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  1. Artchic528

    Introducing two conures to each other.

    I have an existing yellow sided green cheek boy named Pico de Gallo and a new arrival, a yellow sided turquoise girl named Princess Leia. Leia has been in “quarantine” for two weeks now and has a week left to go. I say quarantine, but really she has just been in a small cage in the guest...
  2. C

    (UK) cuddly conure needing forever home

    I think this might be a predominately American forum but I thought it worth a go. This is a heart breaking situation because my 4 yr old sweet girl (not dna tested) has no behavioural problems, but I have developed a serious allergy and no measures have made it liveable for me. It’s taking a...
  3. birdbeaks

    just saying hi :)

    hi everyone! just welcoming myself to the site :) getting a babyboy green cheek soon!!! super excited, and cant wait to share with you all!
  4. Summzz

    Low Body/Low Head with Wing Flapping, is it just excitement?

    Hi everyone! I just had a question about a long-time behavior in my Sun Conure and what it truly means. He often will hunch down (I hope that the right way to describe it) and start flapping his wings fast but lightly (not full out, they are still close to his body). Now, he has done this since...
  5. FeatheredM

    Getting Conure! Some advice?

    I'm getting a conure soon, have to budgies and decided to make a bigger flock. For poeple who gave experience with conures, can you please tell me some advice like what you would had changed, what you discovered your bird liked ect. Really anything that will help.
  6. FeatheredM

    Need some advice on perches

    I'm getting a new bird and I need some perches, I have a limited amount of money, and I need a place with good, varied perches that aren't too expensive. The perches are for a conure.
  7. peachypjm

    What's your birds' favorite tv shows / things to watch or listen to?

    Mercury LOVES true crime videos or true crime podcasts !! Sometimes he likes to watch animal crossing videos as well :)
  8. Princess_P

    Black capped pairing

    I have a female black capped & a male opaline black capped. I can’t find anything on the genetics of these to find out what will be the outcome if bred.
  9. J

    Conure Cage Size

    Hi, currently I've got my cinnamon green cheek conure in a single flight cage, the dimensions are 82x52x154cm with bar spacing of 1cm. I've been thinking about upgrading its cage to a double flight cage with the dimensions of 156x47x162cm with bar spacing of 1.5cm. So I'm just wondering if the...
  10. Kenzie

    What do you usually do with a new bird?

    With the new family addition, I've been trying to decide what to do with her. Currently, I take her out with a perch (she doesn't bite my arm/hands but she beaks at them and I rather not stress her out by forcing her). I put her on a playstand and I sit and chat with her. She doesn't talk, just...
  11. conureluv

    Amazing book on conures at local book store!

    I found this amazing guide on conures (yes, all types) and thought that I had to share it! I found it at Half Price Book Store for around 7$. It talks about serious topics like blood feathers, finding the right vet and breeder, and cage requirements. I’m a fast reader so it only took me...
  12. ConureMom!

    Conures Fighting

    This January my male conure, Teekey, got outside in minus 30 degrees celsius weather. He was outside for about an hour till we finally caught him and brought him in. After taking him to the vet, we found out he had frostbite on both his feet. After weeks of going to the vet they decided to...
  13. D

    conure in clothes

    How can i teach my sun conure to go into my shirts and other clothes?
  14. Scarlet&Annie

    What color should the base of the feathers on Conures be? Is yellow a concern?

    I'm not sure if maybe I'm just now noticing this or what but I just want to be sure everything is okay. My little Pineapple conure's feathers are a bit yellowish at the base like by the skin. Is this something to be concerned about or is she fine? Thank you!
  15. Ned TJ

    22-day gap in eggs

    Hello everyone. Hoping for some insight of what complications may arise. Kiwi and Buddy are on their 1st clutch. They are 5 and 2 1/2yr old Conures. Kiwi has laid 5 eggs to date, my problem is the huge gap in egg laying. The ages of the eggs and events Egg 1- 22 days old (She started laying on...
  16. CubanBarbie91

    Dusky Conure Q's

    Finally picked up my little Dusky, named Banzai!! "He's a very sweet, and adventurous conure for sure. This is my very first conure, so I have a couple questions about behavior. Also any bird toy recommendations will be greatly appreciated 1. Why does he bob his head up and down slowly? It's...
  17. Littlelovebird

    A good friend for a lovebird?

    Hi guys! I currently have a lovebird of 9 months. My little Buckbeak! He is sweet and likes to cuddle. He listens to us and will poo on command over the sink. Basically it is going very well! I would like to adopt another bird and Im wondering if this will break the good relationship I have with...
  18. Davi

    NEW PRODUCT I ♥️ (my) bird(s)/conure(s) plaques!

    It must be spring, because new products keep hatching all around us! :hehe: I've just listed 7 new plaques (these are very small [3x1.5 inch] and meant as decoration, but they can also be used as a bird toy or as cage decor). For full details and photos of all 7, check out the links below...
  19. Jetdrip459

    Hello bird lovers

    hello Iv joined this website to learn more about birds and get help with mine I have a cockotiel and sun conure I actutally joined because my sun conure all of a sudden won't step up out of his cage the past few days but did it once yesterday for a little bit but he still goes to the side of the...
  20. RiccaE

    Help, baby green cheek conure tail feathers lightening

    I have an 8 week old baby yellow sided green cheek conure. I got him a week and a half ago. His tail feathers are really lightening and losing the black to them. The place where I got him told me that doesn't happen and isn't any sign of vitamin deficiency or anything. Something has to be...