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  1. B

    Rehome cockatiels

    Need to rehome my babies due to health reasons. I have 4 cockatiels, 2 boys and 2 girls. Hand tamed. Looking for a forever home hopefully where they can go together. Let me know if you want to learn more.
  2. R

    Female cockatiel constantly squawking

    Hello, I hope someone can shed a bit of light on my female cockatiel's behaviour. I got her when she was around 9 months old, and she's around 3 years old now. Over the last couple of days she has been squawking constantly. I'm used to her squawking when she wants more food (she's on harrisons...
  3. F

    Wits End - Health/Behavioral Concerns

    Hoping I post this in the right place. Long time reader, finally created an account to post. Warning, long. My 8yr old female tiel is tearing my house apart, while teaching my new 4mo old possibly male her behaviors. I have 20 years of parrot hobbyist experience and I've never encountered such...
  4. P

    Welcome home, Pat, Mat, Cherry, Molly and Holly!

    My birds are finally home with me! meet my sweet cockatiel family :) they were all so good on the car ride over. Barely any thrashing in the cages, and the parents actually were singing on the way! So relieved. in their new room they’re acting exactly the same as if nothing happened lol
  5. E

    Cockatiel eggs pipping

    I currenting have 5 eggs incubating in a homemade incubator everything that is needed for the eggs have been met as all 5 have life. Now the first egg has started pipping 28 hours ago . It still only has a small hole. I have tried to read and do research on the matter but not much is found. I...
  6. I

    badia cinnamon sticks

    has anyone given their bird this brand of cinnamon sticks? it has no ingredients on the back and i know ceylon cinnamon sticks are the only safe ones to give but it just confused me where it says canela then ceylon
  7. E

    Cockatiels laid eggs for the first time?

    i have 2 cockatiels that have started to breed and just laid some eggs. My question is should i let the parents incubate the eggs or is it best to take the eggs now and incubate them myself? It is their first time breeding and the eggs look completely fine. They have gotten very aggressive so i...
  8. Forest

    Baffling cockatiel mating behavior!

    Firstly, please know that I have no interest in breeding. I don't provide nest boxes or nesting material. None of my birds have ever laid eggs, but if they do, I will replace them with dummy eggs. Rowan (male) has been singing and doing heart wings to Willow (female) for about six months. He...
  9. P

    Weaning and handfeeding

    So I bought these 2 babies (1- born sep 27 and 2- oct 1) and I had to take them home earlier than expected (on nov 7- so they were 6 weeks) and handfeed them myself as the breeder was travelling. I've never handfed or weaned babies before and so she taught me how to prep the food, how to do it...
  10. elitys


    (Feel free to relocate this thread if needed, admins.) Depending on if my roommate visits her family for Thanksgiving or not, I may need to hire a pet-sitter for a few days. I'm going to fly down to California for the holiday and it doesn't make sense to bring Poppy and the boys for such a...
  11. anurim

    Neglected cockatiels

    I have a neighbor who has had birds for a long time. I have recently (about 4-5 months ago) first saw her 2 cockatiels. They are in an extremely small cage, probably never taken out before, scared of everyone and everything, on an only seed diet, with plastic perches and some kind of swings...
  12. Raptor40

    Cockatiel Cracking It

    Just a fun question, but does anybody have a tiel that cracks it super easily? One of mine will let out a little screech every time you try and distract him from getting at something he wants. He’ll be chewing on someone’s finger while they’re playing games, they’ll move their finger for the...
  13. Raptor40

    Male vs Female Tiel Body Shapes?

    Weird question and one I haven’t found much info about, but is there any proof of or has anyone noticed a difference between male and female cockatiels in terms of body shapes? My tiel Kobe, who I’m pretty sure is female, has a noticeably wider body than my other 2 tiels, both who are singing so...
  14. S

    Urgent Stunted growth??

    Hello guys! My names Ravyn and I have a couple of quick questions. I have been raising a baby cockatiel since it was born but I’m concerned he/she isn’t growing properly. The baby will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday but looks so small for his/hers age. I’m doing everything right with his/hers...
  15. F

    Hello! Advice welcome!

    Hello, everyone! I joined this group because I'm a fairly new bird owner, with a bonded pair of cockatiels and, as of yesterday, two baby budgies! My tiels are Dio and Ladybird, the white is male and the yellow is female. I have yet to name the budgies for obvious reasons. I currently have them...
  16. Raptor40

    Cockatiels Constantly Mating?

    Hey! I've had 2 clutches of chicks now (5 eggs in each, all hatching with 2 chicks surviving the first clutch and 3 the second). I had taken the first 2 chicks out for hand raising, waited a bit and then taken the main nesting box out. By this time, however, they'd already started mating and I...
  17. B

    Are almond branches safe for Cockatiels?

    Hi, it's me again! I was wondering, are almond branches safe for cockatiels? Like to use for 'tiels as perches and to chew on. Also THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ANSWERS ON MY OTHER THREAD! I'm taking your advices!
  18. Birdilove

    Female cockatiels are fighting, help!

    I had my oldest karly since she was 4 months old, she’s now 1 and a half. I didn’t know birds could get over bonded with humans so I did everything with her. I was with her everyday most of the day and she loved it. I decided to get another cockatiel so she would be less bonded, the new...
  19. K

    Should I separate them or keep them in one cage?

    Hello fellow tiel owners! I think I could use some help. My boyfriend and I already have some expierence with cockatiels and we do bird rescuing. However we took home single cockatiels before and things were easier, but this time we took a bonded couple - male and female (1 year old and 1,5 year...
  20. CarolinaCiara

    Hey y'all!

    Hello y'all! My name is Ciara and I'm from South Carolina and I have two cockatiels, Horry and Moultrie, that are siblings. We three are still getting to know each other as I jus got them about a week and a half ago. They are basically twins, except Horry has 4 dots on the back of her head. They...