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new owner

  1. A

    New here and new pineapple gcc grandma

    Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jen and as the title says… I’m am a new grandma to a 3 mos old Pineapple Green Cheek Conure that we just purchased for our very excited 7yr old daughter Ava. She spent almost a year researching, learning about, and visiting birds before we got...
  2. L

    New conure owner here.

    I have a 4 year old green cheek Conure I adopted a couple weeks ago. We have some biting problems but seems like we are on the way to bonding. The last couple days when she's been out of her enclosure I've noticed a new behavior! Just want to make sure I'm safe with this and it's just a cute way...
  3. C

    Alexandrine Parrot scratching

    Hi! I have a 6-month old alexandrine Usually he grooms himself and I’ve seen him calm but today he was scratching some parts of his feathers really fast and intensely that it made me think he might have lice or something? ( he hasn’t had a bath it’s really cold in my country now ) And I can’t...
  4. C

    New owner of a alexandrine parrot

    Hi! Yesterday I got an alexandrine parrot of 6-months old ( believed to be a male) He is kinda of aggressive and the first day he wouldn’t touch his food , my sister had to hand feed him some seeds from outside the cage. He also didn’t sleep. I traveled home and the travel went really well. When...
  5. S

    New Bird Owner

    Greetings all! I am now the proud new companion of two beautiful parakeets. I bought them from PetSmart (I know, I'm a horrible person), as I just couldn't wait for my local bird shop to restock them. I have yet to name them, and I am currently taking suggestions. It took quite a while to get...
  6. S

    Baby Pionus Tips?

    Hello :) This is my first time posting anything on here but I have been lurking around the forums for a while now. After months and months of research and consideration, it's very possible that I will be bringing home a newly weened baby White Capped Pionus in a few weeks. Just curious if...
  7. A

    Pictures Rescued pair of canary’s - misc questions

    Hi all, I am very new to this world so thank you for any help and patience as I learn up as much as I can. My grandfather had 2 canary’s for about a year but can no longer take care of them so I took them in. I’m hoping I can post what I’ve done and get opinions/suggestions on how to make them...
  8. D

    Alternatives to cut lovebird nails

    Hi, I’m new here and to owning birds. I do apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong forum, Im still navigating this website. I have 2 lovebirds that I got last year, I have never had pet birds. Their nails are growing too long and I want to shorten it but the problem is, they are scared...
  9. H

    Never been out of a cage, need advice

    I just got my first bird three days ago from a privately owned pet store. He's a cockatiel that's just over a year old and I named him Winston. He is an absolute sweetheart and took to me immediately. Within the first 10 minutes of me putting him in his flight cage, he was already eating and...
  10. toto2021

    Questions for new tiel-owner

    Hi, I just recently got my tiel, Toto. I've had him/her (unknown gender, will just say he for now) for almost a month now; he's just hit 3 months old. I have a bunch of questions so I'll compile them here below instead of making multiple threads lol, maybe one of you can help me out with any...
  11. A

    They are comfortable with me and like to snuggle but freak out when I try to pet them ?

    Hi all! Ive had my conures just under a month now (kiwi the pineapple conure) (durian the green cheek) as of late ive been getting mixed messages from them. For example they love snuggling in my hoodie, playing with my hair, and are comfortable perching on my hand, etcetera however when I try to...
  12. Jusgetinby


    Hello I'm new bird owner this year. My story the love for birds is.... My daughter asked me if she can bring her pets to live at our home from her dad's house, of course I said yes, she is a responsible pet owner. So she decided to bring her 4 birds from her Dad's to live at our home...
  13. Cosmic

    Proper cage size/dimensions for a Green Cheek Conure?

    Hi! I am new to the forum and new to bird care. I have a 1-year-old Green Cheek Conure. What is the proper cage size/dimensions for a green cheek conure so she may live a long, happy, healthy life? The current cage my Green Cheek is housed in is 24 in. x 16 in. x 16 in. (L x W x H). Any other...
  14. Cosmic

    (Questions) - New to caring for birds. I have a 1 year old Green Cheek Conure. Wat do?

    I am new to this forum and I am new to caring for birds. I have a 1-year-old green cheek conure named Pipo and I also help my grandmother care for her 18-year-old Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot named Pepe. In this thread, I will only talk about the green cheek due to the location of this post and...
  15. S

    Urgent Stunted growth??

    Hello guys! My names Ravyn and I have a couple of quick questions. I have been raising a baby cockatiel since it was born but I’m concerned he/she isn’t growing properly. The baby will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday but looks so small for his/hers age. I’m doing everything right with his/hers...
  16. P

    Pictures Cockatiel gender

    Hi, my first post was 2-3 months ago asking how can i tame my cockatiel.. Now he's obsessed with me, his cage is open 24/7 and he flies to my shoulder often :D Thank you for that :) Now I'm asking about his gender :/ the bird is at least 5 months old and he/she started molting. what do you...
  17. Guibirb

    Budgie not drinkig nor eating

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here so I'm sorry if I get anything wrong, I was just concearned and just had to find a way to speak to someone with experience, since I'm a new bird owner. Yesterday I got a lovely little budgie girl from sort of a bird shop half close to where I live. We...
  18. Miss Annamarie

    Nervous to bring home new baby! Tips?

    Yes, it's definite this time after about a year. After much more time to settle down my schedule, know what I'm getting into more, meeting a couple adult Eclectus', and having a plan for my future. I've decided to definitevely get a male Eclectus. He's really young right now and will be ready...
  19. K

    considering a GCC

    Hi all! I currently have a wonderful Rosy Bourke, and I've been thinking about getting another bird, but I have some questions. I absolutely would NOT house them together, but would they be ok coexisting with supervised time in my room? I'm a college student, living at home, and I have the...
  20. Twinlukers

    New in town!!

    Hello everyone!! We have just rescued a double yellow headed Parrot and we would like to get more information on behavior issues!!!! Any help would be great as I have done a ton of reading and am understanding.