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My ring neck and my girlfriend


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My mom 4 months ago decided to get an Indian ring neck,who we called kashmir, the owner told us they were 6 moths old when we got them so they Should be around 10 months old now but I’m not sure if that is their age as I have no reasons to trust their previous owners who clipped his wings quite poorly I think. His cage was in the living room and my mother slowly began to give up trying to train or socialize kashmir as she didn’t seem to be getting very far with it. I have thought them to whistle on Command using a treat and a clicker but that’s it. They screamed a lot and often seemed scared of the commotion that would sometimes be going on in the most active part of the house, dogs barking, people comming in and out right by his cage,etc. Slowly I got more and more anxious of the birds well being so I decided to move him into my room. It is quite a bit more relaxed here then where he was. Because of this me and my girlfriend now spend all day with him trying to keep him happy. The main source of this happiness is from my girlfriend being here. He screams a lot less when she is here and she gives him lots of pets. I assure she only pets him above the neck. I would pet him but he seems to be quite scared off me. He is happier with me then when he’s by himself but he still screams quite a bit especially in the mornings. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem but my girlfriend doesn’t live here so she can’t be here 24/7 like I can. And I’m worried that in a few years when we move out we won’t be able to take him with us, if we live in an apartment, as he is noisy and most apartments don’t allow pets. I’m 17 and I feel like I’ve been given a baby already. Who is mine and my girlfriends responsibility. Will I have to live here until I get a home I can keep him in and he will be me and my girlfriends for their whole life and most importantly is their anyway I can get him to be happier with being with just me or my mom. If I could train him to be happier with just me or my mom I could be less worried and I could have him be happier while my girlfriend isn’t here or if I’m not even here. I just want what’s best for the bird I’m really trying my absolute hardest. Any reply’s would be extremely appreciated. Don’t be afraid to be as blunt as possible. If he Is our baby now and theirs nothing we can do than that’s fine I would just like any advice.


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Welcome to the forum. It's good of you to try to help him. Birds often pick their favorite people and it sounds like your bird picked your girlfriend. But that doesn't mean he can't be friends and get along with other people too. @cassiesdad had an IRN who I believe his favorite person was his wife's brother, who didn't live with them, but just came to visit. Have you looked at any taming or training videos? I like Barbara Heidenreich and her "Good Bird" book: Parrot DVDS | Parrot Books | Parrot Training. You really haven't had your bird that long, so I would just keep working with him. :)


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Hello! I think it is very possible to create a balance between you and your girlfriend in your birds eyes. As you spend more time with your bird and do training, he will become very accustomed to you. You can do it together with your girlfriend too. She can do the commands and you can deliver the treats to start with. Also find a treat that your bird loves and be the only person who gives that treat to him. This will help greatly in balancing your status against your girlfriend in your bird's eyes.

IRNs are loud and I don't believe that it is entirely possible to eliminate screaming in a house environment which isn't very controlled. You somehow end up rewarding it, be it by walking into the room to take something while your bird is screaming or your phone ringing and you picking up and talking, which makes your bird think you are responding to him. So I wouldn't stress on that.

It is great that you are caring for your bird and gathering information. I'm sure you will build a trust relationship in no time.