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  1. Littlelovebird

    How long after cleaning oven is it safe?

    Hi guys! So I know selfcleaning ovens are extremely dangerous and deadly for our little birdies. I just finished cooking and I am extremely tired and instead of turning the oven off I somehow put the temperature at Cleaning and the selector at bake. It took me a good 10 minutes to notice and now...
  2. B

    Cleaning Cockatiel Chicks

    Hi All My Name is Bassam and I am not quite experienced with birds but I really love and care for them. So, Recently I bought 2 Cockatiel Chicks currently days 27 days old, the issue is there is stiff food on their crop feathers when I brought them in. I would appreciate recommendation on how...
  3. bethaneh

    Help! Bleach fumes!

    I adopted two budgies 2 days ago, and this morning, I was sitting next to their cage, and smelled some chemicals coming from the kitchen. I asked my mother what that smell was, and she said she was cleaning with bleach! I know bleach is bad for birds, so I quickly moved them outside for 30...
  4. A

    How can I clean my tiels cage without scaring them

    I have two tiels and I hate to scare them. they are comfortable with me but not my hands. Unless I am feeding them millet. Now, I need to clean they're cage which will cause me to have to force them in another cage but I'm so terrified to cause them to be afraid of me even more. Making the...
  5. PrinceMonroe

    super paranoid about making my apartment safe. am i missing anything?

    So Cora comes home in November, and I’m super paranoid about making my apartment safe for her, mostly in terms of fumes and being too cold. Here’s what I’ve done so far: emailed the oven, microwave, electric blanket, people to make sure the things I have are safe (I don’t have a hair dryer or...
  6. ReNap

    What you use for bird safe house cleaning? + air freshener safe alternatives?

    I'm looking into what new cleaning products to get that are safe to use around the house with a parrot present. Mainly disinfectant and something to clean hardwood floors (my entire house is hard floors). I'm currently using the lemon pinesol for a lot of things Lemon Fresh | Pine-Sol® but I'm...
  7. R

    Cuttlebone Cleaning?

    My budgie, Navi, managed to poop on his cuttlebone somehow. My mom was skeptical about scraping it off, so she refused. I put a bit of hot water on the spot, but I don’t know if that’s good enough. I hope it’s not ruined :-:
  8. music2music

    How to clean poop off vent?

    I gave my bird Twiggy a bath on Saturday (2/3) and it seemed to get some poop off of his vent. He hasn't been displaying any problems except diarrhea, which has gone away since Saturday. Is there any safe way to get the rest of the poop off except for giving him a few baths? Thank you.
  9. Parakeet88

    Cleaning rope perches?

    All of my birds absolutely love rope perches but I'm wondering if there's a way to clean them or do I need to buy new ones? I'd go through these perches like crazy if they need to be replaced when dirty. My GCC loves to wipe his morning chop face all over his and of course they all get poop on...
  10. Rivka

    Wd40 ok to use?

    hey so i noticed my bird cage got some rust and I was wondering if it’s ok to use wd40 to remove the rust, or is it toxic and shouldn’t be used? Like if I use the wd40 the l hose the cage down with a sponge and soap should that be ok? Thanks I got the cage from a pet store that said it’s brand...
  11. Atomiklan

    Less messy?

    I feel like I am taking over this sub forum lol. Sorry for posting so much. I have been working from home a lot lately so I can spend lots of time with the new birds in order to bond. As a result, I generate lots of questions as I observe their behavior. Why have they become less messy with...
  12. Birblover

    Safest Bird Bowls & Safest Cleaning Methods?

    I've read that plastic can be unsafe because it's harder to clean away bacteria, and can be harmful as it deteriorates faster (mine chew them), so I've switched to stainless steel bowls, but do still have one or two newer plastic bowls I still use. I would like to know the safest bowls I should...
  13. Barnaby Rose

    How to get stuck on food off of the wall???

    Does anybody have any suggestions for getting REALLY stuck on food off of the walls...? I feed fresh food (mixed vegetable mash with sweet potato/squash) twice a day, and both of the birds (especially my baby grey) LOVES to throw his food all over the place and for the life of me I cannot get it...
  14. jdmiller95

    Urgent Cornstarch removal after injury

    My bird was bleeding a lot an in stopping it he got covered in styptic liquid and cornstarch. How do I get the cornstarch off of him without submerging his foot that was injured?
  15. Reggie

    Life Hack for Budgie Owners

    I don't know if this applies to other birds as well, so I'll just stick it where I know it'll help other people! :D I have three budgies, and that means I technically own three little messes. I clean out the removable pan in their cage about every other day or every two days depending on how...
  16. D

    Best way to oderize the cage?

    I am changing jaspers cage twice a day but wondered if there was any tricks of the trade you people use to stop the room smelling thanks in advance.
  17. Sylvi_

    Disinfecting tips.

    So I'm going to pick up Yuka's new cage tomorrow! Very excited. Kumo will be getting her current 32x21 flight, and she'll get a bit of a upgrade herself so I'm very happy for them. I have a sight concern though - the posters bird who had been living in the cage passed away. Now, I'm going to...
  18. frogfoot

    Preening dust

    Hi!! This is a parrot question in general. Ruby is my first "big" bird and I've never experienced a problem with this before with my parrotlets and budgies. Basically, she preens violently and constantly, especially when she's sitting on me (her favorite activity). It looks like she's got a...
  19. Sylvi_

    CL Cage: Tips on cleaning it.

    So I recently brought home my lovebird, Kumo, and I've been browsing CL for cages. If I didn't find one, I was just going to order another A&E Flight, but as luck had it; I found one! :D It looks to be an HQ Flight, and in good condition compared to a lot of CL cages I see. And at a great price...