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  1. G

    Confusing hormonal cockatiel

    Hello everyone. One and a half years ago I adopted an 8 year old (now 9) male cockatiel called Helge. He spent his whole life in one room with another male cockatiel but almost no interaction with humans or toys. The owner did try to do better but eventually gave up and gave the bird away...
  2. Xoetix

    Male hormones and “girlfriends”

    Tteok has decided, in all his amazing and hilarious sense, that a hand towel hanging on my oven handle is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen before in his life. Not any specific towel, but literally any hand towel that’s in the kitchen. It actually doesn’t even have to be hanging on the...
  3. KJsChicken

    Anyone else getting the spring hormonal time right now?

    Hi I'm still relatively new to bird ownership, and my cockatiel has been hormonal lately. I know theres a period in the spring where birds go a little breeding crazy, so is anyone else experiencing that right now? It feels very early. My bird has also taken a liking to my mom. You know- LIKE...
  4. R


    Hi there. I'm a newbie here and I need yall's help! (Also sorry for any confusions/mistakes, English is not my native language). So 3-4 months ago I bought 2 lovebirds (from a pet shop), they didn't know their gender and I didn't take any DNA tests because I don't know if I can really afford...
  5. M

    How long before cockatiels can safely mate?

    I have 2 cockatiels, both around 7 months old, and they've recently started to mate. I read online that they are too young to mate and it can be unsafe/unhealthy for them and their potential babies so I have separated them. At what age is it safe for them to start mating and making babies?
  6. S


    Hello everyone! I'm new here and I was wondering if it's bad to never let your budgie mate?...like ever I have a female pet budgie and I have no plans on making her mate with another budgie. Your opinions will be very much appreciated. ☺️
  7. Birdman696

    Elegant parrots breeding

    Hi, so a couple days ago I bought a breeding pair of elegant parrots, to stock my aviary that should be finished by the time they’re done with the chicks. And they’ve apparently settled in quite fast as the female has been going in and out of the nest box for the last two days, but not long ago...
  8. FeatheredM

    Mating budgies

    I caught my budgies mating today, but more seriously than before. I've seen them do it before, but they weren't really able to do it correctly. The problem is that if they lay eggs I would like them to hatch, and hand raise them. But I would rather avoid eggs being layed. If I want the egg to...
  9. Nostromo

    Mating Season...

    Our ladybird Zephyr has been ringing in the Spring with thirty minutes to an hour of lusty screaming each morning! Ha! :shocked4: She is also doing her sexy dances for my partner, her chosen mate, and making that little purring/growling "come hither" noise. I've found I'm needing to bath her...
  10. parrotman

    Koki laid 4 fertile eggs, what do i need for baby birds?

    Alright so, my parrots have a nest box in their cages because they were being hormonal and wanting to mate, 10 days later koki laid 4 eggs(all fertile) so I'm wondering what equipment i will need for the baby birds
  11. Csolis22

    No idea what to do with Lovie

    Hi all, I have a single female lovie, who this entire year has shown such weird behavior, she used to lay eggs but now she doesn’t. instead she just regurgitates on every single toy and eats it non stop every other day. I have taken her to the vet every month, and they’ve run every exam...
  12. Csolis22

    Strange Lovebird Behavior

    Hi everyone. I hope someone can bring some light. I take my bird to the vet literally every month at this rate for testing because I pick up on every little weird behavior. and for the past few months (she’s a single female lovebird) she’s been exhibiting extreme mating behavior and...
  13. Csolis22

    Lovebird Regurgitating or Vomiting

    Hello, I have a 4 year old lovie she is a female and I keep her by herself. Lately she’s been enamored with her toys and she’s been hanging on them all day and screaming at them nonstop but yesterday. She hasn’t left her food bowl and keeps eating her pellets all day and getting angry if they’re...
  14. Emma O'Donnell

    Male budgies mating? What to do?

    Hello, I have two budgies, one is about 2.5 - 3 years old and the other about 1 year old. (I didn't know their exact ages when I adopted them). They both display behaviors and physical characteristics of male birds. I will post pictures of them...Oliver, the youngest, has a blue cere. Snowflake...
  15. K

    Mating?! Inbreeding! Or just standing? Please help, moderately urgent (not very urgent as we are unsure of what we saw.)

    My sister saw my 2 cockatiels standing on one another twice. The 1st time Kiwi (for sure male) was nudging lemony (unsure of gender, but most likely female) to move from her perch so that he could cross (they share a cage) then when lemony wouldn’t move he walked over them, lemony- whose nails...
  16. N

    Lovebird's Possible Chronic Egg Laying With Mate

    Hi All! I have a pair of lovebirds that have mated. The female laid four eggs at the end of last month, immediately abandoned them, mated with her mate and is now laying more. I am very worried about her getting sick or eggbound, especially if she abandons these and continues to mate and lay...
  17. Zara

    What a day! My girl is all grown!

    We've had an eventful day, and I don't even mean about the mini mountain of peppers. I have had quite the day with my feathered family. So today, Sydney (my unsexed lone bird) was spreading wings for Jaime, who was happily watching from the top of the cage, while his girlfriend watched from...
  18. diitrex

    Hormonal and VERY BITEY GCC!

    Hi everyone! My GCC is about 1 and a half years old, and as of 3 or 4 weeks ago he started getting... frisky. Having researched GCC mating behaviors, it has come to my attention that he is absolutely decided that my brother is his mate. Which is A: sorta gross and B: super inconvenient because...
  19. A

    Mating cockatiels

    Hi, I am new to this website and i hope I am posting or the right forum, anyways. I have a sort of aviary (too small to be an aviary too big to be a cage) and I have 2 cockatiels (male and female) and a budgie. They have lived together for over a year and they are all ready to mate. This is the...
  20. Fhossain2009


    hello again, i have a quick question. how long does it take for parakeets and cockatiels to mate, not together tho:lol: i have a pair of cockatiels in one cage with a wooden box attached to it and the same thing with the pair of parakeets in a separate cage, and recently i got a male and put...