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  1. S

    Avian Gastric Yeast in Pigeon

    Hi everyone, I’ve never used this forum before, I hope this is the right place to post this. I have a pet pigeon named Diamond. I took him to the vet for a checkup recently and we found out that he has yeast in his system. The doctor wasn’t able to tell me if this was serious or not, and...
  2. N

    Found an injured pigeon

    Hi....I found a pigeon. Seems to be blind in both eyes. What do you think is the cause for its blindness? Is it a disease or someone injured it? Is it permanently blind? I also have 2 cockatiels (which I am keeping separate), so I hope it's nothing contagious. If it's an injury, any ideas how...
  3. mympigeons

    Hello Pigeon World

    Hello Pigeons lover Hope you are all well. Hope your pigeons are well also. I am from Mymensingh Bangladesh. I have a white pigeon loft for the last 5 years. Hope you will visit my pigeons and give your love. I love pigeons very much. Thanks mympigeons
  4. O

    Help Identifying what kind of Dove / Pigeon this is + Need advice

    Hello , I was wondering if anyone can help me identify what type of Pigeon or Dove Smokey is. He is a rescued Feral and I think hes about a month old. I found him in the middle of a road on my way home from collage. I was also wondering if anyone has any tips on getting a Pigeon/ Dove used to...
  5. Rekillkos

    Pigeons pigeons pigeons

    This big boy was really strutting his stuff today, he puffed up so much he looked like a balloon haha.
  6. shelby.pax

    Less Dusty Pigeon Breed

    Hi, I've been looking into different softbills to figure out which one is the best indoor apartment pet and recently found out that some pigeon breeds are apparently not that dusty. I was told the pouters are the least dusty followed by high flyers and rollers. I was wondering if anybody can...
  7. B

    Pigeon laid egg on patio

    Hi, so I have a resident breeding pair of spotted doves. This pair has had two clutches that I know of. The first both died, one as a fledgling to a currawong and the other as a juvenile to a sparrow hawk. The second clutch was abandoned after a week and never hatched. So anyway I was standing...
  8. dandruff

    pigeon care?

    The only pigeon care guides i can find on the internet are for racing pigeons or pigeons that you're breeding/keeping in larger quantities outside. I'm planning on keeping one pigeon inside (not soon, probably about a year to a year and a half in the future). The problem is, i can't find...
  9. shyanashay

    What does this coo mean?

    This is Olly. I’ve never heard a coo like his before. When I watch YouTube videos of cooing doves, it’s mostly just bow coos. My friend has had many doves in her lifetime and she hasn’t heard a coo like this from her doves. Olly mainly coos in the evening, maybe a couple times in the morning...
  10. R

    Multivitamin for my bird (collared dove)

    Hi! I have been recently looking into finding a multivitamin supplement to complete my dove's diet. She eats seeds (previous home raised her on seed, otherwise I would be giving pellets) and I also give her chop. Info on vitamins is hard to find, especially for doves and pigeons. If anyone knows...
  11. shyanashay

    Dove Cage Setup

    I’m adopting a dove soon, and I have a flight cage for it. I’d like to see pictures of your cage setups. No aviaries, just cages. :) Thanks in advance! (Ooh, if you’d like to leave Amazon links to your cage supplies that’d be great!)
  12. PrettyBirdy


    Hello everyone. I am posting on behalf of a friend of mine who lives in Maine. She found a pigeon in her driveway with an injured eye, who seems unwilling or able to fly. It is very cold out, so I told her to go outside with a towel and then place him into a dog crate with towels and water...
  13. Fawnia

    Pigeons vs Ringneck Doves as Companions

    Hello, currently I have 2 budgies who are a joy to watch, but don't like to be to be held, which I understand. I really want a bird that I can hold and get along with though. Sadly, with my busy work schedule, I feel like getting a parrot would not be the right choice, for I know they are very...
  14. A

    Hi all!

    I'm going to be adopting a pigeon in a month and am looking for any tips or advice! It's a failed racer from this year's hatch, so it's used to people but not really that social.
  15. J

    Rain, Inky and Jae saying Hello.

    Hello. Just a little background. I'm a new bird owner but not new to birds. I also work for a pet and garden supply store. The store got some cocktails in that after a few days it was clear they were taken from their nest too young. I started just working with "James" on how to use eat...
  16. A

    rescued a baby pigeon, slow crop, need help!

    Hi all, I rescued a baby pigeon from my workplace. I work in a factory and it was in danger of being run over and killed, couldn't find the nest or parents anywhere to put it back. And so I had to rescue it so it would live. I don't know anything about pigeons but I did some reading before I...
  17. RedCarpetEclectus

    Pigeon not eating much - otherwise healthy

    I have an adult male frillback pigeon, have had him for a few months now and noticed he has not been eating nearly as much as he should over the past few days. He is still a good weight, active and still flys about, feathers in good condition. He is coming to the end of his moult if that...
  18. RedCarpetEclectus

    Pigeon and dove companions?

    I have a male frillback pigeon and want to get him a companion, however there is no where to get another pigeon from near me. Would a handraised ringneck dove be an okay companion? They would be housed in a double macaw cage, which my boy is currently housed in. Would the risks be too great? Or...
  19. RedCarpetEclectus

    What do you think of this taming method?

    I found this while looking for other methods of taming my pigeon, as the "patience" way is not working in terms of how tame i want him to be: Hands On
  20. RedCarpetEclectus

    Pigeon behaviour references?

    Does anyone know of any pdf files, books or films on individual pigeon behaviour? Like pet behaviour? I can find endless references on parrot behaviour but very little on pigeons and doves.