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  1. vaporised

    Catching PBFD from wild Aussie birds

    Hi there! I'm a soon-to-be owner of a baby Major Mitchell's cockatoo, and I'm a bit concerned about the apparent frequency of wild PBFD infected birds in Australia. I read somewhere that 10-20% of wild sulfur crested cockatoos in South-East Australia carry the virus? This is pretty terrifying...
  2. R

    Looking to adopt a ringneck with PBFD

    Hello there. I unfortunately bought a baby ringneck two years ago that had PBFD. He’s lost almost all his feathers but otherwise is doing really great and is healthy and happy. I’m hoping there’s a chance that I could adopt him a friend. I give him a lot of love but I know friend would be nice...
  3. M

    Is it PBFD?

    Does it look like PBFD? I noticed a the bald spot under the beak of my 3 months old Alexandrian parrot. And also his beak looks damaged a well as his tail feathers (pics are attached). I live in Oman and there is no PBFD testing here. I also have 2 G&B macaws.
  4. lucorinth

    Cleaning a PBFD Bird's Area to Keep Other Birds Safe

    We thought we did all the right things when bringing birds into our home, even getting each new bird tested for diseases before bringing them in. However, after a couple years with no symptoms, our very first bird that the vet had told us had a slight 'over preening problem' started to show...
  5. P

    Feather disease unknown

    So my lovebird (make) Lanana for the past month now has had feather plucking problem. It’s important to note he’s about 9 years old and lives with a female named Papple who is 10 lanana has picked his rump bald and also under his wings. He’s very itchy but no change in playfulness or eating...
  6. Gokha

    Please share your experience

    Hello everyone. I wish my first thread would be a happier one, but it’s not. I own a beautiful yellow cockatiel -Walad and Indian ringneck- Zazu. so three days ago I started noticing some bald spots on Zazu’s head above the nostrils. I thought it was because of hanging on the cage bars and...
  7. F

    Urgent Strange feathers on cockatiels cheek.

    Hi everyone, can someone help me out with a cockatiel feather issue? My cockatiel, who is about 9, started growing cheek feathers (and by cheek I mean, right next to her beak, where the beak meets skin), that are almost crusty. The feathers do not form. They turn into these crusty little...
  8. H

    finding home for young Indian ringneck with PBFD

    Hi I’m looking for anyone in San Diego CA that is interested in adopting my sweet adorable baby Indian Ringneck named Cami. He has a contagious disease called PBFD. I’m devastated that this has happened to my sweet baby! I’m not sure on the gender of Cami but I have do have a dna test ready to...
  9. Leafstem

    Possible early signs of PBFD?

    hi everyone! I have a GCC who will turn a year old in a little over a month so she’s pretty young. Something I’ve noticed for a while is that the feathers on her rump seem to be a bit odd. I thought it was just her molting but her rump area seems to be a bit sticky. I give her scritches there...
  10. Valentina

    Hi from Toronto

    Hey all - excited to join this forum to learn and share my experiences with Barby, most recently with a PBFD scare (positive test after having intro'd her to our house and other GCC, then cleared 8 weeks later). She was adopted from another owner who had to relinquish her and another bird as...
  11. MeinRabe

    Minimizing spread of pbfd

    Today marked the one month anniversary of Obi's death. I'm really feeling the loss and loneliness. It's been so hard the last couple of weeks. I feel so pathetic, but I've cried almost every day. I've spent the last month trying to find an infected bird but with no luck. It appears most groups...
  12. MeinRabe

    Pbfd photos

    I've been on the fence about sharing these photos. I never actually posted any photos of Obi for fear of judgement or glamorizing pbfd while he was alive. For some reason I feel like posting them today. One picture is before he lost all his feathers. You may recognize him from my other...
  13. MeinRabe

    F10 fogger in the US

    Does anyone know how to buy an f10 fogger (aka an f10 bomb) in the US? I can only find sources in Australia and UK.
  14. MeinRabe

    Looking for Pbfd+ bird in Southern California area

    Hello everyone. My bird with PBFD recently passed on from a brain aneurysm. I would like to open my home to a pbfd+ bird that needs love. I have 4+ years of experience caring for an infected bird and a relationship with a dedicated avian vet willing to care for positive birds. I have also had...
  15. MeinRabe

    I need advice after the loss of my PBFD+ bird

    Hello everyone. Wasn't sure where to put this. I don't want to make this a long post, for fear that no one will read it. I also want to make it somewhat anonymous, so please don't try to dig up my past posts, since I plan on discussing personal topics. Forewarning: This post discusses a bird's...
  16. M

    Urgent Contact with potential PBFD birds

    Short-version of the story (yeah really): I own a 3-4 month old budgie at home. A week ago, I went to Hawaii to visit a friend and her mom has pet birds (well aware of this point before I went). However, about 2 days into the trip, her mom let it slip that she thinks the two birds may be...