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nail clipping

  1. G

    Beak and Nail Trimming/Filing

    This isn't really a Heath question... it's more of a grooming/care question. I usually trim my birds' nails with animal nail clippers, but I sometimes nick the vein and I feel like filing would be way more gentle, just to remove the sharp tip and round it at the end. Should I use a glass file, a...
  2. Melophile

    Trimming a new lovebird's nails???

    My two lovebirds (both female, both a year and a half old, bonded) have been biting their nails. I think they need to be trimmed, but I don't know how to do that when they won't let me hold them. They try to bite me whenever my hand draws near, and they've been especially grumpy lately. A lot...
  3. J

    Overgrown Nails

    My GCC's nails are pretty overgrown. I've noticed when she walks (especially on flat surfaces) she's pretty much walking on her nails. I haven't been able to find a groomer/vet in the area that's willing to clip her nails (her regular vet is 2 hours away), and clipping her nails at home is a...
  4. KJsChicken

    Nail clipping help

    Hi! I'm a first time bird owner, had my rescue cockatiel for about 3 months (I was told she was around 2). We've had very little problems. Her nails aren't too bad right now, but I'd like to train/get ahead of the game when it comes to nail trimming. I don't feel like taking her to the vet for...
  5. T

    Nail trimming without holding...

    My budgies, both of them have long nails that need to be clipped, but they aren't comfortable with me holding them, so is there any other way to trim the nails, without clippers, at home?
  6. D

    Alternatives to cut lovebird nails

    Hi, I’m new here and to owning birds. I do apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong forum, Im still navigating this website. I have 2 lovebirds that I got last year, I have never had pet birds. Their nails are growing too long and I want to shorten it but the problem is, they are scared...
  7. Birdman696

    Rainbow lorikeet bird diaper

    So I got a rainbow lorikeet around 3 days ago. He is incredibly tame and the moment he got him he was crawling all over me, he was rescued from the wolf after he had fallen out of a tree and was being attacked by magpies and is one of the friendliest birds I’ve ever seen. He’s still a baby but...
  8. alyssanor

    ummm idk if im doing this right?

    am i supposed to cut a budgies nail or file them. or do i let them keep growing , i have not trimmed their nails because i dont know if i should
  9. Angela_2

    Claws trim

    Hi I've got my parrot for nearly for 4 months I trimmed his claws twice once he's started getting used to me a lot. So last time was in the first of the last month and now they've grown tall and i tried to clip them yesterday but he wasn't happy with it and got scared :"( I think his vein grows...
  10. Skittles26

    Nail issue

    Hello! So I just got a new budgie yesterday and I have just noticed that the budgie has two toes (one on each claw) which the nail is growing upwards rather than downwards? I’m not entirely sure whether clipping the nail down would help? I have put a cuttle fish in the cage to see if it helps...
  11. B

    Indian Ringneck Nail Cut

    We recently brought our Indian Ringneck home, and I don't think his nails have ever been clipped. They dug into our skin and cut it up so after lots of research we decided to trim them ourselves since just a consultation at the vet is over $100 I know it will happen to every owner at least...
  12. MooShu

    Clipping nails

    Sorry, I don't know where to post this topic but I need help with a problem. I have an rose ringed parakeet / indian ringneck parrot. I think he hatched somewhere in the middle of May 2018. So he's about 8 months old. I've had him from first of July 2018. My main problem with him is this...
  13. LydiaB

    Trouble Trimming Eddie's Nails

    Trying to trim my Quaker parrot, Eddie's nails has been an absolute nightmare. I'm fine taking him to a professional, but I'd rather do it at home since its much cheaper. I bought some quickstop and nail clippers, hoping to try it for myself. I'd already trimmed a few bird's nails at the bird...
  14. Budgietiel

    File for Nails/Beaks?

    Hey guys! My Mom gave me a nail file and was thinking bird...:dancing: I am going to attach a link to the product. Kiss New York Power File Deluxe Rechargeable Nail File Set, 15 pc - Walmart.com Could I use this for nail and beak trims? Thoughts? :hug8:
  15. Atomiklan

    Nail clipping time!

    It is getting VERY close, if not past time for me to do some nail clipping. I am terrified to do this! Not because I am worried about cutting physically, I understand the process and what not to do. I am just sooooooo worried about stressing them out to the point that they become fearful of me...
  16. EarthToEcho

    Nail Clipping Safety Tips?

    My bird Medoh's nails really need a trimming and while I could go to a vet, he just gets so nervous and shaky when we do that I'm worried for his health. I can do them at home (I have styptic powder and also used to clip dogs nails at my job so I know about the quick and how much to cut off). Is...