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  1. B

    Canary and finch

    Hello! I've been wanting to get me a little bird for a while and I'm really interested in canaries and finches (zebras specifically). I was wondering if I can get a female canary and a female finch in the same cage or if it would be bad for the canary? I've read that canaries don't mind being...
  2. A

    Canary question

    Hello all, i just got two canaries as a present, one male and one female of different colour, so i checked and the male is a Timbrado while the female is a Malinois. Is it ok to have different canry races together, can they stay together ??? I noticed that the male one sings every day. The...
  3. Cindermute

    Bimini and Me

    Hi! I'm Alec, a first time bird owner. I've owned animals all my life: cats, dogs, fish, and a few hermit crabs. I've always enjoyed the company of animals. Yesterday, I met Bimini the canary. She was alone in a PetSmart when I met her, so I'm giving her time to adjust and relax. I hope I can...
  4. P

    i dont know what to do

    We adopted a little canary that fell on my grandpas store back in January, but ever since the things have gone downhill. At first, during his first week, he had a few barely noticeable symptoms that there was something wrong, very small tail bobbing, sometimes he would open his beak to...
  5. B

    Need Help-Mite?

    Baby canaries have red spots on their backs. Also, the mother had red spots on her feathers because she was sitting in the hatch. What could be the problem with baby canaries? Do you have an idea? Thanks
  6. SwedenBird

    Hello Bird Lovers!

    Hi, Im 31 years young man from Sweden and I was searching for a specific question which I could not found on the internet and somehow I ended up here, which I don't regret at all. Seem like here is a lot of people with huge knowledge, I'm happy to be here! Little background about my bird...
  7. LemonMan

    Pictures Canary with stool stuck

    As the title suggests, I've had 2 canaries (M/F) who's been in my care for a year. Sadly one of them passed some time ago (M) and as a result of this I've been even more paranoid and cautious with my other canary (F). I've noticed that her stool has gotten stuck around her anus and some of the...
  8. N

    Found a canary but own a cockatiel

    This afternoon a neighbor gave my mom a white canary he found at his door, thinking it was hers(it wasn’t). She took it inside and it’s currently staying in my room uncaged. My mom wants to keep it saying she’ll buy a cage and everything for it tomorrow. The bird has no leg band but doesn’t...
  9. P

    Canary and Finch Housing

    Hello! We have 3 birds: Holmes (Zebra Finch) and Maus (Society Finch) and Lucca (male Canary). Holmes was best friends with his buddy, Watson, who sadly passed last year. Maus became his buddy afterward. Then we brought Lucca into our home. We recently got them a large divided cage. Each side...
  10. alliered

    Seeking perspective on past canary.

    I'm very new to this forum and haven't used a forum in general for a long time. Before I get into it, I want to make sure this is the appropriate place to post. I had a canary years and years ago. I don't know why now, all these years later, but I'm just now processing my grief. There's some...
  11. O

    Male canary plucking obsessively. Help needed!

    Hi bird folks, Last week I discovered that my male canary, 3 yo., plucked bald a big area around his tail and lower back. I'm shocked since he's a very active bird, sings every day and chirps a lot, has a large (relatively to his size) cage, and doesn't seem bored. It was difficult to notice...
  12. D

    Canary Living Environment

    Hello everyone, I have a canary for 3 years now and recently a small ''room'' in the house (about 1,5 square meters) which was used for storage is now empty. When I bought the canary and for the 3 years it has been living in my house it was in a cage. Would it be better if I renovated this room...
  13. T

    Canary breeding problems.

    Hi there, so basically I have two canaries a male and a female (Spanish timbrados), and now that its breeding season and I have alot of questions/ problems that I want answers to as a person who doesn't know much about bird breeding. First of all my female canary just laid her first egg three...
  14. Ziekenzie

    Canary Diet

    Hello everyone! I’ve settled on getting a pair of fife canaries, so now I need to learn about their diet. To anyone who has canaries or is knowledge about them, what should their diet look like? I’d greatly appreciate any specific brands of seeds and whatnot as well. Thank you!
  15. Ziekenzie

    Finches vs. Canaries

    Hello everyone. Currently, I'm choosing between some finches or canaries. I've heard good things about both, but I was wondering what you guys thought. I'd prefer a bird that was on the larger side and it would be great if they were known for getting along with other birds. Also, I'd love to...
  16. A

    Pictures Rescued pair of canary’s - misc questions

    Hi all, I am very new to this world so thank you for any help and patience as I learn up as much as I can. My grandfather had 2 canary’s for about a year but can no longer take care of them so I took them in. I’m hoping I can post what I’ve done and get opinions/suggestions on how to make them...
  17. R

    Urgent Female canary keep scratching

    Hi, i have a female canary who keep scratching around the chest and top of wing. Her partner just passed away with mites and respiratory problem yesterday. He was sick since this early week and i already separated them and spraying the whole cages twice , and also throw away the one that i can't...
  18. R

    Male canary passed away, should i get another companion for the female?

    Hi there, i am a new member, thank you admin for accepting me on this group. My rescue bird, male canary (age within 3-4y) just passed away yesterday due to respiratory problem and mites. I previously rescued two canaries whom adore each other and used to live together in the same cage. Just...
  19. V

    Canary making weird sounds

    I have a question regarding my male canary. When I get close to the cage of my canary he gets a little nervous and starts making squeaking sounds followed by clicking sounds. I can hear him sneezing, too. I noticed that a few months ago and treated him for airsac mites. He sings, but not at this...
  20. V

    Broken blood feather on canary

    Hello. Today I saw my canary bleeding, figured out it's a broken blood feather somewhere on his wing section. I looked for the blood feather but I can't find it. I think the canary plucked it by itself. Just to be safe I applied semolina (since I don't have cornstarch) to prevent bleeding. In my...