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  1. Flocktales

    Pictures Hello, everyone! New bird mama of two cockatiels. ♥

    Hello! I am so delighted to finally join all of you. Ever since I was a child, it has been a dream to welcome a feathered companion into my life. Growing up, my great-grandmother had a beautiful parrot—a type of amazon, if my memory is correct—and this was the beginning of a lifelong passion...
  2. D

    To lay an egg or not to...that is the question???

    My cockatiel Paulina has been doing the mating dance daily since we hit the hot weather out here in L.A. ...about 2 weeks ago she got a little pooch at the lowest part of her abdomen. I figured she might be getting ready to lay a nonfertile egg since she is only in her cage with another female...
  3. A

    Mating cockatiels

    Hi, I am new to this website and i hope I am posting or the right forum, anyways. I have a sort of aviary (too small to be an aviary too big to be a cage) and I have 2 cockatiels (male and female) and a budgie. They have lived together for over a year and they are all ready to mate. This is the...
  4. M

    How to take care of birds in summer??

    Hi, In this summer season, the birds room become hot. I give them bath at morning and use exhaust fan but the room keep going hot. Can I need to use any other fan or anything which keep their room cool?? Please help me, Thanks
  5. M

    i want to know some information about bird management

    i have some budgies,cockataiels & want to know some information about them. 1.can i keep them darkness in night or put dim light on their room? which one is right? 2.i wake up lately on morning.sometimes(10am-12pm) so can i put their seedmix,and water all time in their cage 24hrs? but i change...
  6. L

    My bird seems to hate me but also humps my hand?

    My cockatiel Rocky is super aggressive towards everyone, including myself. He seems to hate hands, if I stand by his cage and bring up a hand to scratch my face he'll lunge and start hissing. However, when I put my hand into his cage, he rushes over and starts to hump my hand. I'll try to put...
  7. M

    Can Everybody Get Bird Fancier's Lung Disease?

    Hi, I bought 4 pair Budgies and 1 pair Cockatiels since 4 month. I keep them separate room in my house. Today I notice, The Bird owner get Bird Fancier's Lung Disease from these birds. After that now I am very afraid. But I also love birds. But I heard and I read that The Bird Fancier's Lung...
  8. L

    My Bird Bites and Humps my Hand

    Hello! I've recently gotten two new cockatiels about two weeks ago, Rocky and Yuzu. As I've tried to interact with Rocky, however, I've noticed that he's super aggressive. He doesn't run away, I think he might be territorial? But I've tried leaving my hand in the cage for him to bite to show...
  9. A

    My tiels sneeze alot, and I'm scared it's not normal

    my two tiels have been sneezing alot ever since I got them about a month ago. I keep their cage clean (also please please look at my first post about cleaning their cage, it's really important.) and I might just be overly paranoid, but I wanna be sure !
  10. shayla

    Hey guys, I'm new here!

    Hello! I'm Shayla and i have owned many animals growing up from dogs to amphibians, due to my mum and family owning a pet shop! Currently we still own quite a few animals (check the information on my profile to see what we have) but the ones that i personally own are the cockatiels, goldfish...
  11. Gallows

    Can't tell if cockatiel eggs are infertile?

    This is my female cockatiel's first time having eggs. She's done a great job incubating and rolling them consistently, so I have a lot of hope. However, when I candle her eggs, I can't tell whether they're infertile or not. Her first egg was laid nine days ago. She has four eggs now, and it...
  12. Jaq

    Cockatiel and Lovebord

    Hello, I've had my female cockatiel for about 3 months now and 3 days ago I bought a Lovebird(My tiel is about 6 months and the Lovebird is around 3-4 months). I put them in seperate cages however I let my cockatiel look around his cage sometimes. I've been putting them together lately my tiels...
  13. S

    Two Cockatiels for Adoption in Vancouver, BC

    Hi, I am looking for a loving home for two of my male, 11 year old, bonded cockatiels. They are energetic, healthy and great birds. Please let me know if interested and would like to see pictures. I am not sure how many people here are from my area but I thought I would give it a shot.
  14. Kiwiscremsong

    URGENT my cockatiel just ate a little bit of crayola crayon!!!

    Help!!!! My cockatiel named Kiwi just ate a little bit of crayola crayon its been 5 minutes and he is ok and all crazy again he is trying to tear apart and eat the leather on my purse lol. Keep trying to pull him away from it. Will he be ok from eating a very very very tiny bit. Thanks!
  15. M

    Companion birds. How to make sure they will love me

    Hello, everyone! I'm not a bird owner (yet), but, after a lot of research, I feel like I'm getting somewhere. Quick info about me: I live alone in an apartment, which is unoccupied from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. That being said, I've decided (advised by some of you guys), to get two birds instead...
  16. P

    Bird Tricks?

    Hey! I have an eight month female cockatiel who so far only knows two tricks. She knows how to hang upside on my finger, and to fly to my shoulder when I whistle to her. I noticed that she has a LOT of fun when training (even though she's really stubborn and food-driven :laugh:), so do any of...
  17. K

    Breeding of cockatiel

    Hello featherlovers I need your help. Well I have a patchless male and lutino female. They are bonded. Can anyone tell me about their next generation colour mutation?
  18. Harleyandme

    Pictures Cockatiels!!

    Hey There! Just wanted to post some lovely photos of my two birds. I have recently bought a female lutino cockatiel who is not tame yet. This year I will train her and get her as friendly as Harley (hopefully more friendly as Harley is a bit grumpy towards young people). Luna is so inquisitive...
  19. S

    Male or Female?

    Hi I recently purchased a new cockatiel. It's a cinnamon pearly pied, or what the breeder told me it was. It's wing were trimmed unevenly. I have no idea what sex it is and I am also unsure of my other cockatiel which is a lutino, I believe.
  20. S


    I am looking forward to being a part of this avian community! I am a first time owner of a cockatiel. Two actually. And I will hope to receive advice for things I am not familiar with.