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green cheeck conure

  1. J

    When to Put a Baby in Cage

    Good Evening, I’ve been hand raising my baby green cheek conure, and they are getting very playful and starting to fly (we’re about 6 weeks old atp) my concern is my cage is about 6 feet from floor to ceiling and don’t want baby to fall, i’ve done lots of online research but can’t seem to come...
  2. J

    Pictures 5 Week Old GCC

    Im hand feeding a baby green cheek at the moment and am doing formula 3 times a day, but I would like to know how much pellets/seeds in grams to be offering a day, he eats them and likes them a lot but I don’t want to give to much or to little(all other advice is more than welcome)
  3. J

    Confused at getting one or 2 birds

    Hi there, I've been in the process of looking for green cheek conure and have finally found the mots lovely one. The breeder truly cares for her flock and Im excited to get her. However, the breeder has told me that there was also a baby lovebird raised together with the gcc babies and is...
  4. roxi

    Are Conures Right For Me?

    hey! i just wanted to pop onto this section of the forum to ask a couple of things about green cheeks specifically and their potential compatibility with my family. i know they're known to be nippy, so i was wondering if anyone would be able to go a bit more into detail on how that presents...
  5. roxi

    Bird Loss, Chronic Egg Laying & Potiential Species

    hey. its been quite a while since i last posted on here! i'm desperately sad that i didn't post more regularly, as we have just suddenly and tragically lost our beloved lovedbird, blue. we had been dealing with chronic egg laying problem's, and trying to sort them out through behaviour...
  6. S

    Aggressive GCC, Please Help

    Hello, all, This is my first time on this forum, and I'm looking for some advice. I'm sort of at my wits end and I'm not entirely sure what to do at all. The GCC that is the subject of this forum post is not mine, but belongs to my sister, who is away at college. I will try to make this as...
  7. ConureMum

    Video HELP!! Is This Chick Shivering?

    I'm being told that my chick is shivering, but the gauge says it's at a good temperature, the chick is not wet/moist, and it's in a small closet so there shouldn't be a draft... What's this shaky movement about?
  8. ConureMum

    Conure Chick not Pooing?

    I have a newborn conure chick, it’s been nearly a whole day since it was born and it hasn’t pooed at all. I’ve fed it, it’s been hours and its crop still looks full to me… Help?!
  9. P

    IRN territory training (sad update #4)

    Hi! I have a 10mo old F Indian/African Ringneck hybrid and a couple of months ago we added a green cheek (M 3mo old) to keep her company while my partner and I are at work. After quarantining them, we brought their cages into the same room. They are practically the same model cage, so look quite...
  10. ConureMum

    Brooding Conure Chick - Seeking Help & Tips?

    I managed to hatch a Green-Cheeked Conures chick that was abandoned by the mother. I've been doing a lot of research about baby care since the mom laid her eggs, but I wasn't all that prepared to raise it myself (w/ no help from mother bird), so I'm hoping to get tips about raising it. It...
  11. S

    I need help choosing a new conure (crimson bellied conure owner's give me your advice)

    Last year I was going to get a new bird but because of some personal issue, I had to give up the crimson I was just about to buy. Now that that personal issue have cleared up and I have most of the stuff needed for the conure (cage, toys, bowls), I started looking for some hand reared conures...
  12. C

    Conure thin, but otherwise healthy

    Hi there! I’ve got a 6 year old green cheek named clover, and I’ve found that his keel bone is especially prominent. His activity, diet, etc have all been good, as I always see him eating and playing and chatting. I recently took him to the vet and they did a physical- he seems perfectly healthy...
  13. I

    question about breathing in conure

    hello, i have had my conure for a little over 3 years now and recently i’ve noticed his chest rising and falling frequently when he breathes, i know of respiratory infections in conures but his tail is no bobbing, he eats and drinks and poops fine, no sneezing or coughing or open beak breathing...
  14. E

    New GCC

    Hi, first time bird owner Dunno if I’m posting in the right thread tree but here goes. I recently brought home an 8 month old Green Cheek who was hand fed, hasn’t been sexed yet, so I’ve just been calling him he or Archer. The Aviary I got him from insisted on clipping him but I intend on...
  15. S

    Lemon essential oil

    I have a two-year-old green cheek and a mouse has taken up residence in our house. I have tried three different traps and several different baits and have yet to catch this mouse. I've come across several posts that lemon essential oil is a good repellant. It suggests mixing a few drops in...
  16. T

    Urgent Conure eye Injury Help

    Hi there, My 14 year old green cheek conure, Toot, flew into the side of the table a week ago and badly injured his eye. I took him to the vet, they dye tested his eye, and told me that it was just badly bruised and essentially a black eye. I was given pain medication to help for a few days...
  17. S

    4 1/2 month old Conure molting?

    Hi all, my almost 5 month GCC appears to be molting. I am concerned because it seems so young. He’s been losing a fair amount of the fluffy down feathers for no apparent reason (no plucking, and even when he’s not grooming). Behavior wise he doesn’t seem out of the ordinary- sleeping as usual...
  18. V


    I just recently took in a young conure (born in January 2023). I am not sure of his color as I am sure it’s more dull than its supposed to be with the evidence of black barring. It is super friendly but a little skittish. I have gotten him to step up onto my fingers with using safflower seeds...
  19. N

    First post! My new buddy!

    Hi just want to share my new bird. Don't have a name and don't know the sex but I just go with he until I know lol. Apparently he's a high red pineapple green cheek conure so a type of mutation from a cinnamon and yellow sided according to the internet. He's 2 months old and a very sweet bird I...
  20. C

    Green Cheek Conure eggs both fertile and infertile

    Hello! I have a bit of a weird situation. I have 3 green check conures that are bonded together. What I thought were 2 males and 1 female, have laid 10 eggs. 5 are fertile and 5 infertile. 2 (1 confirmed DNA tested female) are acting the same while the male (not DNA tested but witnessed...