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  1. D

    Canary Living Environment

    Hello everyone, I have a canary for 3 years now and recently a small ''room'' in the house (about 1,5 square meters) which was used for storage is now empty. When I bought the canary and for the 3 years it has been living in my house it was in a cage. Would it be better if I renovated this room...
  2. T

    Canary breeding problems.

    Hi there, so basically I have two canaries a male and a female (Spanish timbrados), and now that its breeding season and I have alot of questions/ problems that I want answers to as a person who doesn't know much about bird breeding. First of all my female canary just laid her first egg three...
  3. BirdLover1

    Canary Diet

    Hello everyone! I’ve settled on getting a pair of fife canaries, so now I need to learn about their diet. To anyone who has canaries or is knowledge about them, what should their diet look like? I’d greatly appreciate any specific brands of seeds and whatnot as well. Thank you!
  4. BirdLover1

    Finches vs. Canaries

    Hello everyone. Currently, I'm choosing between some finches or canaries. I've heard good things about both, but I was wondering what you guys thought. I'd prefer a bird that was on the larger side and it would be great if they were known for getting along with other birds. Also, I'd love to...
  5. A

    Pictures Rescued pair of canary’s - misc questions

    Hi all, I am very new to this world so thank you for any help and patience as I learn up as much as I can. My grandfather had 2 canary’s for about a year but can no longer take care of them so I took them in. I’m hoping I can post what I’ve done and get opinions/suggestions on how to make them...
  6. R

    Urgent Female canary keep scratching

    Hi, i have a female canary who keep scratching around the chest and top of wing. Her partner just passed away with mites and respiratory problem yesterday. He was sick since this early week and i already separated them and spraying the whole cages twice , and also throw away the one that i can't...
  7. R

    Male canary passed away, should i get another companion for the female?

    Hi there, i am a new member, thank you admin for accepting me on this group. My rescue bird, male canary (age within 3-4y) just passed away yesterday due to respiratory problem and mites. I previously rescued two canaries whom adore each other and used to live together in the same cage. Just...
  8. V

    Canary making weird sounds

    I have a question regarding my male canary. When I get close to the cage of my canary he gets a little nervous and starts making squeaking sounds followed by clicking sounds. I can hear him sneezing, too. I noticed that a few months ago and treated him for airsac mites. He sings, but not at this...
  9. V

    Broken blood feather on canary

    Hello. Today I saw my canary bleeding, figured out it's a broken blood feather somewhere on his wing section. I looked for the blood feather but I can't find it. I think the canary plucked it by itself. Just to be safe I applied semolina (since I don't have cornstarch) to prevent bleeding. In my...
  10. N

    Males or male and female?

    Hi, we got these 2 canaries last year in May (2020) and we were told that they are 3-4 months and that they are a male and a female. So we named them Mira (female) - the brown one and a bit smaller and Seb (male) - the yellow one. They are a bit older than a year now and we still cannot tell if...
  11. oliviikate

    Should I take Dummy Eggs Away?

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong thread! I did see the dummy eggs master post but I didn't think I could find anything that currently fits my situation. Earlier this season my canary hen was laying eggs like crazy. Definitely too many. I got some dummy eggs as quickly as I could that have...
  12. TheMacDadd

    How can I get my canary to step up

    Hello it's been awhile since I've been active on this forum but ever since I was gone I was making good progress with blaze and spending all my time with him, and out of nowhere just recently abt 2 days ago blaze ate a treat from my palm and the next day he went on my palm with no hesitation...
  13. A

    Parakeets and canaries?

    Hi! I've had a pet canary for a few years now. When the weather's nice, we let his cage out in our garden. Usually, a lot of birds flock nearby because my lil baby canary is a very messy eater, but today I came home and found a blue parakeet latching on to his cage for dear life. It was...
  14. J

    Can cockatiels get diseases from canaries?

    Yesterday my little canary sadly died, we found him with an open beak laying on the floor. Since we live in a really poor region of our country with no avian vets whatsoever and are not sure what it is, could the male cockatiel be dieased as well? They were always separated half a meter.
  15. arayabd

    Urgent Thick clear mucus just released from her vent

    Hi all, Very scared right now. My little canary, who lives on her own with no other bird around, is going through her regular seasonal hormones. She's never laid an egg before, but has the typical hormonal behaviour. She's been incredibly active and her normal self, but she just sat on her...
  16. TheMacDadd

    Feeding canaries eggs

    My canaries haven't been fed egg from their previous owner and im trying to get them into the habit of eating 1 egg a week but the problem is they aren't eating from it, and I expected that because they haven't tried it before, but since they don't eat the egg because it doesn't look like food...
  17. L

    Strange behavior (female canary)

    Hi. I am in despair. About three month ago I got a female canary. At first the bird was curious about everything and friendly. Usually she was sitting on or near me while I was sleeping, playing with paper, ropes, exploring shelves. And she was often sitting on shoulders or head. She still does...
  18. Coco123

    Going through heartbreak?

    Hello everyone, Context: I own 2 canaries. One female and one male. The female (Pheobe) stays with me in my room, where I spend most of my time. The male (Zozo) stays in the living room where my mom spends most of her time. Issue: Pheobe and Zozo have been in contact multiple times in the...
  19. Coco123

    Pictures What kind of seed is this?

    Hello everyone, My canary recently learned to eat from my hand. She is specifically eating one kind of seed from the mix and I wish to know what it is. It is a small, round and black but it is bigger than puppy seed... Anyone have any ideas? Have a wonderful day xx
  20. E

    Help, what is wrong with my Canary’s feathers? (Sad update post # 4)

    My canary - 8 years old - has started growing deformed ? Feathers ? - See photo below. I’ve never seen these before and don’t know what to do, more keep growing in On close inspection when I grabbed him for a closer look, I can see small bits of dried blood in his wings :( Anyone know what this...