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help wanted

  1. Barnaby Rose

    Thinking about bringing home a new baby :)

    Hey guys... So as the title implies - we are on the brink of bringing a new baby home. Well, not so much a baby.. he is a 4-5 year old male white bellied Caique. His name is Reggie and I am absolutely in love with him.. I just have a few concerns I am hoping someone can help me with. So...
  2. Barnaby Rose

    Female Eclectus 'Calling/Yelling' Vet Advice Not Helping.. Advice...?

    Hi guys... So I'm back again with another problem (typical I know), this time it has nothing to do with my new lil baby Oliver, this is concerning my 2-3 year old Female Eclectus, Emma. So basically here is what's happening. Emma has ALWAYS been a very quiet, very calm and reserved girl, who...
  3. Barnaby Rose

    Having trouble with a new baby Timneh Grey - Please help!

    Hi guys.. so we have had Oliver now for about a month, and have just finished out his 30 day quarantine period, have had all blood work, cultures, CBC and polyoma tests back negative for ANYTHING, so we have had both Oliver (the baby grey), and Emma (3 year old female Eclectus), in the same...
  4. Cocoandgwing


    Hi, all! This is my first post to the Avian Avenue Pet Forum! I have a harlequin macaw (we were still looking when I made the name, not sure how to change my username. I would appreciate anyone helping me with that too.) named Chloe. She can say play games such as peek-a-boo, if you mimic a...
  5. Barnaby Rose

    New Bird, New Species - need some advice please!

    Hey guys... Ok, so I am about ready to bring Oliver home (a brand new baby Timneh African Grey), and although they may seem stupid, I have some quick general questions. So right now we only have one parrot, Emma, and she is an Eclectus, so her diet is very specific. No seeds, no nuts, no millet...
  6. L

    ARE my Cockatiel male or female?

  7. Barnaby Rose

    Who has more than one bird..? Help!

    Ok guys, so sorry to keep posting but this will be the last question filled post for a while I promise! So, we have made the decision to bring home the little baby Timneh African Grey, his name is Oliver. My wife and I have been like 50 times over the last few months and so it is anything but...
  8. Barnaby Rose

    Just about to bring a new baby home - have a question!!

    Ok guys... So my wife and I have decided on an adorable little baby Timneh African Grey boy (actually he kind of chose us), and are going to put our deposit down tomorrow afternoon. We are both SUPER excited, and he will be ready to come home in about a month, give or take of course. Here is...
  9. G

    Alexandrine parrot advice needed :)

    Hi everyone.my name is glen and I love in Halifax Ns. I joined this site as I would love some advice / information about alexandrine parrots. My wife and I are looking to have our first pet bird. We have had other pets thought out the years and currently still have a very relaxed cat who...