. He spent the first year of his life confined to a small cage in a...
  14. mangobird

    Update on rescue amazon

    Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well during the quarantine/pandemic. I wanted to give you all a quick update on the amazon I posted a few weeks back, where I asked for help about having a new rescue. I’m happy to say that she is absolutely thriving here :D Tyler has slowly shown that she’s...
  15. mangobird

    Parrot won’t use java tree stand

    Hi everyone. I recently bought my new rescue Amazon (Tyler) a java wood tree perch. I was sure she would love it considering her absolute favorite perch in her cage is a java wood tree branch with lots of offshoots and different shaped branches. However, she wants absolutely nothing to do with...
  16. Nimbus

    Recently Purchased/Rescued Some Budgies

    Hi! I’m new here, please let me know if I’m doing anything wrong. I recently rehomed/rescued two budgies, Sam and Pippin. I’m fairly sure Pippin’s a male, but I’m not certain on Sam’s gender. If anyone could help identifying/confirming their genders that would be awesome. We purchased them from...
  17. mangobird

    Rescued Amazon help!!

    Hi everyone! Today, I rescued a 13 year old Amazon, who I was told is a Tres Marias Amazon. They call her Tyler! She’s scared, but I can absolutely tell that underneath the hurt and broken is a sweet bird that loves people. I’ve been looking into amazons for a while, but this wasn’t quite my...
  18. Jhanna

    I want to start a bird rescue

    Hi! I have spent countless hours reading threads on here learning how to care for my yellow-sided conure, Pebbles, as well as taking in as much general bird knowledge as I can and each day falling more in love with these beautiful creatures. It breaks my heart that there are so many birds out...
  19. Birdman696

    Wild baby Galah

    So yet another thing happened. Early this morning I found a wild baby galah sitting in my backyard that seemingly couldn’t fly or walk properly, instead of walking it crawls using its beak to pull it along. So I picked it up with a towel and placed it in a box and put it in a dark room to...
  20. A

    Vitamin and supplement recommendations

    Hey everyone! This is my very first post on here so I hope I'm doing everything correctly, please call out my mistakes if you see any. Just to set this up a little bit... I've had my African Grey for just about a year, her name is Arrow, her previous owners were an elderly couple that were too...