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  1. K

    how long can my cockatiel be alone?

    i've never had a cockatiel and i usually have school during weekdays for 6-7 hours a day. i heard if they're at home alone for a period of time they can get stressed and stuff. would it be fine if i'm gone for that amount of time and come home and immediately take my bird out and talk/play with...
  2. C

    Anemic cockatiel weight control

    We recently, within the past few months, rescued a female cockatiel. We didn't know any of her history at all. So, we brought her to the vet, had her sexed, poop tested, and a full blood workup. We had noticed upon first taking her that her weight fluctuated GREATLY and that all she'll eat is...
  3. J

    Cockatiel laying eggs.

    So I can confirm James is a female I will now happily be calling Rain. After having some suspicious He was a She I started researching egg laying since I've heard other owners talking about it with some fear. Of course as I'm researching for something I hope won't happen for months I start to...
  4. accio-birdies

    To pair or not to pair?

    Hibou has been single since I got him almost 2 years ago (in other words; his entire life so far). He has mirrors, toys, and lots of attention to keep him happy. Though, I have been wondering lately, as he's become far more vocal and clingy, would he be happier with a mate? He also gets very...
  5. GabeCast

    Are all lutino cockatiels female?

    I just got my first bird today, a lutino cockatel. The shop owner said they don't know the gender. He/she has a white body with orange cheeks, yellow crest and some yellow markings on her face. (I can post pictures later) He/she is only 2-3 months old so all the colors aren't developed yet, he...
  6. S

    Urgent Legs Not Working

    Seven week old cockatiel, had been badly stunted. I finally got him to grow and such, and though he's still around a week or so developmentally behind his siblings, he is finally growing and thriving. This morning a I went to check on him, and his legs weren't working, couldn't hold his weight...
  7. accio-birdies

    Introducing Crazy Town

    Guess I shall start with a hello! I've been lurking around this forums for answers to all my bird related questions since I got my first cockatiel. It's really about time I made myself an official member.... My name is Jess, I am a 26 year old mother of two extremely annoying (but rather...
  8. F

    HELP! i have some questions about baby cockatiels

    i have so question to ask a bird professional when can i bath the cockatiel ? is kaytee hand feeding formula safe for it ? when should i start to ween it ? how do i tell it gender ? and how do it make it less afarid of me your help would be appreciated ! thanks a ton !
  9. newbirdmom

    Puffed up and shivering cockatiel

    Hello my little Oli has been doing something i wanted to see if it were normal or not. I keep my room at 73 degrees 22 celsius. Sometimes he puffs up and starts shivering. He shows no other signs of being sick so im just thinking it's nothing to worry about but i wanted to make sure. Is this...
  10. newbirdmom

    Cockatiel behavior question

    Hello! Whenever i put my hand up to my cockatiel he bites me/nibbles on my finger then rubs his head on me. I know that when they bend their head down like that it means they want head pets. The way i'm seeing it is that he wants head pets but he's unsure?? When he bites me its not hard at all...
  11. newbirdmom

    My Cockateil Oliver!

    (I do not know how to use forums so i'm not sure if i'm posting in the right place please let me know if not.) Hello my name is Grace, I am a minor and I got my first cockateil on the 26th and his name is Oliver. He is 5 months old with grey, yellow, black and white colors. The breeder i got him...
  12. Anika Erin

    Urgent Urgent Help for a Sick Cockatiel

    Hi. I've a female pearl cockatiel Tuki and she's with me for 8years now. She's has never breed or took a mate though there's a lutino male with her. I live in a country where there's no avian vets or avian medicines. Even when I got her, there were no one with adequate knowledge about the diet...
  13. H

    Cockatiel With Bite- Nose Injury

    Shared album - Hannah Barfield - Google Photos Shared album - Hannah Barfield - Google Photos Shared album - Hannah Barfield - Google Photos My 3 year old Male cockatiel, Alex, had an accident a few days ago with our male Pionus, Jack. The Pionus is very territorial, and although both of them...
  14. ScarlettBird

    "Special" Cockatiel

    Hello I am Scarlett and I am new to the forums. I have two cockatiels and a GCC. One of my cockatiels named Smokey is a female and she has always acted very special. She loves me and she let's me give her scratches to her head. Even though we are this close, she is scared of everything. She has...
  15. Harleyandme

    Pictures Cockatiels!!

    Hey There! Just wanted to post some lovely photos of my two birds. I have recently bought a female lutino cockatiel who is not tame yet. This year I will train her and get her as friendly as Harley (hopefully more friendly as Harley is a bit grumpy towards young people). Luna is so inquisitive...
  16. T

    Having Trouble

    Hey there everyone! I've been having some trouble training my male cockatiel. A little backstory: I got my first tiel named Baby just a little while ago (back in July 2015) from a friend at work. He said she was too loud and he didn't want to put up with it anymore. I had researched a ton on...
  17. C

    Pictures What is the best way to move my untamed cockatiel to a new cage?

    Hello, I recently inherited a 5-6 year old cockatiel (Caesar) that was never tamed or taken out of his cage. I have had him for a year now, and he is a very sweet and happy bird who gets plenty of treats and toys. He sings all the time. He is currently in the cage that I received him in, a ~4...
  18. mjsmith3406

    new comer here and needs advise

    Hello everybody, I am new to this sight. I have a 5 or 6 year old female cockatiel. I got her when she was a year old, from a friend who no longer could keep her. Since the day I got her she has hated everybody, and will attack them except myself and her old owner. She will especially attack...
  19. Sylvi_

    The girls this afternoon

    Caught a few pictures of the girls, do excuse Yuka's messy pink beak. She just had a raspberry. :lol: This is her "I was taking a nap, mom!" face. :D
  20. Flyover

    Good Morning

    I am new to this thread but not to birds, yet I find this site a great source of expertise. I have been reading threads on here for some time, and just recently joined up in order to post some questions of my own. (My first is in the cockatiel section regarding the possibility of a cockatiel and...