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  1. Rio&Molly19

    Dented egg..help please

    im so sad.. my molly laid another egg earlier this morning. everything seemed great until i checked on the eggs a few minutes ago. It has some serious dents but is not cracked open. should i leave it or take it out? Im honestly so sad that this eggy wont make it..
  2. Zara

    No more!

    Hi guys, I´m currently researching and finding information on how to reduce or stop egg laying. My untame hen Aldora is a machine, she never stops laying and it can´t be healthy. I found her on Oct 3 2017 on my doorstep. So she´s been with me a year and 3 months. Age unknown - no ID band. She...
  3. TwoGreenFids

    Help! We've got eggs!

    Oh dear!! We had thought Popsicle was too young to lay eggs, and weren't expecting any since she and our male (Habibi) have never figured out the whole mating thing. But here we are! I've found two eggs, both in separate places, and both smashed. The one seemed to have caved in on itself...
  4. S

    Pictures i don’t know if my lovebird egg is gonna hatch

    i need help, my beautiful lovebird laid 3 eggs, 2 of them are infertile and one of them look like it’s fertile but i don’t know if it’s going to hatch.
  5. Atomiklan

    Pictures Interesting nest situation

    So I went ahead and let Charlie & Emma nest. I am not going to re-explain or justify my reasons. You can read about them in my last post here: Charlie & Emma | Avian Avenue Parrot Forum Things have developed into a rather strange situation and I'm curious if anyone has experienced this before or...
  6. haze

    She Laid an Egg!

    Pascal laid an egg this morning! Unfortunately, it was cracked when I found it, but I took it out of the cage to dispose of it and just out of curiosity, I cracked it the rest of the way in a bowl, and it was fertilized! (You can tell because fertilized eggs have a small whitish dot on the...
  7. Atomiklan

    Second clutch

    So Charlie & Emma are on their second clutch (at least since arriving home with me) and interestingly enough, Emma decided to only lay 6 eggs this time. I know you may be asking, "I thought you weren't going to let them lay eggs this time?" Originally yes, that was the plan, but then I thought...
  8. EthanBoha


    My "male" lovebird Romeo laid an egg. I know now that she's not a he. So I got my lovebird Romeo 3 years ago, when i got them the people that we got Romeo from said that she/he had a mate named juilet (of course) was supposed to lay eggs but she had died in the process. Then thats when we took...
  9. Atomiklan

    At it again...

    Charlie and Emma are at it again. Emma laid her first egg of her second clutch today. I was originally planning on replacing eggs this time right out of the gate, but actually, I think I will let her lay all her eggs again one more time. I am curious to see if she stops right at 7 again. Third...
  10. Atomiklan

    Pictures Dummy Eggs

    Got the official dummy eggs in the mail a few days ago. Have not used them yet. Still letting Emma lay her full first ideal size clutch (see other post for explanation). When I got the eggs out of the packaging though, I was a little disappointed. Now I know probably 99.98% of you here are going...
  11. FinchCanary

    Urgent She laid an underdeveloped egg!

    Our girl canary laid an egg with no shell on it. Obviously we're worried she has a nutrient deficiency. We feed her a rich variety of leafy greens and veggies everyday, but she can be quite fussy. For example, whenever we put broccoli in for them she won't touch it. She's okay with...
  12. C

    New and in need of advice

    Hi! I found a great tailed crackle egg in my front yard. I have no way of finding it's nest. What do I so with it especially if it hatches?!
  13. B


    hello, i am this accounts owners friend and will be posting this on hers since i dont have an account yet and this is an urgent matter. and i have 2 budgies. originally i had one budgie, snowie and then got another budgie, sunnie. at first i thought snowie was a boy because i got him when he was...
  14. Veggielover

    Smart egg layer

    So, my pearl pied cockatiel layed her second egg ever today. The first had a hole in the egg. So marshy took some paper that I had put in the cage and closed the egg's hole with paper and water. I'm beyond amazed at how intelligent this little bird is. Have any of you experienced anything...
  15. M

    Hello!!! I just joined & have some questions about abandoned Dove eggs!

    Good afternoon! My husband I noticed a few doves in our palm tree a few weeks ago in a nest, there was always a dove on it. Today is cold here & I haven't seen the Doves for a few days. I peeked at the nest (first time) and there were 2 eggs in it. we waited a couple hours and have still not...