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caique behavior

  1. meowpilled

    Why is my Caique randomly attacking my boyfriend

    My 5 year old female White Bellied Caique is bonded to me, and most of the time she is fine with everyone else, including my boyfriend. However, randomly she gets very aggressive towards him. She’ll be perched on my hand and he’ll just be standing near me / touches my shoulder, and she starts...
  2. cringybird

    Screaming while biting his leg

    I have a 6 month old Caique. Ever since I got him he would suddenly start screaming and bite one of his legs (like thigh part) for a while before going back to being ok. He does it at least once a day and its on the same leg every time. Up until now I thought maybe it was normal behavior since...
  3. PeetNibblr

    Super calm, dainty caique. Too dainty for a second one??

    Hello all! :greet14: Apologies for the long read but I feel I need to paint a complete picture of my little cherub to do the question justice. :) First timer on the forum, I hope this is proper protocol to place my story here! TL:dR I'm looking for your opinions and experiences with having the...
  4. L

    Help!!! How can I help my adolescent parrot be less aggressive?

    I have a male caique that's about to pass the 2 year mark, and he started exhibiting more hormonal behavior (doing poses while moving slowly etc.). He doesn't seem to want to mate with a particular person in my family, he is more fond of me than anyone else in some aspects however the person...
  5. Caiquekiko

    How to determine a caique parrot age

    Hello everyone I wanna ask you guys if you have any information whatsoever for caiques age and how to know maybe not exactly. My parrot is very hormonal and It would help me alot any kind of info.. Regards.
  6. Stephutten

    Adult Caique questions

    Hello all! I posted here over 3 years ago when I first got my Caique and had concerns. He is happy and healthy and definitely a caique! He is over 3 1/2 years old now, will be 4 in June. Not sure if he is considered an adult yet? I have been waiting for the very hormonal behavior that...
  7. Caiquekiko

    Caique shivering and low tone shaking

    Why do caiques shiver and lower his head on the floor I got videos to show, his behaviour is very strange
  8. aidan16

    opinions on na'ringa (my caique) gaining confidence?

    Hey y'all! Wanted to pop in for some advice, things have been going well! Na'ringa has been gaining weight which is a relief because it means shes eating well! I weigh her every morning before she gets breakfast. I've had her for about a week and two days, when I got her she weighed 118 grams...
  9. aidan16

    Seeking Tips and Advice for First Time Bird Owner!

    Hello! First, apologies, because this will be quite a lot to read! :shy:My name is Aidan, and I was looking into getting potential advice and input from experienced bird owners! I've wanted a pet bird my entire life, and I am finally in a financial and realistic place to do so! I am getting...
  10. L


    Hi guys! Last Thursday I adopted a caique called gizmo, he is 8 months old. He is settling in really well, he loves spending time with us I have started to convert him to a pellet diet as he was previously on a seed only diet- it is going well! I have been crushing up Harrison’s pellets and...
  11. Cinus

    Caique screech worrying me

    Hello everyone! My black-headed caique is female and around 5 months old, and one month ago he started doing a different sounding screech which has me worried that she's unhappy or she's some kind of sick. Basically, she acts normal and has been playful and energetic as usual, doing it's...
  12. Cinus

    Baby Caique not too playful?

    Hello everyone! 6 Days ago I got myself a female baby black-headed Caique (3 months old) from a reputable breeder in my country, along with a huge cage with many toys and perches. I was able to choose which baby to take home and this one was just so curious about me so I ended up bringing her...
  13. EmiLemon

    Mirror-Crazed Caique

    Hello! About 6 weeks ago I adopted a caique, Loki, who I was told is around 3 years old. I didn’t get into parrots until a little over a year ago and am learning as much as I can when I have time. He has bit me twice and both times, looking back, were avoidable (if I had researched more I...
  14. B

    Parrot Ear Rubbing Reaction

    My 1 1/2 year WB caique opens his jaw (sort of like a yawning motion) whenever I rub his ears. His ears are clean and free of signs of in infection. If I rub them for a long time he just keeps “yawning” repetitively regardless of me rubbing them or not. It doesn’t seem to cause him pain but I’m...
  15. Mico&Limon

    Caique attacks

    I need some advise from caique owners! I have two 7 year old caiques. I bought Mico (female) at about 4 months, and later adopted Limon (male) when they were both about 2 years. They were a good match and became very good friends. Limon had been living with unexperienced people and had...
  16. SweetestAv

    Caiques fighting?

    Hey all! I am not sure if I am just inexperienced or what is up... all day today these little buggers have been fighting. At least to me it looks like fighting seeing as one always falls down from the top of the cage and then clambers right back up after 30 seconds of break. I am not sure if it...