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  1. M

    I have a problem in my new birds with quarantine session

    Hi, Few days ago I bought some Budgies and keep them in separate room and in separate cages from my aviary for 16 days. In this last 2 weeks I notice they are healthy. In this last 2 weeks I give them spray for mites, anti viral medicine spray and give them to natural remedies against virus...
  2. M

    Want to Know About French Molt (Polyoma Virus)

    Hi, Few days ago I notice That one of my budgie lost his feathers and its rough and also his tail is become smaller and less active. Today I caught him to give him suppliement but he bite me roughly and I get few drops of blood. So now, I want to know That if he have French Molt (Polyoma Virus)...
  3. F

    Can my parrot catch the flu?

    Just went to the doctors and was tested for the flu. It came back positive for influenza A. I’ve read online that birds are not succeptible to colds or flus so long as the infection is not bacterial. I am confused though because I’ve also read that Influenza A is the avian flu and can infect...
  4. M

    Can I pet Budgies, Finches, Java sparrows in same room in different cages?

    Hello, I have few pair of budgies and cockatiels in different cages in same room. But now, I want to pet finches and java sparrows in budgie's room in different cages. Can I will face any problem or my budgie will get disease from finches and java sparrows?? Thanks
  5. M

    Asthmatic Allergic patient and pet birds

    Hello, I have one question again, me and my family members has asthmatic problem. But, I want to pet birds. I bought 5 pair budgies and 1 pair cockatiels in difference room. No one sleep or stay in that room. I want to know health related question. Can I able to pet birds in this situation?? If...
  6. M

    Can Everybody Get Bird Fancier's Lung Disease?

    Hi, I bought 4 pair Budgies and 1 pair Cockatiels since 4 month. I keep them separate room in my house. Today I notice, The Bird owner get Bird Fancier's Lung Disease from these birds. After that now I am very afraid. But I also love birds. But I heard and I read that The Bird Fancier's Lung...
  7. E

    Crow with disease??

    Hi all. I'm not sure if this is the right place/website to post this, but during one of my beach walks at the Sunshine Coast QLD, I came across a very sickly looking crow. It was very large and ruffled with grow like things on its face forcing one of its eyes closed and its feet were...
  8. Blue-Wing

    Lines Around the Eyes

    Hi, my almost 1 year (with me) budgies are doing well so far. Lately I have noticed some lines on my male’s face around his eyes, and then one day he had his feathers “puffed” up and it wasn’t cold. After he ate the puffed up look went away, but the lines still remain. Anyone have any idea what...
  9. Windy

    Please help! Respiratory and sinus confusion

    I have been sick all week with a sinus infection/ or respiratory infection. I'm not sure, the doctor mentioned both so I think I have it all. Anyway, I've looked on Google and got mixed response on whether I can pass this to my conure. Online says there are only a few things that can be passed...
  10. O

    Urgent Parrotlet symptoms

    I have a 3 year old parrotlet and yesterday I noticed his poop was a clear liquid. Today I had him out and he pooped again, and it was pure liquid. Then I put him on me about 2 minutes later and he pooped again. This worries me for a few reasons. One, the consistency of his poop. Also the volume...