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  1. peaches13

    Plucking or molting?

    Hello, Today I found that there are no hairs on the inside of my bird's right wing. My bird seems to be molting right now, and his age is still less than a year. So I'm thinking my bird is molting. However, I would like to know your opinion if it seems that my bird is plucking. I will attach...
  2. Kiwi's Mom

    Pictures Do budgies tails' get longer each molt?

    I couldn't find an answer on Google, so I decided to post my question here. I was sorting Kiwi and Blizzard's molted feathers, when I noticed the the older long tail feathers are noticeably shorter than the ones more recently molted. I also noticed that Kiwi's tail has always been at least a...
  3. A

    My bird has some feathers sticking out?

    My baby Apollo (sun conure, seven months) has always had some feathers that stick out on his head. They don’t seem to be hurting him and when we took him to the vet after we first got him she didn’t say anything about them. He’s already molted once and the feathers continue to stick out. Is this...
  4. S

    Ankle pain (attacks) and Deteriorating Feathers - Help!

    My male White Bellied Caique 'Loki' is 9yo. About 6 months ago he began visciously attacking his own ankle (mostly the right one); unprovoked screaming and biting hard enough to cause lacerations (we intervene quickly - now wears collar; unable to wean). Around the same time I noticed his...
  5. F

    Black primary feathers?

    Hey everyone, My green cheek is almost two and has periodically gotten one or two feathers with black edges on him. However, as of this month I’ve noticed that although his other affected feathers have seemed to return to normal, the black pigmentation is now occurring on his primary feathers...
  6. Scarlet&Annie

    Is this normal for the feather shaft?

    I saw her tail shafts looks funny. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. She WILL NOT hold still for me to look at it look enough. I'm super frustrated and concerned. What is normal for the tail feather shaft anyways? Google provided me with no answers. Sorry for the meh photos, it was...
  7. F

    Urgent Strange feathers on cockatiels cheek.

    Hi everyone, can someone help me out with a cockatiel feather issue? My cockatiel, who is about 9, started growing cheek feathers (and by cheek I mean, right next to her beak, where the beak meets skin), that are almost crusty. The feathers do not form. They turn into these crusty little...
  8. LexiTheEck

    Normal Feathers for Recovering Plucker

    Hi All, My name is Sean. I adopted a female Grand Eclectus named Lexi. She will turn 15 this year. My only previous experience was with Conures, and Cockatiels. She was plucked bare on her entire body, under her wings, & on top from the front back to where her flight feathers start...
  9. M

    Black feathers on WBC’s head?

    My white bellied caique (11 years) is starting to grow in some black feathers on his head. Does anyone know what causes this and if it is normal? He is very hormonal right now and currently receiving Lupron shots for that, so I’m wondering if it could be a hormone thing for caiques.
  10. R

    My newly adopted Indian ringneck has feather loss and very thin quill

    Please help. I recently adopted this little angel from a cousin of mine, who rescued her from an abusive family. This birdie was locked up in a tiny cage with little food and no toys. She wasn't allowed out the cage either. Now after I adopted her, I took her to the vet and the doctor assured...
  11. cinnamon

    Pictures Blood Feathers on my 5 Month old

    hello! so i’ve had my cockatiel for 3 months now! he is 5 months old and his name is cinnamon. he is molting right now and i was wondering is it okay to pinch off the white end of the pin feather if it’s not done growing? not pinch off the growing part the white part. because his pins are...
  12. N

    Rough feathers

    Hi all, I got a new baby last week. She’s 11 weeks old n full of love. It didn’t even take 10 mins for her to bid with me. When she came home, I noticed that her feathers looks bit weird to me. The are rough in appearance n have this weird split ends. Has anyone seen this in their cockatiel...
  13. AkasyaEllric

    IRN Feathers Changing Color

    I know typically a color change should mean a vet visit but this guy, Idris, is my parents bird otherwise I would be taking him with me for Ollie and Diggle's appointment Friday. He use to be the bright blue all over his body but during his latest molt he's been turning gray, and in a lot of...
  14. Mo Amjad

    Ringneck growling and attacking his own feathers

    Hey guys my ringnecks seems to sometime growl Kind've aggressively and looks like he is attacking himself while preening should I be worried?.
  15. Willzan

    Urgent Broken feather

    Hello everyone. I have an issue with my bird, so today when i came home i saw that my Blue and Gold Macaw had dripped some bloodstains on a perch and a little bit on the floor of the cage. It was not much at all as i just cleaned tha cage so it was just a few drops. When i checked him i saw that...
  16. Hoshi

    Bird's feathers molting before they are completely preened

    Today my bird molted a second feather that didn't look like it was ready to be molted, as the shaft wasn't preened down all the way. I'm a little concerned because my bird was clipped as a baby and should have just grown these flight feathers in, but is already losing them. (IRN, 13 months) the...
  17. Dragonloverjas

    Pictures Weird coloured feathers

    so my female eclectus plucks a bit, (it’s not very bad) and I have noticed that she has a lot of green and blue at the end of her wings. I think this is visible because of her plucking, as it isn’t visible on the other wing. I would like to know if anyone can tell me what’s wrong? I know that...
  18. Dostc426

    What Is Your Opinion On Blood Feathers?

    Hello everyone! I have endured several years of my sun conure being incredibly clumsy, and as a result, fractured/broken blood feathers amuck! At first we were extremely worried about them and would pull them out immediately more out of fear than for logic's sake. However as the years have gone...
  19. Tari&Miguel

    Urgent Weird feathers

    Miguel my cockatiel molts weird. His feathers must be damaged at the follicles???
  20. F

    GIANT white feather?

    Hello everyone! My green cheek conure is about a year old now. Since I’ve had him he’s had a single white/yellowish stubby feather at the base of his tail, it seems to be growing but at an extraordinarily slow speed and seems to be fluffy and life it’s growing right out of this skin (never seen...