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  1. S

    kakariki high pitched squeaks

    recently, my kakariki has been making very high pitched squeaks and it’s becoming more frequent. they are completely different to the normal sounds he makes and it’s quite worrying. what could this mean?
  2. S

    feather loss

    my kakariki has been loosing quite a bit of his small feathers from his body. this has happened before and he went back to normal however, i’m still concerned. is it normal for kakarikis to moult? he plucked one of his back tails but the small feathers fall naturally when he flies. do the...
  3. S

    Urgent toe injury

    my kakariki recently lost two of his toes on a door that was slightly closed. there was quite a bit of blood loss and his rubbed it on his body and skin. i think it’s irritating him but i don’t want to give him a bath yet just in case of infection. when should i give him a bath?
  4. S


    my poor kakariki got his toes stuck when my mum slightly closed the door, not fully thank god. He lost a lot of blood and one of this toes is crooked and severed. i think the other toe is slightly cut but it’s too bloody. We tried pouring flour on to stop the blood but everytime he moved around...
  5. S

    Kakariki rehoming

    Unfortunately, i must rehome my beloved kakariki. i’ve had him for over 4 months and i’m gutted. What’s the best place to give him away because i want to ensure he’s happy and well looked after. Also, will he miss or remember me? i don’t want him to be sad. :( Is it difficult for kakarikis to be...
  6. I

    My birds

    Hi I'm feeling horrible my worst nightmare came true so my cola she's a kakarki 1 year old has a habit of staying on top of the door and she was there while a wind pass and the door closed on her bony i got her out at the moment she's so quite but has fly which gave me some hope any advice will...
  7. B

    Conure aviary species mixing?

    So I’m in the process of converting my shed into an aviary, the shed is quite large, and I don’t doubt I could fit in my current birds (4 budgies 2 cockatiels). But I was just wondering how conures are in regards to sharing an aviary with budgies and cockatiels? I’ve been trying to do research...
  8. B

    Possible aviary inhabitants

    I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I’ve been thinking about turning one of my sheds into an aviary, I don’t have measurements but it’s atleast twice as long as my master bedroom. (I know that probably doesn’t help much) but it is fairly large. I currently have 4 budgies...
  9. kingpp

    Most affectionate bird?

    The bird doesn’t have to snuggle with me or nuzzle into my neck, just sit on my shoulder and hang out. I’ve done a lot of research on the care of these birds but I wanted to ask the opinions of actual bird owners on the personality. So which one forms a stronger bond/ is more affectionate...
  10. Y

    Polyuria after head trauma

    I have a 10 mnth old female kakariki who was in an accident 8 days ago - in a real-life version of my absolute worst nightmare, she got under my feet and I stepped on her head. She lost consciousness until we arrived at the emergency vet (about five minutes from the accident, I live around the...
  11. Y

    Should I get my bird a companion?

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here, although I have been conducting research on this forum for several months already. I am the new parent of a red-fronted Kakariki hen, Robot, who is about to reach five months of age. This forum has proved invaluable to me as a new parent, so...
  12. L

    Untamed Kakariki out of the cage! HELP!

    Ok , so today i collected 2 beautiful Kakariki Parakeets.... popped one in the cage no problem.... however ! Mr Houdini managed to escape in under 0.3 seconds. I hadn't even opened the box fully and ping. ... he's now sat on my curtain pole. He's flown around the room several times but after 3...
  13. K

    Kakarikis Feathers

    I own 2 kakarikis, female and male (female shown in my profile picture!) but my male seems to have very ugly, to say feathers. He was like this ever since I purchased him and I think he might be moulting. They are about 1 year old do kakarikis moult when they are 1 year old or if not is there...
  14. Tia Cecilia

    Hi there! Introduction and Pre-Parrot Panics

    So, I'm Tia, I'm a minor and I live in Australia. These past few months, I've been researching and planning (and convincing the parents) to have a companion bird. Just recently I came across two Kakarikis which were accidentally bred by a breeder who lives just a minute away from my place. After...
  15. MsRobs

    Pictures New, proud and fledgling mom of 2 Kakarikis!

    Hi there! My bf and I are the proud owners of Monday and Tuesday, our 2 yellow Red-crowned Parakeets (also known as Kakarikis). This is my first time as a pet owner. My bf and his family had tons of budgies and cockatiels as he was growing up, so he's got much more experience. We've had them...