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Canary breeding problems.


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Hi there, so basically I have two canaries a male and a female (Spanish timbrados), and now that its breeding season and I have alot of questions/ problems that I want answers to as a person who doesn't know much about bird breeding.

First of all my female canary just laid her first egg three days ago (she has three atm) and im 90% that they are infertile, beacuse whenever I leave my male and female canaries together they always go crazy and start chasing each other, make hissing sounds and raise thier neck and scream at eachother. Even when I leave thier cages close to eash other they start to fight threw the bars and I have to make the distance even larger once again. Although i can see the male showing some interest in mating with her, like singing very hard and going near her but she just doesn't care at all (also something weird that I noticed is that the male stopped singing).

Im planning on leaving those eggs with her for two weeks and then removing them, giving her a 10 days break before giving her the nest and try my best once again.

Also one thing that I wanted to talk about that I did alot of rookie mistakes this time beacuse its my first time breeding canaries and I didn't even read about it or anything around in the internet, mistakes that I made are like giving her the nest two days before she laid her first egg beacuse I only noticed what she wanted from all of that news paper cutting very lately. I also didn't provide her with enough materials to build her nest and I made so much harder for her.

Lastly please provide me with any tips if you are an experienced person in this field, correct any wrong thoughts I have and feel free to ask me any questions :)


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I would look for a local bird club or mentor to help you. Very few people here breed birds & the few that do seem to breed parrots. :)

Raedwalda, if there's an overpopulation problem varies drastically by region. We don't know where TheDiamond is located. In my area birds for rehoming, especially small ones like canaries, lovebirds & budgies, are snapped up like hotcakes. Even large surrenders of budgies rarely last a week. Same with dogs.