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indian ringneck

  1. mybluebirb

    Urgent weight gain?

    Hello! Ever since my indian ringneck lay eggs last June I’ve been weighing her regularly. After her egg her weight used to be 121-123g in the morning. It was like that until the middle of January where it increased to 126g. However a few days before that I did find her sneakily eating seeds...
  2. mybluebirb

    head shaking “no” and nodding “yes”?! what untaught behaviour does your birdie have?

    Hello! Has anyone else got a bird that does a certain thing that you haven’t seen any other bird do? And it wasn’t taught and just happened…? My indian ringneck shakes her head from side to side in a saying “no” way when she’s grumpy (which is really often these days cos hormones lol) This...
  3. mybluebirb

    Urgent IRN small bump/swelling around one eye

    I recently noticed that my indian ringneck parrot’s right eye has a little pinkish bump near it. here are some pictures of the bump, it’s a very very light pink and is a little swollen around her eye. I really hope it’s just due to her moult, she’s been going though a very tough moult, I’ve...
  4. bonefarm

    Hello from the prairie

    Hi all, I have recently come into owning parrots which wasn't really in my plans but hey! I am enjoying it so far. Ive been lurking on here for about two months and thanks to the Ringneck subforum for making me feel much less insane. Those youtube videos are liars about how velcro new...
  5. AussieBird

    Asiatic Owners, Come Talk with Me!

    So, not knowing of anyone else with a Slaty Head (in a non breeding situation) I am gathering most of my care information from similar species. So if you own any Asiatic parakeet, from an Alexandrine to a Plumhead, I'd love to hear about them and how you care for them! Anything and everything...
  6. Mist.N

    What makes IRNs unique?

    Hello Avian Avenue! This is my first time posting. I adopted an juvenile IRN (probably f) about half a year ago. She's gotten pretty confident and has a lovely and somewhat sassy and stubborn personality. :angelic: I was wondering what experienced IRN parents think makes them different from...
  7. PipParrot

    excitement biting

    so i have an indian ring necked male parrot who has just turned 2 years old. he has this habit of getting over excited when he looks at himself in phones front camera specifically (especially when I am on video calls) and he starts looking at himself, talking, playing around, and then all of a...
  8. nspiro

    Urgent My ringneck seems to be plucking

    Hi, about a month ago I bought my first ever bird, an indian ringneck, his owners had to sell him as they couldn't spend enough time with him and their neighbors would occasionally complain about the noise. Fast foward to now, he lost so many feathers, we provided him with food, attention and...
  9. birbgurl

    My go-to site for anything birb related

    Hi everyone! My name is Jam I’m 33 years old. And your site has been my go to for all my birb questions. I own a cockatoo rescue, Hero (upper beak got bitten off by a macaw when it was a baby) George my green IRN, Steven my racquet tail, Larry my SC, Mikey and Pablo the budgies (found...
  10. Katira

    Why is he biting now and what should I do?

    Hi all! First time poster here! :newhere: I am Katira, I am 23 and an online student, bibliophile and full-time bird nerd. Welcoming all helpful suggestions for me and my two best bird friends!! :irn::heart::bcc: So a little backstory: I was given my IRN :irn: Apple, by a friend who bought him...
  11. O

    Urgent I.Ringneck Help Needed

    Hello! So I recently got a Indian Ringneck as my first pet a week ago, which as ive heard wasnt the best idea bcs of how hard they are to tame. But i do think that i have a disadvantage as this is what mine is like everytime he sees you, he’ll jump all around the cage and start screaming He has...
  12. T

    Aggressive Ringneck

    Hi there! I have an indian ringneck who is 3 years old and got him a little over a year ago. It was a bit rough in the beginning as he has a lot of anger/agression in him but ruled it off as bluffing. Over the year, he’s become very sweet and social (with an obsession of regurgitating and being...
  13. Ninato

    Is it feather plucking and should I be concerned?

    Hii my pet, an baby Indian ringneck (he’s almost 4 months now) has been preening quite a lot and in the last 4-5 days he has been losing quite a lot of feathers (about 6 small feathers a day), there’s no bald spots or blood, he’s been active and acting as he always does, is this feather plucking...
  14. BlueNemo

    Feather Plucking in Indian Ringnecks (IRN)

    Good Afternoon Birdfriends! I hope you’re all well. I got my first IRN last Saturday as a gift for my 25th birthday, he or she has been home with me a week tomorrow; I have tried to ensure that he or she is as comfortable as possible, but can’t help but notice that some of his or her feathers...
  15. BlueNemo

    Nemo & I!

    Good afternoon all, I hope everyone is I recently got my first Indian Ringneck (it’s his first week at home with me tomorrow), he is 4 months old and an absolute stunner (with a lot of attitude), he has a few of his claws missing which does not affect him in any way! Being new to these...
  16. enms

    Help out Blu

    Hello everyone! my baby Blu is around 4 months old and when he got in his cage he was trying out some acrobatics. He hurt his beak a few weeks ago climbing on the cage but I cured it with Neosporin. Now it looks a bit different any suggestions?( note he only goes in the cage to sleep and when I...
  17. birdMama10

    Are IRNs generally cuddly birds?

    I’m a bird mama of two Bourke’s parrots and I love them to death. They are tame and hand trained but Bourkes are not a species that likes to hang out on your shoulder or be on you, give them a kiss, etc. I’ve been wanting a handfed IRN for over a year now and I really want to know if they’re...
  18. parrotman

    Red feather on head, currently molting

    I Found a red feather on rocky's head, he's currently molting as of now, he's been getting all his essential vitamins and minerals, even fish oil as he was plucking, can the red feather be a red flag for something to panic over?, just curious about the red feather
  19. T


    Hi, I have an male Indian Ringneck who just turned 3. I’ve only had him for a year and for the first part of it, he behaved well and was trained to play with his own things. however, in the last half of the year, he started regurgitating on everything that was metallic, reflective or had a...
  20. Angela_2

    Parrot and colours

    Hello. I was wondering if parrots do prefer some colours Tweety is regurgitation and dancing for red stuff. I realized that when i am on my phone then he walkes in such dramatic way, pining his eyes and open his wings for my phone's case because it's red same happened with a red water cap...