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  1. S

    Hormonal male feeding water bottle

    So, I've got a weird one. I have a 26 year old male Eclectus that I've had since he was a baby. He's super neurotic but wonderfully social and funny in all the weird Ekkie ways. He's always been somewhat hormonal, but he is went through a pretty rough chronic hormonal period about 10-15 years...
  2. haze

    How to get weight up?

    My senior rescue conure has finally become comfortable enough that I’m able to touch him without him being too fearful. Yesterday I got the chance to feel his body condition, and he feels extremely thin, like I could feel the entire keel bone sharply. I have been feeding him only pellets (which...
  3. bug_inarug

    Automatic feeders for birds?

    Hi everyone! I was navigating the internet the other day and came across these automatic/digital pet feeders that you can control through your phone, even when you’re away. As I live in shared custody and am away half the time, I was curious if this would be a viable option for feeding my birds...
  4. flyzipper

    Head-shake anti-mess-iffier (ideas for containing food-related mess)

    I debated putting this image in one of the funnies threads, but it ended up here -- hoping it might stimulate some ideas for containing food-related mess. Currently I just hold a large inventory of paper towel, but have been thinking about building a stainless steel feeding station using...
  5. flyzipper

    Journal - Should zoo foods be chopped (macaws)

    Thought this was interesting (emphasis below is my own)... Abstract Globally, many zoological collections provide their animals with diets that are chopped into small chunks, yet there is limited empirical research to measure the benefits of this practice. Preparing chopped diets takes...
  6. T

    Birdie Smoothies

    I have previously read in this forum about feeding caiques with fruit and veggie "smoothies" with lots of spinach, kale, banana, apple, grapes and having a thick consistency but with no "recipe". Do you just whir all in a blender w water or no water. Does anyone have a recipe they'd too share...
  7. Moonbabi

    Mousebird weening

    Hello everyone I was hoping I could get some advice with weening my baby mousebirds please. They should be well over 21 days old, but they struggle to eat on their own most of the time. (photo just to show you hoW cute they are)
  8. J

    Urgent Sour crop/air filled

    I recently had to take care of unweaned baby cockatiel, about 21 days old. I fed it Harrison’s formula and made sure the temperature was correct and everything. The chick’s crop hasn’t fully emptied in about 15 hours, even though it’s droppings are normal. I just gave it three drops of acv in...
  9. YoshiFloof

    Feeding Help?

    So, my three year old GCC, Yoshi has been eating generic stuff from the store. Are there any places I can get bird supplies that are actually RELIABLE? Are there any reccomended brands of food? OF course, I'll get him pellets to eat
  10. Komsur

    Budgies need to Eat their Fruit and Veggies! How can I make mine love them?

    Hi, I've had my birds for over a year now, but they rarely touched the fruit/veg I put down for them daily. They will, sometimes, clear the fruit bowl (which is separate to the regular seed bowl), but that's rare. Most of the time they'll eat one or two pieces and that's that. They don't...
  11. niamhk

    conures feeding each other

    i finally have taken my other green cheek out of quarantine! i introduced them yesterday and today he’s fallen in love with my other green cheek Emi! they are trying to feed each other already and i’m not sure what i should be doing about that. they like to groom each other a lot too. they seem...
  12. B

    Cleaning Cockatiel Chicks

    Hi All My Name is Bassam and I am not quite experienced with birds but I really love and care for them. So, Recently I bought 2 Cockatiel Chicks currently days 27 days old, the issue is there is stiff food on their crop feathers when I brought them in. I would appreciate recommendation on how...
  13. SleepyTiel

    Feeding Schedule?

    Hi everyone! I have had my cockatiel, Delilah for about two months now and she is such a wonderful bird but still not hand tame and is on a full-seed diet. I want to eventually switch her over to pellets but as I am self-isolating for the foreseeable future, I am instead trying to get her to eat...
  14. Tieldove

    Mood & feeding

    Hi everyone, I acquired my cockatiel 2 weeks ago and they said he was about 5 weeks old. The woman I got him from purchased him from a breeder that sells their cockatiels not yet weaned. I have cared for many other animals before and I also have been researching all the info I can to make...
  15. A

    Eating Quirks?

    Is your bird ever....weird...when they eat? My GCC cant seem to just sit still and eat. I know conures are known for being little clowns but he has like....a little pattern that he does lol. Is this normal? Anyone else have these little quirks? Tried to post a video but it didnt upload for...
  16. B

    Conure chick refusing food and vocalizing

    Hi, I have a GCC chick, 4.5 weeks old. He is starting to take less at each feeding (fed 4X/day). He has a strong feeding response initially (bobbing), mouths occasionally (like swallowing/tonguing like adult, which I've read is normal in slow hand-fed birds), then after about 5-7 cc's, usually...
  17. Rainbowings

    New to Lovebirds + baby birds... Help!

    Hi there! I am relatively new to birds in general. My mom did have a family parrot when I was a kid & I had 2 parakeets- but being a kid my mom did most of the work! Last year I got a pair of lovebirds. Not gonna lie- it was a knee jerk kinda thing & that was irresponsible. The parents were...
  18. Atomiklan


    I know I have been down this road before, but I need some tips again please. Lada (female eclectus) is again getting broody. She laid an egg again yesterday. Last time was a few months ago... so not good in terms of span. The egg laying is not the problem though. She is and has been for quite...
  19. Pip and Gracie

    My bird wont eat

    I got my bird from the shelter about a day and a half ago and she hasn't eaten since then. I put some millet and some yogurt bird treats to try to entice her but she hasn't really eaten it. I'm getting worried and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on getting parakeets to eat.
  20. J

    Conure friendly plants?

    I'm growing some veggies in containers and recently got a hold on some container variety of pea, it grows very short and bushy with small pods just about 2-3 peas each. My GCC loves peas! I used to give her whole pods last summer. I was wondering, though, if it was okay to give her access to the...