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  1. papaya13

    Preparing to Adopt an Older Grey, Need Advice on Making the Transition Easy

    I recently made the decision to switch from buying a baby to adopting a 22YO CAG from a retired couple in my area. According to them, he's the 'sweetest bird they've ever met' and has no behavioral issues whatsoever... but my family has purchased a lot of ranch horses, and all of them are 'the...
  2. vani

    Bird-Loving Roommate(s)

    Hello again cool friends of avian avenue!!! Hopefully this is the right place to ask this question. I need to move out, but my lovie is priority number one. I could afford to live in an apartment alone with him, but I worry about the noise he may make. He's definitely not the loudest...
  3. GeezLouise

    Safe Apartment Living and Moving

    I'm moving two hours drive away to my first apartment in one month. My nerves about concerns I'm not even sure are justified are through the roof :depressed: I'm well aware of everything that goes into bird-proofing a home, but are there any new concerns that comes with being in an apartment...
  4. Kackington

    Moving to Los Angeles for real this time!

    Hey all! I made a post about moving to Los Angeles a few months ago, but I wasn't sure when I'd go and I didn't have specific details. Now I do and I wanted to drop by and ask a few more questions! Anyway, I'm moving to Burbank! If you live anywhere in Southern California or Cali in general...
  5. P

    How to Move birds safely to new home

    My move for my 5 tiels is coming very soon! I am wondering if you guys have any general tips on making the move smooth and safe? The temperature outside will be around 5 degrees C, give or take. Are there any indoor car fumes that are dangerous, or is having them in any car air safe? I will...
  6. MPCacatúa

    How to move 4 budgies to new house 4 hours away!

    Hey guys, so my husband and I are moving! Our new house is about 4-4.5 hours away. Should I move all four birds in one container? And what should I use? I have a backpack but they don’t like it/ it would be hard to put all four in. I also have the first cage I ever housed two of them in. What...
  7. Kackington

    Moving to Los Angeles

    Hey there!! The last time I made a post on this forum I was moving for the first time, and here I am, planning on moving again. :laugh: Anyway, hi everyone! I was hoping to get some advice from those living with parrots in California, specifically Los Angeles. (Feel free to talk about your...
  8. JessAndSky

    Hello from Jess and Sky!

    I got Skyler (Severe Macaw) when she was a baby and I was 15. Now she's 21 and still thriving! We're about to make the move from Virginia to Salt Lake City next week so I've been prepping her for her first plane ride. Any tips would be appreciated! I wrapped her perch in the plane approved...
  9. Nimbus

    Moving/road trip with budgies

    Hey everyone! I've had my two budgies, Sam & Pippin, since March. In those 8 months, we've come a long way together! They readily eat from my hand, love (a select few) veggies, and hop onto my laptop to scream at my online classes. My family will be moving pretty soon, hopefully around the end...
  10. elitys

    16-Hour Move, Need Tips

    I will be moving within 3-4 weeks and my green cheek is coming with me (along with my very old hamster... our car will be a zoo). My hamster is an experienced traveler as far as long car rides go, but this will be my conure's first big ride with me. I have a travel cage, but it's pretty cheap...
  11. Rio72

    Moving with Lorikeet: Advice Needed

    Hello, I wasn't sure where to ask this but eventually found this forum. I am intending to move out of home in just over a year, but need to start looking into this now to decide whether it is safe for me to take my lorikeet with me or if he will have to stay with my mum. I know for some...
  12. Nukavine

    What's best for my bird?

    Soon I'll be going away for college and they don't allow pets. I can choose other colleges that let me stay close enough to home that I can stay with my bird but those colleges don't offer what I want to do. I love Sol dearly but even so he doesn't have the best conditions here. I can't let him...
  13. Zoepr143

    A nine hour roadtrip? Help!

    Hi! :laugh: It’s been a really long time since I last posted but I’m glad to be back! I hope you guys can help me with my upcoming trip. This summer I will most likely be moving to Sweden to move in with my SO. As a parront, I cannot leave my fids behind. My SO and I have been trying to find a...
  14. hrafn

    Pictures Should I take in these two budgies?

    My best friend just sent me a link to a Kijiji ad for two free budgies, and I feel so bad for them. Their human is moving and the birds HAVE to be sold by tomorrow evening, or...well, I don't know the or. But that's all the ad says and it makes me nervous. I wouldn't necessarily keep them, if I...
  15. JenBirds

    Pictures Moving my pets,(Lovebirds) what is best procedure ?

    My husband and I have 10 birds in all.. 6 grown birds and 4 babies. And now were planning to move about two hours away in the Spring time @ April.. Any tips on what to do and not to do? by the time we move the babies will be weaned hopefully, and no longer babies
  16. Mason and Kiwi

    What the heck is she doing??

    Hey guys!! So recently Kiwi, my gcc, has been doing something funny. I think she’s trying to be intimidating, but I’m not sure? I can’t find any pictures or videos of a bird doing it. I told her “no” firmly a few times to stop her from biting something on my bed and after a bit, she stood up...
  17. WallyCockatiel

    How mich time should I take my cockatiel per day?

    Help!! So this week it’s been very busy for our family since we’re moving and I almost never have time for my little buddy. He always chirps/screams to get my attention and he always climbs on the cage walls! He is a wing-clipped 5.9 month old male cockatiel. Please tell me your opinions below...
  18. julietta

    Flying with by Fids (and terrified)

    Hello everyone! After deciding to rescue two IRN's, I made the commitment of becoming their lifelong guardians. I am now moving from Oman (in the Middle East) back to my home country of Canada. It is not an option for me to give them to another family. I am doing everything I can to prepare...
  19. Whoviana

    Major Life Changes

    My marriage is imploding so Sunflower and I are moving in with my grandparents. This will be a major move for her. She has been there before, but never overnight. She will have a night cage in my bedroom, but a day cage in the living room. She normally spends most of the day out of her cage, but...
  20. PrettyBirdy

    Birds, College and foster homes

    Hi! I am a high school senior, and although I am taking a gap year, I am trying to think ahead as much as possible. I have 3 birds: a gcc, a bebe parrot, and a goffins cockatoo. Luckily, my G2 is just as (or more) bonded to my father, so leaving her is no problem. I'll miss her like crazy, but...