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green cheeck conure

  1. F

    Why did he do this? Love bites?

    Hi guys, So the picture I’m going to post is of my hand after getting “preened” by my conure. I was giving him love and scratching his pin feathers like we do every night before bed. He sits under my hand for a bit and it’s just a good way to bond. Tonight he did the TINIEST bites on my hand...
  2. Mason and Kiwi

    My GCC is making a weird noise...

    [Side note: please excuse my legs in the video, I had to record her making the noises while she was on my shoulder!! Just listen to her noises.] Hey, so I just got my green cheek conure, Kiwi, a little over a week ago. We have already bonded pretty well, and I took her to the vet today for a...
  3. F

    Chatty when it’s dark?

    Hi guys! Just curious to know if anyone else has a conure (or bird in general) who talks when it’s dark. By dark I mean the lights are off or they’re under a blanket! My green cheek will cluck and chat briefly during the day, when playing and eating, but nothing gets him going like when he’s...
  4. lillie

    Talk about FIDS

    Hey!! I don't know if anyone's made this before, but whatever! This is just a lil forum to talk about your feathered kids, specifically your conure! Photos are appreciated :) I'll start, I have a 1 yr 7m old green cheek who is... interesting, to put it simply.:roflmao: While he's terrified of...
  5. lillie

    New to the forums

    Hi! Im lillie, I and i have one very spoiled green cheek conure named Toto. Im excited to meet all of you :)
  6. Kristen kneifl

    New Parrent To Forum

    Hello, About 2 months ago, I was reading a local neighborhood post. A woman had found a small parrot and could not locate the owners. Other people had replied already, saying the were rescues or had experience and would take the bird. Without any information, I too replied and offer to raise...
  7. JFin25

    GCC Regurgitating for a Budgie: Normal or not?

    Hello everyone! Something strange happened today and I was wondering if it’s normal that my green cheek conure Korben was regurgitating for his budgie neighbor. I know that birds regurgitating for one another is a normal thing and a sign of bondedness but is it normal (and a good thing too)...
  8. Brenda_H

    Help finding a GCC & Budgie sized perch stand

    I read on here often, but finally broke down and decided to post my question. Has anyone had luck finding a rolling perch that is suitable for a green cheek and budgie? Our little table top perch is tired and we really want them off the table and onto something more portable so I can wheel them...
  9. C

    New member getting a new conure

    Hello! I’m new to this site but not new to bird companions. I have a sassy Blue-Crown Conure named Diego who was born to be a comedian. If you don’t laugh at his antics, he will laugh until you have to join in. His feathered friends are 2 Pionnus Parrots, a male and female, Bruce & Leila. Bruce...
  10. PrettyBirdy

    Depressed, Angry, Hormonal...

    I am... At a loss. I have had Remmy for almost 6 years, since he was not ever a year old. I was with him through his adolescents, through loss of trust, gaining it back.. I am beyond committed to his health and happiness. He has always been...Ornery, you could say. His hormones were always huge...
  11. hrafn

    Pictures Check out this micro-toucan

    Just saw this ad on Kijiji. Who knew toucans looked so much like GCCs? :hilarious:
  12. Karebear

    Need Advice for Respiratory Illness in Conure

    Hello All! This is my first time on this board, and was hoping to get some advice for my lovely 5-year old Green Cheek Conure, Oscar. About one month ago, I started hearing a very faint whistling only occasionally when Oscar got worked up or was moving around a lot, but was otherwise acting...
  13. Bekky

    New rescue babies!

    Decided to go ahead and make a profile since I’ve been reading so many threads! I figured It would be more informative to reach out for direct advice. I just rescued three new babies. Male Rainbow Lorikeet Male Senegal Parrot Female GCC All assumed to be around 6-7 months old and look to...
  14. MChiper

    Green Cheek Conure or Senegal?

    Hi all, I'd like all your opinions. I'm interested in getting a Green-cheek Conure or Senegal Parrot. I have owned birds before, a Sun Conure and an African Grey who unfortunately I had to give up when I moved here (to Ireland) from South Africa. I gave them to a bird sanctuary with huge...
  15. M

    Feeling sadness and guilt. Looking for thoughts.

    *Long read-thankful for any advice* Four weeks ago my life was changed when I brought home my baby conure Billie. Two days ago it changed again when she passed away. She was just four months old, and my heart is broken to pieces. Our little family was me, my boyfriend, and Billie.. who we had...
  16. F

    Crimson Bellied Conure cuddly and playful ?

    Hi guys i want to ask about CBC i had green cheek before and he was so cuddly and amazing, everytime he saw me he was leave his cage and come to cuddle and play with me, now i have CBC 4 month old hand rised, i got him 2 days ago from a breeder and he look so apathetic, he is not moving much...
  17. Aubszoo

    Help this new momma out

    A little background... I had budgies when I was younger, my husband had tiels when he was younger, and we have had a tiel for a year. I've always wanted other breeds. About 3 months ago we decieded to add a sun conure to our home, when we went to meet our baby we fell in love with a green...
  18. diitrex

    My conure is so picky!!!

    I've had my green cheek conure for a few months now. and one thing that i have found is that he will not eat pellets! I've tried him on a few different pellets of varying sizes and shapes and flavours, and they've been all i offer during the day after he had a bit of morning fruits and veggies...
  19. SaffronConure

    Cage recommendations for a Green Cheek?

    Ok so I'll be getting a green cheek in about a month or two, but I'm having a difficult time deciding on a good cage, so is anyone using a specific cage they'd recommend?
  20. M

    The right pet bird for me? - Introducing myself

    Hi, guys! First of all, let me introduce myself! My name is Mariana, but you can call me Mari! I'm 20 years old and I live in Brazil. English is not my mother language at all, so I apologize for any grammar mistakes that I WILL make! I live in an apartment in São Paulo and spend most of my day...