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parakeet help

  1. D

    Daisy’s head?

    I checked on Daisy this morning and saw a red spot on his head. Is this just molting or is there something wrong with his head?
  2. P

    Parakeet small cut on foot

    my bird has a small cut on his foot was bitten by the other parakeet. There is no bleeding but its a little red with a little skin. I have read that some people used Neosporin but some say it's ok for parakeets and some say it's bad for them. I'm not sure what to do, any suggestions or help...
  3. W

    Urgent Soft food or Pangea for sick budgie?

    Hello! If I post things in the future to look for some help, it might involve my 4 parakeets and green cheek conure. I have a question already, and I hope this is the right place to post this One of my budgies stopped eating yesterday (vet closed Sunday) and plan on taking him today except it...
  4. W

    Hello, joined and already have a question (parakeet)!

    Hello! If I post things in the future to look for some help, it might involve my 4 parakeets and green cheek conure. I have a question already, and I know this is the intro forum (Please let me know where the right place to ask this is ) One of my budgies stopped eating yesterday (vet closed...
  5. Illyria

    Hello. Im Illyria I'm new here but I have a question about one of my parakeets.

    I have 3 sets of parakeets 2 in each cage. The first two we bought for my son and I to enjoy together, the second set a lady had up on FB saying they needed to find them a home cause their cat was stalking them so badly, and the third said the same- they had a cat that wouldn't leave them...
  6. B

    Urgent Is my parakeet sick?? Or just adjusting to new surroundings??

    hi! I’ve been super stressed about my new parakeet lately. I got him over the weekend from PetSmart. (This is my second bird, I have a cockatiel but I separated the two cause my other one didn’t really take a liking to him.) so I brought my new bird to my parents house and since he didn’t get...
  7. C

    Parakeet health question

    hello, This looks like a great place. I am worried about my parakeet named Candy. He is a very sweet guy but lately he has been opening his beak up as if in pain and he is taking a lot of naps. I am not sure if the pain comes from the right side of his neck and or also his right foot. Sometimes...
  8. M

    Urgent New tail feather looks different

    Hello! My budgie is about 3 months old, and he's growing new tail feather. He lost both tail feather when I got him, but at that time the vet (avian specialised) said it's alright, he'll grow back. However, I realised that one of the tail quills looks different. From the attached picture, you...
  9. Elyse

    I Need To Move A Budgie to a New Cage, WDID?

    So I have 2 parakeets and am wanting to buy them a significantly larger cage. The only problem is that I have one that refuses to even be near me. If he’s like that, how am I going to get him to the new cage? He also flies, meaning I’m nervous for him to fly around my room when I’m trying to...