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green cheeck conure

  1. S

    Change in my conure behaviour

    Hi I'm Sasikumar. I'm a new pineapple conure owner and he is around 5 weeks old and on handfeeding. I have a previous experience of owning budgies. My conure (Coco) was initially a bit noisy. Whenever I used to get him out to hand feed, he will be very noisy. Yesterday while he was trying to get...
  2. Baileybea

    A few questions for my Green Cheek Conure (long post, mental health/OCD)

    Hey guys! I’ll admit, I’ve been very stressed out lately. I’ve been having a lot of health issues (physical AND mental) which led to me realizing that I need to step up my game when it comes to caring for my green cheek Conure, Momiji (Momo). This is gonna be a LONG one, so thank you in advance...
  3. T

    Parrot hut ideas

    Hi all! My GCC has had a happy hut for 9 years now. It's canvas on the outside and some fluff on the inside. I've trimmed off most of the fluff a long time ago and he only uses it for sleeping and doesn't chew on it, however, I still prefer to consider alternate solutions occasionally because I...
  4. Citrine

    Hello from me and Roger!

    Hello and Happy New Year! I've been peeking at this forum for a while and finally decided to join! I only have one bird, my little Green Cheek Conure, Roger! She just turned 8 years old, and she's the cutest lil loud thing. I got her when she was about 3 months old, and they said she was a...
  5. Grace_F

    Pictures Lighting

    My Green Cheek Conure’s room doesn’t get as much light as I would like. I’m thinking about adding some kind of supplemental Lighting, because I feel that it would improve his mood and appetite/general wellbeing. Avian specific lights might be good? I’m thinking of angling it so it kind of hovers...
  6. M

    Good idea?

    Hello everyone, Im in quite a situation. Ive been looking at getting a green cheek conure for years now and im finally in a position to make it happen. I found someone local looking to rehome their 3 year old bird and its exactly what ive been looking for. The issue is that im going to be...
  7. N

    She's really angry and I want to help her

    Hi! I have a green cheek conure baby that's 4 months and a half old more or less, I have her since she's been 20 days old so I basically raised her. I have other types of birds in my house and we are aware of everything and how to give them the best life ever. She's very cheerful and...
  8. D

    How do I get my birds to get along?!?

    Please help ! I have two green cheek conures and they are not getting along. I got Kanye first and he is going to be 1 in Oct I had him for about 5 months and I just got Pete about 1 month ago. Kanye is a cinnomon green cheek and pete is a regular green cheek. pete i got from a store that isnt...
  9. SGonnelly9

    Green cheeked conure

    Hi, I have a 3 month old green cheeked conure, over the last day or two his voice has changed, it went from being a high pitch loud noise to a medium pitch low sounding noise, he seems to be breading g and eating fine, can anyone help me? I am concerned about him, also he doesn’t want to be...
  10. L

    Seek and Destroy.

    Hi, I am new to the group and this is my first post. I have had birds for a long time and think I know their body language pretty well. I have a new Green Cheek Conure, he’s 12 weeks old. He’s been hand reared but I don’t think handled too much so he is hand tame. Not silly tame. The baby...
  11. T

    Green cheek conure all of suddenly afraid of me

    Hello! I adopted my Green Cheek Conure, Sparky, 2 years ago from my sister. He doesn't get along well with other people, and was attacking me a LOT in the beginning. But I finally got him to get comfortable around me to the point where we cuddled every night. But a couple months ago I got them...
  12. britbrat

    Trying to not rehome 4yr old GCC

    I have been following this forum for five years now, it's actually the forum that helped me when I was just learning about birds and what kind would be best in my home. Four years ago I brought home a six month old GCC that the breeder described as 'wild' because she was unable to interact with...
  13. bobocon

    Pictures Bite pressure training is the best thing

    Can’t believe Bo has gone from drawing blood yesterday to measuring his grabs today. We’ve been playing and having scritches, he just didn’t understand the strength he has in that tiny body :cloud9: Dealt with a few painful bites today but totally worth it to teach him!
  14. A

    GCC’s feathers are ragged and dull

    Hi everyone! My green cheeked conure ‘Blippi’ (named lovingly by my little nephew) has lately had some issues with his feathers. His feathers seem a bit ragged and dull. I have no idea why. Please send help!
  15. J

    Green Cheek conure odd behavior

    So my green cheek conure is doing a new, weird behavior. She's around 4 years old. She has a furry tent in her cage that she sleeps in but recently at random times of the afternoon she goes in the tent and is kind of laying or in a weird position making a constant weird noise. The noise is tough...
  16. Cheekyboy

    green cheek conure displays of aggression?

    Hello all, I have a 1 1/2 year old male green cheek conure that I believe is showing signs of hormonal aggression towards one specific member of my household as well as outside visitors. When we first got him he was good with everyone for the most part, up until several months ago when what...
  17. Haydenb

    Considering getting a second GCC

    Hi; I have a one-year-old GCC & I want to get another one when or shortly before I move out of my parent's house. The first reason is that I love birds & feel like I'd be comfortable taking care of two birds, the second is because my girlfriend and I will be moving out of my parent's house...
  18. B

    My GCC is afraid of hands

    Hi everyone, I’ve had Joey, my green cheek Conure for 5 months now and I got him when he was 10 week old. We let him roam around the house (supervised) and he is in his cage only when we are not home or when it’s his bedtime. He has always been very friendly with everyone and definitely not...
  19. birdbeaks

    baby green cheek finally home!!

    hey everyone! as most of you know, i’ve been posting on this forum for awhile now about my new baby green cheek. well, i finally got him!! he’s home with me now. his name is baz and he is seriously such a sweet baby. i got him about three days ago now and he’s already stepping up! he’s so...
  20. birdbeaks

    just saying hi :)

    hi everyone! just welcoming myself to the site :) getting a babyboy green cheek soon!!! super excited, and cant wait to share with you all!