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  1. F


    I don’t know what to do anymore and need help. It’s been over a month since my green cheek conure has been able to walk properly and $2500 in vet bills to find out absolutely nothing. Here’s the story: I’ve had my JJ for 9 years since he was a baby and I just rescued a green cheek and Quaker...
  2. Joe Henderson

    Strawberry with black seeds.?

    Yesterday I gave my parrotlets some strawberry he likes the seeds I didn’t notice anything but today the seeds on the strawberry’s are black looking this up it’s some sort of disease on the strawberry.. im not sure if my bird is in danger does anyone have any info
  3. RebeccaZM

    Can birdie get strep?

    Hello, I’ve been sick with an extremely sore throat since Thursday 8/11 and was diagnosed with strep yesterday. What I want to know is can birds get strep or get sick from their human in the same room? Obi’s cage is in my room and in hind sight I don’t know why I didn’t change rooms to stay away...
  4. BabyBirdMa

    Avian Flu???

    So apparently there’s an avian flu going around that’s highly contagious to all birds and caused a bunch of turkeys to be put down. I can’t find any information about this disease so I’m reaching out here. How deadly is it to birds? Can it be treated at all? What is the treatment? What should I...
  5. flyzipper

    Australian budgie disease alert

    I don't have additional info aside from what's posted in the attached link (sorry it's Facebook), but thought it would be a good idea to keep an eye on this.
  6. S

    Pictures not better! Afraid Enlarged Organs Liver proventriculus don't know what to do!!!

    I am new to this forum. I have already been to a VET multiple times. I am struggling with how much $ I have already spent and my bird is still not better. Looking for opinions/advice and personal experiences. I will attach xray images. I don't know what or if I should do any further...
  7. B

    Budgie Fell in Soapy Water

    My budgie was flying and fell into a bucket of floor detergent. I got it out immediately and washed it with warm water, it is now keeping warm and resting. What should I do next, my nearest vet is a hours away.
  8. clisa

    Recurring plaque in back of oral and nasal cavity. Anyone experiencing anything similar?

    Hi, my avian vet can not figure out why this whitish plaque keeps growing in the back of my sun conure's oral cavity bordering on the nasal cavity. As it builds up, her breathing becomes labored and I can hear it. The vet has sedated her now 4 or 5 times to clean it out and it keeps coming...
  9. nour.s

    Young budgies death and reassurance.

    Hello, please bear with me, I really need someone to help me sort out this budgies story and reassure me. We adopted a female budgie who looks to be 7-9 months old, the previous owners were selling her on Facebook, and I couldn’t help but get her becasue of her living conditions. They had placed...
  10. A

    Cocktail poops

    Is this normal or there is any disease.. please let me know. I'm new to this pet cocktails. First time I'm having this bird. Please provide if you have any suggestions.
  11. parrotman

    Koki might be developing her first stage of fatty liver

    Alright, i was cleaning koki's cage and i spotted some poop with green urine around it, I'm sure it was fresh as it wasn't hard here's the picture of the poop(It was digested, the seeds were fully digested, the seeds poured in from the sides: Here's a picture of the seed mix:
  12. S

    Ankle pain (attacks) and Deteriorating Feathers - Help!

    My male White Bellied Caique 'Loki' is 9yo. About 6 months ago he began visciously attacking his own ankle (mostly the right one); unprovoked screaming and biting hard enough to cause lacerations (we intervene quickly - now wears collar; unable to wean). Around the same time I noticed his...
  13. Z

    Is there something wrong here??

    Hey guys ive realized this with my lovebird who is 1 year old male red face. His crop seems to be pushed inside or something like that as you can see in the photos. No behavioral changes i saw it from almost a month ago ang he eats very well and is very active and playful There are no vets open...
  14. M

    Need urgent help

    Hello im new here and im writing from Pakistan My lovebird Eric has been acting lazy since morning. I noticed that he is not eating like he eats everyday and is sleeping. I only saw him eating his feed for like twice or thrice and that too just couple of bites. I was worried and told my parents...
  15. M

    Do My Parrots Need Vaccination??

    Hi, I have various type parrots. I want to know do they need vaccinations?? and if they need then for which diseases?? example: New Castle Disease?? Thanks
  16. M

    Please help! Just brought home an African ringneck

    Hello everyone, Thanks for your help in advance. I just welcomed a male african ringneck into my home. I currently have a female parrotlet. They seem curious about each other and I hope they will get along in the future. Does anyone have experience with having these two birds tolerating each...
  17. R

    Urgent My Female cockatiel just suddenly died

    Hello, Today I found my female cockatiel, 4 years old, who up until this point was a seemingly healthy parent dead inside her nesting box, I have no idea what the cause of her death was, she seemed very healthy this morning and there was no blood or signs of broken bones. She had food in her...
  18. R

    My newly adopted Indian ringneck has feather loss and very thin quill

    Please help. I recently adopted this little angel from a cousin of mine, who rescued her from an abusive family. This birdie was locked up in a tiny cage with little food and no toys. She wasn't allowed out the cage either. Now after I adopted her, I took her to the vet and the doctor assured...

    Help! Blind Dove

    Hi! I'm new to the forum here and new to bird ownership! ( I am aware of bird care, I grew up around exotic birds and I used to volunteer at an exotic bird sanctuary. I haven't ever owned one because my father does not like the noise). ANYWAY... I just rescued a 20 yr old blind white male dove...
  20. H

    finding home for young Indian ringneck with PBFD

    Hi I’m looking for anyone in San Diego CA that is interested in adopting my sweet adorable baby Indian Ringneck named Cami. He has a contagious disease called PBFD. I’m devastated that this has happened to my sweet baby! I’m not sure on the gender of Cami but I have do have a dna test ready to...