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  1. R

    Lorikeet egg damaged

    My female scaley lorikeet laid two eggs recently. One was fertile and one was not. They were laid around 26th of November I checked the egg two days ago and it looked good but when I checked today the egg is damaged and the baby is dead. I'm not sure what happened? Has anyone else had experience...
  2. T

    Egg-Laying Cockatiel

    Hello, I have a female cockatiel that i rescued (have no history) in January 2023, and she has laid 2 eggs (each one day apart). Unfortunately she has decided her nest spot is the crevace in my desk and is incubating the (unfertilised) eggs there, and will not eat or drink (without me hand...
  3. mybluebirb

    Urgent weight gain and firm chest??

    Hello! My indian ringneck parrot layed 2 (infertile) eggs early last month, it was her first time and it was soo stressful for me! :sad11: Ever since then, I’ve been weighing her regularly to notice any changes in her weight. I’ve found that when she wakes up she’s 121g, and by the end of the...
  4. P

    Urgent Egg emergency?

    I’m not very familiar with this platform so please forgive me if I do anything wrong! I’ve never had a female bird before so this is new to me. Lulu is a 5 year old parrotlet, and I’ve had her for about 2 years now. She’s laid eggs in the past, about 3, but this is her first time getting ready...
  5. R

    Is this egg fertilized?

    Hello! I have two conures (one female and the other is unsure) and one of them has been laying eggs. I heard that you could tell if it is fertilized or not by cracking one open and looking for a “bullseye” on the yolk. I tried on an egg laid yesterday that cracked when she pushed it off and this...
  6. B

    Java Rice Finch dud egg problem

    My Java Rice finch female, named Mrs. and her hubby the Mr. have had a few eggies. One landed first on the floor of cage/busted. Second in nest, nesting material all there and being sat on. Third got dropped while she was out getting food. They're both just over a year old and these are their...
  7. W

    AGP eggs?

    I currently live in Texas and wondering if anyone knows any reputable breeders who has young birds or fertilized eggs. We have a large GCF incubator and wanting to hatch our own. I've always loved the AGP but willing to see what other young birds or fert eggs available. We currently raise...
  8. S

    Urgent Egg bound or tumor???

    Hi everyone! My 9 year old female parrotlet has inflated abdomen. I noticed it earlier today when I head a “thump” and went over to her cage to check on her. When I picked her up her abdomen was soft, but swollen. She’s been egg bound before when she was around 4 or 5 and I used humidity...
  9. honeykat13

    Question about how to handle cockatiels after one lays an egg

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping to get some answers here as my googling hasn't given me any answers yet. One of my cockatiels just laid an egg, and its the first time she's done so. I have a good idea of how to handle her and the egg going forward, but what I don't know is what to do with my other...
  10. LoveToki

    Is my cockatiel about to lay eggs?

    The past two nights around 6pm, Moki has been quietly sitting with her tail a little bent down. She has been trying to shred tissues and she’s been looking for a nest (I guess) I try to stop this behavior as much as I can and I put her to sleep for around 14 hours a night recently. I will make...
  11. S

    conure and cockatiel breed??

    alright, this is a new acc so ill try to make this as short as possible. I own a female cockatiel and a male green cheek conure. They are not 1 year old yet, but around 8-9 months. Lately I've been seeing hormonal behavior. The conure becoming territorial and easily angered, and the cockatiel...
  12. M

    Why my finches are throwing eggs?

    HI, I have some parakeets in my room with 6 pair of finches. Both are in different cages. If I place finches and parakeet in different cages on same place does finch will do breed?? Because my finches throw eggs and don't laying on eggs and also some of them don't interest in nesting. Some...
  13. B

    first time egg (maybe?)

    Hello! I'm new to the whole forum thing. I have had my budgies for about 1 year already. I have a beautiful female budgie and yesterday I found that her vent is swollen and noticed a small bulge on the belly. She has a partner for a long time and I've noticed that he's been feeding her more...
  14. A

    Parrot pooped eggwhite-looking object

    I found this white colored boiled egg textured object in my Lovebird's cage. One if my Lovebirds has been taken to the vet in the past and has been diagnosed with a couple of things. One being that she had created an egg without the shell and it formed an infection due to that, that made her so...
  15. A


    Hi could somebody tell me if this egg is still viable it’s around 14 days old the air sac is tilted and there are some thin red veins and a dark spot but I can’t hear or see any movement? Thank you
  16. parrotman

    Urgent Bird cant get out of the shell! (Sad Update post #11)

    Help! I found a half-hatched egg in the nest box, but the bird is inside the egg and is stuck. How can I get the bird free from the shell? I' sure the bird is alive because I saw him breathing inside of the shell
  17. Coco123

    New mom, stressed mom.

    Hello everyone! My name is Coco. I recently adopted a yellow female canary from another owner who had her for about a year and a half but couldn't take care of her because of health issues. I named her Pheobe! She is my first bird which makes me very anxious because 1. I have never thought I...
  18. Chase Hein

    Swollen cloaca

    Hey guys, I have four lovebirds and one has layed 3 clutches in the past four years but the other three are either male or to young I have 2 that are about a year old. Anyway one of the year old birds seems to have something wrong with them, I think she might be about to lay an egg but Im not...
  19. Dilla66

    Urgent Conure laying eggs

    My pineapple conure started laying eggs (due to male activity) and I’m wondering how long it takes to lay an egg? She laid her first egg 48 hours ago (the egg appeared to be healthy). She has an ‘egg butt’, and she is acting normal for the most part. I’m starting to get worried that her egg...
  20. Y


    Hello again. I was thinking of owning a hyacinth macaw but thanks some kind people, I was able to realize that it would have not been a good idea for neither the bird nor me. So I decided to own some more common macws like the blue and gold macaw. But I still haven't given up on the idea of...