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What do you usually do with a new bird?


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With the new family addition, I've been trying to decide what to do with her. Currently, I take her out with a perch (she doesn't bite my arm/hands but she beaks at them and I rather not stress her out by forcing her). I put her on a playstand and I sit and chat with her. She doesn't talk, just makes her conure noises.

I feed her bite sized cut up almonds piece by piece from my hand - she takes them nicely for the most part but sometimes she beaks them out of my hands. She has tried a bite of green pepper, blueberry, sweet potato (she loved that!), and egg. Was not crazy about carrot, but she DID take it from my hand and hold it for a second licking it heh.

What do you usually do with a new bird? What additional activities should I do? I would begin training ASAP but she is on a poor diet and it's usually better outcomes once they are on a pellet diet and seeds/nuts are reserved for training only, where as now they're included in her poor diet. So I have been trying to just hand her almonds with my hands to get her used to hands.
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