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  1. Y

    Should I get my bird a companion?

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here, although I have been conducting research on this forum for several months already. I am the new parent of a red-fronted Kakariki hen, Robot, who is about to reach five months of age. This forum has proved invaluable to me as a new parent, so...
  2. L

    Untamed Kakariki out of the cage! HELP!

    Ok , so today i collected 2 beautiful Kakariki Parakeets.... popped one in the cage no problem.... however ! Mr Houdini managed to escape in under 0.3 seconds. I hadn't even opened the box fully and ping. ... he's now sat on my curtain pole. He's flown around the room several times but after 3...
  3. K

    Kakarikis Feathers

    I own 2 kakarikis, female and male (female shown in my profile picture!) but my male seems to have very ugly, to say feathers. He was like this ever since I purchased him and I think he might be moulting. They are about 1 year old do kakarikis moult when they are 1 year old or if not is there...
  4. Tia Cecilia

    Hi there! Introduction and Pre-Parrot Panics

    So, I'm Tia, I'm a minor and I live in Australia. These past few months, I've been researching and planning (and convincing the parents) to have a companion bird. Just recently I came across two Kakarikis which were accidentally bred by a breeder who lives just a minute away from my place. After...
  5. MsRobs

    Pictures New, proud and fledgling mom of 2 Kakarikis!

    Hi there! My bf and I are the proud owners of Monday and Tuesday, our 2 yellow Red-crowned Parakeets (also known as Kakarikis). This is my first time as a pet owner. My bf and his family had tons of budgies and cockatiels as he was growing up, so he's got much more experience. We've had them...