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  1. A

    Concern over feather

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can give me an idea with my cockatiel. I got him only a few weeks ago and has had a blood feather after he bumped into something while flying around. The blood feather is now gone, and he seems to have healed nicely since then. However, as he flapped his wings...
  2. N

    Abnormal feather

    Hi, I have an 8yr old alexandrine parakeet. She has a deformity in her feathers from birth, in which some feathers would grow out twisted and is very painful for her. We have contacted some local vets and they don't have much idea on how we can cure her. It would be great if anyone here have any...
  3. McBird

    AA artists?

    I'm looking (for myself and my mom) for feather art. we have: a Cockatiel, Senegal, and Sun Conure. we're interested to see what's out there and what's going on with feather art. whether it's painting on feathers or using feathers to sculpt a bird (in a way). thanks a bunch, guys!
  4. McBird

    maybe molt time? :o

    looks like I'm about to start my feather collection!! I wonder how many baggies I'll end up with. :cool:
  5. taxidermynerd

    Chirp hurt himself, again!

    So this knuckle-head we all call Chirp has hurt himself yet again! I'm not sure why or how, but he dropped his longest tail feather. I checked and sure enough, he was bleeding! I pulled out my first aid kit and clean the area with a wet cotton ball. Then INSTEAD of styptic powder (I've...
  6. M

    Cockatiel feather plucking (scratching with beak) back feathers

    A while ago she was laying dozen eggs but she has stopped. I'm now seeing her scratching (with her beak) the back feathers mostly. I think it's called "feather plucking" but she's not bald or have bare skin. I have seen some feathers on the floor and on the cage. And, one or two feathers still...
  7. frogfoot

    Feather question

    I think I've noticed that Ruby's feathers break down more than normal. When she is preening she leaves a LOT of dust and feather fragments which I think is atypical based on comments from other Ekkie owners. She doesn't barber her feathers or anything and has full plumage, but whenever she loses...