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  1. K

    Pictures Does my canaries feet look normal?

    Hi, I’m a new canary owner, I have more experience with parrots, normal birds however, I’m new to, I was just worried about if the skin on my canaries feet look normal to anyone?? It’s such a random question but I just got super worried as her feet look very scale-y, she’s not having much issues...
  2. Diveks

    Urgent Finch with bumblefoot?

    So i got an older finch a few days ago and he is in quarantine right now. He is not using one of his legs much, I also see a growth, im not sure if this is bumble foot or something else. I don’t want to stress him out too much and catch him over and over again although i will if needed. How do I...
  3. AussieBird

    Continuation of LJ's Health Stuff

    The poor guy looked like misery today :( I am hoping he's just still recovering from his appointment yesterday. He'll probably be going in again soon, maybe Friday unless he doesn't improve tomorrow. For those who haven't been following his medical stuff LJ has been the vet twice in the last two...
  4. AussieBird

    Pictures LJ’s Cage Set-up

    @Zara suggested I do this thread so here. Lemon Jade (goes by LJ) is a estimated 8-9 year old male budgie. Recently he started having issues with his feet (pressure sores and mild bumble foot), the sores have since clear up but I am in prevention mode now. I believe the root of his issues is...
  5. M


    Hi everyone, looking for wisdom on possible gout in my little Winston. Went to the vet yesterday due to some odd lumps on his toes, discomfort on perch. Dr. Prescribing antibiotic for inflammation and also pain meds for two weeks. Does not think it is bumblefoot, possibly gout. This is a budgie...
  6. A

    Urgent bird standing on one foot

    recently Shenron has been into a bad accident with falling to the floor of his cage and it looked like he was in a state of shock and two of his back nails of his left foot broke off. i took him to the vet right away and they said that he's find and nothing seems broken but he's just in the...
  7. AussieBird

    Feet problems -Any advice?

    I don’t often post about my flocks health, but I could do with some advice. A little over a week ago LJ started acting different. He was not acting sick just different. Extended periods of napping laying down. Otherwise acting normal. Yesterday I checked his feet and they look red and slightly...
  8. A

    Urgent Injured cockatiel

    I've had a cocktail for almost 6 months now and he came with an injured wing that won't let him fly and hel will never be able to but he tries to ans hurt it more and I don't know what to do to stop him from trying to fly since he will never be able to again. Also he has 3 toes on one foot and 4...
  9. cinnamon

    Urgent Feet Problem in Cockatiel

    hello my cockatiel is 9 months old and at the time this problem started he was 5 months old. in the beginning of january he got his foot caught in the bottom of his cage and got this injury he started limping and we brought him to the vet they said nothing was wrong. here’s a photo of his feet...
  10. fancydance

    Bird foot help

    My bird has not got a very good grip on my finger and the perch and keeps falling to the bottom.. I am worried about her. Any help to improve foot strength?
  11. PippinLovebird

    Biting Feet?!

    So, Earlier today, My cockatiel Sunny was sitting in her cage and consuming some millet, just as my lovebird flew on the outside of her cage and climbed down to where the millet was and started eating it with her. She was on the inside.They looked so happy! He was tweeting and flapped his wings...
  12. hrafn

    Helping Taco build up strength in his feet?

    Presumably because he spent over a decade with only a single (cockatiel-sized, dowel) perch in his cage, which forced his toes to constantly overlap, Taco's grip in his feet is about as powerful as the average marshmallow. Though he does okay when it comes to traversing his cage and getting...
  13. Zara

    Pictures Do I have a foot problem?

    Hi guys, I have a slow growing Roseicollis, hatched 22.Dec.2018, he is 37 days old. The others in the clutch are almost fully grown and are leaving tomorrow. The youngest wasn´t being fed from 5 days old, I stepped in, he lived in the nest but was fed by only myself. He looks about 1.5weeks...
  14. Elyse

    Sun Conure’s Foot is Red?

    hello! So lately (since yesterday) I have noticed my 5 month old sun conure Skylar’s one foot is red. It looks kind of irritated but I don’t know. He spends a lot of time on the sides of his cage. I believe this is because he is a baby and doesn’t quite grip the perch well yet. Anyway I was...
  15. QuakerCracker

    Peeling Feet

    hi, I have a 5 year old female Quaker and I noticed the bottom of her feet are peeling slightly and possibly a sore or two. Recently I changed her food, it was rowdy bush pellets and now it is a mixture of diff. seeds and dried fruit. But she doesn’t eat the fruit. So is it because I changed her...
  16. sjalfsmord

    Lovebird.. Lovedog?

    Hey everyone, I hope it's the right place to post this. It's been nearly three and half months since I bought my lil watermelon lovebird (he's nearly 7 months old) but..he seems to act different than other lovebirds I see on social media. He's scared of my fingers, but he doesn't just fly...
  17. Cockatango

    Pictures Weird feet

    It took me a while to notice that Tango's feet don't match. Then it was the vet who said she also doesn't have claws at the back. Has anyone got any tiels who are similar? And why do you think Tango has this (unfortunately I think it might be down to inbreeding :sad14:)
  18. McBird

    foot issues?

    Leaf had this visible on his foot before we went to the vet. it wasn't there when we were there but I finally captured it on camera. he has: - a rope perch - two pedi-perches - an edible perch - four wood perches he also has various toys to sit on and two swings. no dowels, nothing that's too...