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  1. Kiwi & Co.

    Toy Ideas

    I have a board of bird-safe wood that I got to use with my Cricut, so decided that I would make a bird toy out of it. The board is 3/32 in. thick (not a fraction I ever thought I would see lol) I was wondering if anybody had any ideas for what kind of bird toy I could make out of it? (I would...
  2. Nimbus

    Base/tray for DIY tabletop stand

    Bit of a weird question incoming: I’m planning to make a tabletop stand for Pippin and Sam, and I’m wondering where I can find a safe piece of wood for the base? I don’t have the tools to cut anything as big as a base to the correct size, so I’m crossing my fingers I can find something that...
  3. Dextine

    DIY quick paper foraging/shredding toy

    I made a toy for my lovebirds and was pretty proud of how it turned out. :yes4: For some reason my balls turned out looking more like prisms :lol: Here is the tutorial for the braiding/folding To thread the balls onto a chain I used a bobby pin. They're seriously handy as bird-toy-needles.
  4. Zara

    My DIY upcycle-then-recycle foraging toy

    So easy to make and costs just cents. Made using upcycled parts and can be recycled when you are bored of the colours or too lazy to clean it. Perfect for little birds, not suitable for larger birds. If you notice the plastic being chewed, dispose of the toy. Once the treats have been taken...
  5. Zara

    Pictures Quick and easy toys

    I just pulled out the supplies to make a few toys to give the bird something new to play with or shred. I thought I'd share, they're really nothing super special but they do the job, they're colourful and cater to what my birds like and what they are allowed. These sort of toys really don't...
  6. Miss Annamarie

    DIYing a Cage

    We were planning on DIYing a large cage for an Eclectus and were wondering if all we were going to be using is safe Pinewood (Know it's safe from researching) 1-inch spacing chicken mesh/wire Are there any bird safe varnishes along with bird safe sealants/polyurethane? We made plans etc. but...
  7. kifird

    A new toy for Nua! (DIY Foraging toy)

    So I did some research on how budgies like to forage, and apparently, they love to forage on the ground more than on trees and such. So I tested the waters by grabbing an empty container and filling it with pebbles, wood shavings, paper, and all the things that my little bird loves to chew up...
  8. ButterBee

    DIY Depot

    I didn't see this anywhere else but I could be blind. One of my favorite things about having pets is making them things! From knitting them sweaters to making toys and baking cookies. One gets a bit tired of looking on pintrest... I know this one does lol! So what are some fun toys or treats...
  9. Cockatango

    Pictures Is an oranges bag a safe toy?

    You know those meshy, plastic bags that oranges are sold in - would they be a safe toy for a cockatiel? I was planning to tie string to one so it hangs from the top of the cage but droops down so she has to stretch to reach any goodies inside. Is this a good idea? (Is this plastic...
  10. Natalia

    DIY Toys??

    What are your favorite DIY toys for your canaries/finches? And what materials are safe to use? I'm scared of using plastic beats and stuff like that :(
  11. taxidermynerd

    DIY Seed Mix?

    Hi all! So I got Chirp to eat pellets, and now I'm looking to get him on a healthier seed mix. All of the ones I can easily get are chock-full of additives, preservatives, dyes and other nasty things I don't want going into Chirp's body. So the obvious answer, at least for me, is to make a mix...
  12. Reggie

    DIY (Balsa Wood) Platform Perches

    During the last week (as I've been getting excited to bring my first conure home) I've also been checking out some "conure sized" toys and perches that are on some vendors' wesbites, trying to get ideas of what I could spoil my new birdie with. But my entire life I've been more of a...
  13. babyblue35

    Easiest ways to stay on top of poopy messes around play areas.

    Hi Bird lovers!! I was just wondering how everyone stays on top of the bird poop issue. I've tried laying down papers but when Blu flaps his wings, they float around the room and don't stay put. I also have a Great Dane who loves to get under his tree and "forage" through all of Blu's food...
  14. M

    Toy materials

    Are there certain materials to stay away from in making/purchasing bird toys? (The birds are lovebirds if that changes anything). I have a small hoard of small animals and I'm always buying them toys, often I buy them small bird toys as well since they are often made of the same materials...