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Mirror-Crazed Caique


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Hello! About 6 weeks ago I adopted a caique, Loki, who I was told is around 3 years old. I didn’t get into parrots until a little over a year ago and am learning as much as I can when I have time.

He has bit me twice and both times, looking back, were avoidable (if I had researched more I would have seen the signs in his body language I think). Both times involved him being around a shiny surface (microwave door and then a mirror). He sees his reflection and eyes pin, wings do the heart shape, and he starts swaying. The first time I just asked him to step up and he attacked my finger. Today I walked past a mirror and sat down with him on my shoulder. He did they typical posturing when he saw himself, then started shaking and climbing down off my shoulder. When I reached my hand up to help him down he bit down hard on my finger. I know the way to avoid this is to avoid reflections, but is this normal? Is it possible his previous owners, who I was told gave him up due to lack of time, left him with a mirror or something?

Aside from these two instances he is a wonderful and fun bird. We have done target and trick training and he loves to wrestle with and roll around on my hands. I work from home in the same room as him so he gets tons of attention and enrichment.


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My Hahns Macaw hated her reflection. She didn't see it as a friend, it was competition for my affection. That other bird needed to LEAVE :lol:

My guess is you are likely either dealing with a hormonal reaction towards the reflection (and you are interfering with his advances on the "other" bird), or displaced aggression because he is frustrated that he can't reach the "other" bird.

So yes I would say this is not outside the realm of normal, regardless if he has been introduced to his reflection in the past or not.