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indian ring neck

  1. M

    IRN cage upgrade!

    So I've had my ringneck for around 4 days now and is pretty skittish and freaks out when I go too close to his cage. The current cage has bowls that I have to stick my hand into the cage to change and doing this causing my IRN to go crazy. So I've decided to upgrade to one that has dedicated...
  2. M

    New IRN Help (Feathers & behaviour)

    Hi, So I brought home a IRN 2 days ago, have him in his cage which has ample room for him to grow into. I know he's still getting used to the new environment and will take time to build trust but whenever I go near he cage he starts to fly across his cage. He does the same when I go to change...
  3. R

    Urgent Mithu’s cheek is swollen

    Hi all, Please help!! I am new here and this is my first post. my parrot is 20 years old. Suddenly found out that his right cheek is getting bigger And eye was swollen and teary. I went to local vet and gave him some antibiotics for cold as he was sneezing too. But its been 7days since he is...