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pooping different colors

  1. LemonMan

    Pictures Canary with stool stuck

    As the title suggests, I've had 2 canaries (M/F) who's been in my care for a year. Sadly one of them passed some time ago (M) and as a result of this I've been even more paranoid and cautious with my other canary (F). I've noticed that her stool has gotten stuck around her anus and some of the...
  2. A

    Urgent Sun conure poop

    My sun conure is around 7 weeks old and is weaning in pellets and seeds. He has artificial pellets that are red green orange colored. This was his poop is it red because internal bleeding or because of the pellets?
  3. Tenleigh

    Why is his poop this color!!

    My cockatiel just pooped a solid poop. Its not even runny like normal poops. Its like a solid hard poop, even the white part is soils. I have no idea what is going on, last thing I feed him was some carrots. The poop is a dark orange and some green. I’m just worried because this never happened...
  4. ZY28

    Bird poop changes colour and shape after eating chop!

    Hi, So I have been transitioning my 5 month green cheek conure to chop. He has finally started eating it! Sadly, I notice his droppings has become a thin red/brown ish colour with a lot of liquid! I do not know if this is normal. He gets chop in the morning and pellet that he has been weaned on...
  5. bird_mama

    Bird droppings changes after diet change?

    Hi! So this morning when I was changing his cage liner, I saw that my CAG’s stools were light brown in color? I feed Lafebers Premium diet pellets, Avian Naturals Allergy Mix, and mixed frozen vegetables. Recently I added Bodacious Birdie ‘Sneaky Sprinkles’ which contains organic lacinto kale...
  6. M

    Gooey yellow poop, but only once?

    Hi there! I adopted a 3-month-old budgie girl about 5 days ago. She is starting to adjust to her cage and get comfortable with my presence, she eats great, and seems generally healthy aside from a bit of dry sneezing (my apartment is a bit dry in the winter and she’s molting). Two days ago, I...
  7. T

    Urgent My baby birds have a splayed leg issue and weird yellow poop. Please help!

    Good evening! I have recently been fostering 2 baby egrets (I think they are egrets. not sure) who were found on the road. I was planning on releasing them in the wild once they grew up. But now they both seemed to have developed splay legs issue. They also have weird yellowish poop which...
  8. asdf6121

    Strange budgie poops?

    Hey guys, it's been about a week since I got my baby budgie, and she is already super hand tame and playful toward us. Today however, I noticed her poops have been very strange. These two photos (and poops) were taken the same day, about three hours apart. I am very worried. I was already going...
  9. Dextine

    Poop check

    Hi everyone, My two lovebirds have been inconsistent with pooping.. They first had only pellets and I noticed them pooping more and smaller amounts. I decided to add back their seed mix and they strain less with pooping now. Yesterday they ate: Pellets with red bellpepper mix Seed mix I’ve...
  10. Chiara

    Pictures Lovebird urine is green

    Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’m not English so sorry if there are mistakes. I need help. I have two lovebirds, Jo and Noah. Jo’s urine is green since yesterday, I’m really worried. Noah’s droppings are okay. I’m on vacation and there isn’t an avian vet in this area. I don’t know what to do...
  11. Jason Phan

    Quaker poop/urine color and possible lead poison?

    My quaker's poop has been consistently dark green with white urates and the urine is light green. He/she is only 7 months old. 2 days ago, my sister got her 'littlest pet shop' toy which was a pink bird. The bird is afraid of alot of things but was drawn to the toy and took off with it and...
  12. goodtrash16

    Poop Question

    Hello! My Green Cheek Conure, Jax, has been having some very runny green poops today. I am concerned and wondering if there is a problem with them. My computer seems to make this seem more yellow than it really is, it does not appear yellow on my phone or in real life. It looks more like a...
  13. S

    Cockatiel making gasping noises- Sad Update Post #16

    my 3 month old tiel has been sleeping a lot the past few weeks and hasent been herself. I've talked to my breeder about my birds behavior which seems like theirs something's wrong with her. Her crop and belly have been full with seeds formula and air. She sleeps whenever we don't play or touch...