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indian ring neck

  1. Hello there

    Egg laying questions pls help!

    my 10 year old (?) indian ringneck parrot just layed an egg for the first (and hopefully last) time I think her fondness with her blanket caused this to happen because she treated it like a nest I had no clue what to do I was so worried because she was having trouble laying the egg so I let...
  2. R


    So I got my Indian Ringneck named Ringo about a month ago. He has access to my entire room, but really only sits on top of his cage, and sometimes screams. I fill his bowl with food, and another with water, and another with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. He does not seem interested...
  3. nspiro

    My new indian ringneck is scared of hands

    Hi, this is my first post and I am still learning about avian avenue, but I'm here to stay, that's for sure :) I got my first ever parrot, an indian ringneck, his name is Kiwi he is 4 years old and has had 2 previous owners. I got him yesterday and so far I noticed he isn't afraid of me and my...
  4. M

    Best bird for a beginner?

    Hey everyone. Im new here and I am a minor. I used to own a budgie and 2 diamond doves, but I was very young and the care mostly went to my mom. I have been wanting to get a bird as of late, and have done a bit of research. I have three birds in mind, but I am not sure which would be best for a...
  5. Ctejeda

    Weird clicking?

    My bird does this weird beak opening and closing thing. Is this normal?Video
  6. Z

    Indian Ring Neck not wanting to leave their cage

    I’ve had an indian ring neck for a few months since he was about 2 months old from a breeder. He has done really well since we got him and steps up and loves to sit on my shoulder. The only thing is lately he has not wanted to leave his cage. I will keep the door open and he may come out once a...
  7. H

    African or Indian Ringneck

    Hello! We just got our little Banzai three days ago! When I bought Banzai I was told it was an African. That is what the pet store had it under. (I say it because we are waiting for the DNA test to come back on Banzai’s gender) I posted a picture of Banzai on Facebook and people kept saying it...
  8. Ninato

    Is it feather plucking and should I be concerned?

    Hii my pet, an baby Indian ringneck (he’s almost 4 months now) has been preening quite a lot and in the last 4-5 days he has been losing quite a lot of feathers (about 6 small feathers a day), there’s no bald spots or blood, he’s been active and acting as he always does, is this feather plucking...
  9. S

    HELP my 5 week old Indian ringneck is refusing formula!

    I got him a week ago, when he was 5 weeks old. He was accepting his formula until yesterday when he started to refuse and I gave him small pieces of broccoli, carrot and millets and he ate it, but I’m scared that he isn’t full because he keeps bobbing his head and is making small noise which he...
  10. birdMama10

    Are IRNs generally cuddly birds?

    I’m a bird mama of two Bourke’s parrots and I love them to death. They are tame and hand trained but Bourkes are not a species that likes to hang out on your shoulder or be on you, give them a kiss, etc. I’ve been wanting a handfed IRN for over a year now and I really want to know if they’re...
  11. R

    Jealous of baby conure

    Hey, so I got a baby conure yesterday about 5-6 weeks old and I also have an Indian ring neck who is almost 1 year old and he is extremely curious and gets pretty jealous when the baby is on me. He will fly onto me and try to nip at the baby, of course I don’t let him get that close to get...
  12. O

    newbie Took in an IRN

    hey everyone, We found a fallen IRN and took him to the vet to make sure everything was okay. He just needed some antibiotics and calcium. We decided to take him in, but I have no experience raising a bird. I'm going to need all the help I can get. The veterinarian wasn't clear with the age...
  13. A

    Taking an Indian Redneck Parrot

    Hi, I wanted some advice on my Indian redneck parrot, Buddy. I have had him for 2 months now and he’s 7 months old, however he’s very scared of me still. I know ( from what I have read) this is quite normal and I should be patient. The only thing I have managed to get him to do is go on a perch...
  14. R

    What’s on his feet

    Does anyone know what these are on my 9 month old ringnecks feet. Doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all and is acting normal.
  15. Samuel124

    My ring neck and my girlfriend

    My mom 4 months ago decided to get an Indian ring neck,who we called kashmir, the owner told us they were 6 moths old when we got them so they Should be around 10 months old now but I’m not sure if that is their age as I have no reasons to trust their previous owners who clipped his wings quite...
  16. Kirk667

    Olive ringneck talk?

    Hi I have a olive Indian Rickneck he’s 19 months old and doesn’t say a word I try so hard I talk to him all the time and pay him loads of attention all he does is Squawk and makes other funny noises. Will he ever talk? Or is he just a no talker (either way I love the bones of him)
  17. Angela_2

    Claws trim

    Hi I've got my parrot for nearly for 4 months I trimmed his claws twice once he's started getting used to me a lot. So last time was in the first of the last month and now they've grown tall and i tried to clip them yesterday but he wasn't happy with it and got scared :"( I think his vein grows...
  18. M

    Trust Issues (Indian Ringneck)

    I purchased an Indian Ringneck (6 months old) around 4 days ago and has been in its cage since. Whenever I try to get really close to the cage it starts to frantically fly side to side and also does the same when I try to change its feed. It isn't tame so would like for it to gain some trust in...
  19. M

    IRN cage upgrade!

    So I've had my ringneck for around 4 days now and is pretty skittish and freaks out when I go too close to his cage. The current cage has bowls that I have to stick my hand into the cage to change and doing this causing my IRN to go crazy. So I've decided to upgrade to one that has dedicated...
  20. M

    New IRN Help (Feathers & behaviour)

    Hi, So I brought home a IRN 2 days ago, have him in his cage which has ample room for him to grow into. I know he's still getting used to the new environment and will take time to build trust but whenever I go near he cage he starts to fly across his cage. He does the same when I go to change...